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Drecom Co., Ltd. “Derby Stallion Masters” The 6th Davimas Championship Final Winner is “Fufu Ranch”!

Drecom Co., Ltd.
“Derby Stallion Masters” 6th Davimas Championship Decisive Match Winner is “Fufu Ranch”!

Saturday, October 1, 2022 on the smartphone game “Derby Stallion Masters (Dabimas)” (iOS / Android) of the “Derby Stallion” series operated by Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuki Naito) ), the largest tournament “6th Davimas Championship Decisive Battle” held in 2016, the “Fufu Ranch” won the fierce battle of the final tournament and won the 6th Dabimas Championship.
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■ What is the 6th Davimas Championship Match?
In the “6th Davimas Championship Match”, 18 horse owners who won the online qualifying tournament held in advance advanced to the final tournament, and the total points of the three races set in the classic triple crown will be the 2022 ” This is a competition to compete for the Davimas Championship.
At the final tournament held on Saturday, October 1, 2022, MC Minami Matsunaka, live announcer Kimihito Miyake, and special commentators Chanta Ranch and Dragonfly Tan Ranch participated. , Davimas Producer Kondo, and Director Aizawa live-streamed the hot race.
-Race 1: Satsuki Prize-
・Course: Nakayama Racecourse 2,000m (grass)
・Weather: Sunny
・Riding ground: Good riding ground
・Running conditions: 3 years old, stallion/mare only
-Race 2: Japanese Derby-
・Course: Tokyo Racecourse 2,400m (turf)
・Weather: Sunny
・Riding ground: Good riding ground
・Running conditions: 3 years old, stallion/mare only
-Race 3: Kikka Award-
・Course: Kyoto Racecourse 3,000m (grass)
・Weather: Sunny
・Riding ground: Good riding ground
・Running conditions: 3 years old, stallion/mare only
■Final Tournament Results
▼1st race
Race 1 has the shortest straight at the end of the 3 races, and is the “Satsuki Sho” where positioning at the final corner is important. In the battle for the lead, No. 7 “Death From Abam”, the second most popular, was pulled, followed by No. 4 “Goldmain” and No. 11 “Sakurano Asiato”.
“Sakurano Ashiato” took the lead at the final corner, but with 200m left on the straight line, No. 6 “Super Nova” and No. 5 “Dead President” competed fiercely to catch up, and Kisaragi Bokujo’s “Super Nova” I won.
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1st Place: Super Nova (Kisaragi Farm)
2nd: Dead President (Mei Ranch)
3rd place: Sakurano Asiato (Shimamura Ranch)
4th: Raigeki (Fufu Ranch)
5th: Cure Moonlight (Cesario Ranch)
▼Race 2
The stage of the second race is the “Japan Derby”, which is attracting a lot of attention in Davimas. This is a course that requires you to drive out of the final corner.
First, No. 18 “Moonlight” and No. 8 “Neko Neko Frenzy” lead, followed by No. 6 “Lysander” and No. 14 “Best Smile”.
After passing the final corner and entering the straight line for 400m, No. 8 “Neko Neko Frenzy”, No. 12 “Gold Jex”, and No. 6 “Lysander” competed, and with the remaining 200m, Fufu Ranch ran from the inside course. No. 14 “Best Smile” caught up and won by two horses and a half.
[Image 4

[Image 5

1st Place: Best Smile (Fufu Ranch)
2nd: Lysander (Shimamura Ranch)
3rd place: Neko Neko Frenzy (Panama Ranch)
4th: Buena Suerte (Darazu Ranch)
5th: Gold Jex (Iromon Farm)
▼Race 3
The stage of the third race is the “Kikuka Sho”, which requires stamina. Because it is a long-distance race, the selection of leg quality and weight are also important.
Fufu Ranch, Kisaragi Ranch, and Shimamura Ranch were evenly matched in terms of overall points up to the second race, but the race started with a sense of tension as other ranches could also win overall. In the early stages of the race, No. 6 “Cure Scarlet” who got off to a good start led the way, followed by No. 17 “Nirai Kanai” and No. 11 “Sanik Hoon”.
14 “Aerial Ace” catches up on the straight through the final corner, but No. 2 “Suzuka Bomber” shows a fierce catch-up from the outside and takes the lead at once. No. 8 “Dread Vapor” also caught up in the form of chasing, but No. 2 “Suzuka Bomber” from Chama Bokujo escaped and won by 3 horse lengths.
[Image 6

[Image 7

1st Place: Suzuka Bomber (Chama Ranch)
2nd: Dread Vapor (Kisaragi)
3rd place: Aerial Ace (Fufu Farm)
4th: Cure Scarlet (Iromon Farm)
5th: Rosario Fine (Cesario Ranch)
▼Comprehensive result
The overall result is the 1st race: 4th, the 2nd race: 1st, and the 3rd race: 3rd, with 75 points, “Fufu Bokujo” won the overall victory with only 4 points behind Kisaragi Bokujo in 2nd place. . Brilliantly won the 6th Davimas Championship.
Mr. Fufu Ranch, who won the championship with the slogan “Building a new era of Davimas,” said, “I’m so happy to finally win. I can’t put it into words.”
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[Image 9

▼The 6th Davimas Championship Final Ranking
Winner: Fufu Ranch
Runner-up: Kisaragi Farm
No. 3: Chama Ranch
Archive videos of the “6th Davimas Championship Final Tournament” are now available on the official Youtube Davimas channel. Detailed race results are posted on the special site, so please take a look. ・The 6th Davimas Championship Final Tournament Online Live
・The 6th Davimas Championship Match Special Site
Thank you for your continued support of “Derby Stallion Masters”. ■ Outline of “Derby Stallion Masters”
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