Dream Hop Co., Ltd. Concluded a partnership agreement with Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture.

Dream Hop Co., Ltd.
Dream Hop Co., Ltd. Concluded a partnership agreement with Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture.
Promoting the revitalization of the organization by concluding a service collaboration agreement that is close to workers

Dream Hop Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Okazamori, Head Office Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which develops and sells the “mental health program “ORIZIN”” that supports the mental health management of organizations, will start on October 5, 2022. We are pleased to inform you that we have signed a partnership agreement to utilize the “forest therapy” in Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture.
Through this agreement, the Chizucho Forest Therapy Promotion Association will provide mental health training using Chizucho’s “forest therapy” as a recovery and return-to-work support for customers using the “Mental Health Program ORIZIN”. Please provide more.
“Forest therapy” refers to the effects of forest bathing that are backed by medical science, and aims to use forests to maintain and improve physical and mental health and prevent illness. The town of Chizu considers “the forest to be an important resource of the town” and has positioned “forest therapy” as one of the main themes of community development. In April 2010, it was certified as the first “Forest Therapy Base” in Tottori Prefecture.
In human resources, general affairs, and labor departments,
utilization of stress check data and external mental health support services is one of the important issues to be resolved in various work management for people working in the organization. The transformation of stress in modern society is becoming more complex, and not only the systemization of mental health assessment, but also the provision of comprehensive services for specific support services for business operators and employees is required. Through this collaboration agreement, Dream Hop Tottori Co., Ltd. will be able to smoothly recover and return to work for employees who have been affected by some kind of stress load as a result of undergoing a stress check by the “Mental Health Program ORIZIN”. We will provide information and services necessary for returning to work support for business operators and employees at “Forest Therapy” in Chizu Town, Prefecture. [Image

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