DTS Announcement of publication of “DTS Group Report Integrated Report 2022”

DTS Co., Ltd.
[DTS] Announcement of publication of “DTS Group Report Integrated Report 2022” https://www.dts.co.jp/ir/library/report/

DTS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomoaki Kitamura) issued the “DTS Group Report Integrated Report 2022” on October 14 and made it available on our corporate website.
This report introduces the long-term vision “Vision 2030” and the medium-term management plan newly formulated in April 2022, and realizes the vision “to become a company that continues to take on challenges to provide value that exceeds expectations”. From a medium- to long-term perspective, we explain the DTS Group’s value creation process, new business segments, and business model transformations such as focused business areas.
DTS also supports the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) and discloses the results of scenario analysis in line with the recommendations in this report. In addition, we have enhanced the explanation of the progress of ESG management, such as the status of initiatives for health management and the status of strengthening governance.
Through this report, we will strive to further activate communication with various stakeholders.
[Image 1d81622-37-2607a8383fe539ed612d-0.jpg&s3=81622-37-c9896f77800adfb28eb07ff177d8e040-1909x2700.jpg
Cover of DTS Group Report Integrated Report 2022
■Main content
Value creation management
DTS Group: 50th anniversary history
 DTS Group performance trends
Message from the President
Practice of value creation
 Value creation process
The relationship between the DTS Group’s business and society Formulation of long-term vision “Vision 2030”
 Overview of the medium-term management plan
Special Feature: DTS’ Growth Strategy
DTS financial strategy
 Results of value creation (financial and non-financial highlights) Overview by segment
Foundation for value creation
Sustainability management of the DTS Group
Environmental Initiatives
 Social initiatives
Value Creation Discipline
 Governance initiatives (outside director round-table discussions, etc.)  Financial data/non-financial data
 Company Profile/Stock Information
[Image 2d81622-37-aa2f72c5e140a12d5037-1.jpg&s3=81622-37-c33b6f1e0cf85ac6d8d1d5161995bb92-3900x2758.jpg
[Image 3d81622-37-042f2d50895bc2f1267a-2.jpg&s3=81622-37-4e80a10df59eafe836b3ae058985a93d-3900x2758.jpg
■You can see it from our corporate site below.
■ Posting English translations
It is scheduled to be posted on our corporate website on October 28, 2022. ■ About TCFD
TCFD stands for Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, and is a framework for disclosing information on corporate climate change initiatives and impacts.
-Overview of DTS Co., Ltd.-
As a system integrator (SIer) with comprehensive capabilities, DTS Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services ranging from consulting to system design/development, infrastructure construction, and operation, centered on services for the financial industry, industry/public sector, and telecommunications industry. increase.
In addition, the DTS Group will provide high-value-added services that make use of various system-related expertise.
Head office location: 2-23-1 Empire Building, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032
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-Inquiries regarding this matter-
DTS Co., Ltd. ESG Promotion Department
E-mail: ems@dts.co.jp
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