DX internal communication! Beta version of Attuned “My Motivator Page” released. Limited sale of trial packages at monitor prices

DX internal communication! Beta version of Attuned “My Motivator Page” released. Limited sale of trial packages at monitor prices
The data shows the points where individuals can be positive! For presidents, human resources, and superiors who think, “I want to foster the autonomy of my subordinates” and “Young people can’t be passive all the time.”

EQIQ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Wall Casey James) has released the beta version of the new function “My Motivator Page” of the motivation visualization assessment engagement survey Attuned. The My Motivator Page is a tool that promotes better communication among employees using intrinsic motivation, improves the openness of the organization, and supports employee autonomy. In addition, to commemorate the release of the beta version, we will sell a trial package that allows you to experience Attuned products including “My Motivator Page” for 3 months at a monitor price of up to 58% discount for a limited time.
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What is Attuned’s “My Motivator Page”?
“Team motivation is all the manager’s responsibility” – no. By understanding the points where employees improve their own motivation and understanding the environment that motivates other employees, it makes it easier to manage motivation throughout the workplace. The My Motivator Page is Attuned’s new platform that allows you to compare the values ​​of motivation between yourself and your colleagues/supervisors in a chart, and get hints for communication that is close to the other person’s motivation.
“I want to know what my colleagues are thinking” “I want to support my busy boss but I don’t know how to do it” – Attuned and My Motivator page to seize every conversation starter in the workplace will help. background
Each person has a different set of values ​​regarding where they feel rewarding and motivated. It tends to appear as a gap between generations, but differences in values ​​can cause difficulties in communication in the workplace and may even develop into problems in human relationships.
In order to know the values ​​of the work partner in working, it is usually necessary to spend a long time to understand the personality of the person. However, in today’s work environment where remote work and playing manager styles are common, drinking parties are affected by social conditions, etc., and there is a limit to the number of people who can build deep relationships in the first place.
Attuned uses a psychological assessment that can be answered in about 10 minutes to visualize the values ​​of each individual’s work, grasp the fulfillment status, and provide tools for analysis from various angles. In a nutshell, you can see what motivation values ​​the other person values, so you can clarify how to interact with your work partner and improve communication in the workplace.
Many managers and leaders have told us that using the Attuned dashboard has improved their team’s motivation. We knew that the ability to compare the values ​​of motivation between specific people contributed to this.
My Motivator Page is software that has been customized so that all employees can use the function that compares motivational values, which was previously available only to managers and leaders, and has added original features.
My Motivator Page Features
The My Motivator page allows you to intuitively compare your motivational values ​​to those of your colleagues and superiors. As a result of the comparison, you can understand the gap and degree of the motivation (values) gap between yourself and your colleagues, and especially about different motivations, useful hints for communication are displayed.
Actionable communication tips written by behavioral scientists and psychologists for My Motivator Page.
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It also has learning and goal management features that help you understand the factors and circumstances that strongly influence your motivation. Raise your awareness by repeatedly logging in and touching your eyes.
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Why is Motivator Comparison Useful?
As employment becomes more fluid, diversity is promoted, and careers become more autonomous, working with people with different values ​​is becoming a natural environment. Understanding the differences in values ​​and motivations of oneself and others, and practicing communication that contributes to the other’s motivations is an essential way of thinking to create a comfortable working environment. -Comparison example of Motivator-
“If you understand the other person’s motivation, you can demonstrate your own leadership style.”
https://www.attuned.ai/jp/iamusingattuned/use-case-nnn-high-school “An opportunity to change dialogue with subordinates”

My Motivator page β version release commemoration, monitor special price information
To commemorate the beta version release, please use the trial package that allows you to experience Attuned products including the “My Motivator Page” for 3 months.
Mini (fixed price for up to 100 people) 250,000 yen (45% discount, list price 550,000 yen, tax not included)
Large (fixed price for up to 500 people) 980,000 yen (58% discount, list price 2,280,000 yen, tax not included)
Includes 3-month Attuned subscription (including My Motivator page), roadmap for each purpose of use, effect measurement questionnaire, quick start guide, handbook, guidebook, online training video, navigation session experience ticket, initial cost increase. * Customers who have signed a contract at a discounted price are asked to cooperate with the feedback (interview) after using the beta version.
* Monitor special price is valid until the end of December 2022. usage fee
My Motivator Pages are included in your Attuned subscription and are available at no additional cost to annual customers.
About Attuned
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Developed jointly with psychologists and behavioral economists, “Attuned” is an assessment and analysis that visualizes the degree of demand for [intrinsic motivation] and [organizational culture], which are difficult to see compared to people’s abilities, behavior, and personality. It is a tool, a human resource development service. We support utilization according to organizational issues, such as 1on1 meetings to increase motivation, improve psychological safety, improve team relationships, develop autonomous human resources and supportive leaders, prevent turnover, job crafting, D&I, nudge, etc. increase.
In 2021, he won both the HR Technology Award for Excellence and the HR Award for Excellence.
You can have a 30-day free trial for corporations only [No function restrictions]
About EQIQ Inc.
EQIQ Co., Ltd. is a unique company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, where members from over 20 nationalities work.
Our mission is to solve various human resource issues in companies, especially recruitment, engagement, and retention. Wahl+Case, a bilingual recruiting service for the technology industry, and Attuned, which focuses on motivation assessment and engagement surveys, aim to comprehensively support the phase from recruitment to retention. The “EQ” in the company name stands for Humanized Emotional
Intelligence, or the Recruitment Business, and the “IQ” stands for Technology and Data in the Digital Business. It represents our mission to blend humanity and data to create a purposeful and frictionless work environment.
EQIQ: https://www.eqiq-group.com
Attuned: https://www.attuned.ai
Wahl+Case: https://www.wahlandcase.com
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