Dyson Co., Ltd. James Dyson Award 2022 Announced 20 international finalists from over 1,600 submissions from 29 countries and regions around the world

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James Dyson Award 2022 Announced 20 international finalists from over 1,600 submissions from 29 countries and regions around the world Selected by 15 engineers active in the global bases of Dyson research and design development

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The James Dyson Foundation has announced the top 20 international finalists of the James Dyson Award (JDA) 2022, an international engineering award hosted by the foundation, with the aim of supporting and nurturing the next generation of engineers and designers. 15 Dyson engineers, scientists, and designers who are active in Dyson research and design development bases around the world judged the domestic excellent works of each country and decided the 20 international finalists (hereinafter referred to as the international TOP 20). On November 16th (Wednesday), we plan to announce the international award winning work selected by James Dyson, the founder and chief engineer of Dyson, from among the top 20 international entries. The
award-winning work will receive £30,000 (approximately 4.53 million yen)* to support further research and development in the future. International Top 20 Works
In September, the domestic best award and domestic runner-up award winners from 29 countries and regions were announced. From home IV therapy devices to stroke rehabilitation devices, JDA has unearthed the best talent for the next generation. And this time, 15 Dyson engineers, scientists and designers from around the world judged 87 domestic excellent works selected in each country and selected this year’s international TOP 20.
Students and young engineers around the world are proving that invention never stops and that they are capable of solving some of the world’s most difficult problems. JDA’s Top 20 inventions are designed to solve the world’s problems head-on in unique ways. From floating barriers that channel plastic waste in rivers to devices that monitor breast health, these ideas have global resonance and potential. [Image 2d42335-76-f44e91104c13fff31cb2-1.png&s3=42335-76-b1e6bb20cec006080f6ba540e732efc2-2048x2020.png
Lucy Harden (Design Manager) “It was a real honor to see all the submissions and witness the amazing effort and effort. Which work should be selected for the international TOP20 list? , it was a fun process to discuss with my peers, and the diversity of the entire judging panel led to insightful conversations.”
At Dyson, we believe great ideas come from diverse thoughts and experiences. The 15 judges bring extensive knowledge and expertise from Dyson’s global research, design and development teams, and are experts in engineering fields as diverse as sustainability, medicine, software, technical design and agriculture. Students from the Dyson Institute of Engineering Technology also participated as judges. [Image 3d42335-76-7ff02abf6ca3abad67dd-2.jpg&s3=42335-76-aca6dbe4047c4772b9fd62094849d7b6-2048x2121.jpg
Kay Yeong (Principal Engineer)              「It is very interesting to see the variety of issues coming from all over the world, especially those that highlight issues that I have not been aware of before. “It’s great to be able to focus on similar problems, but take completely different approaches to solving them. It’s this diversity of thought that makes JDA exciting every year.”
What do the top 20 international works have in common?
[Image 4d42335-76-7f652ea86def4034b6d9-3.jpg&s3=42335-76-f352d4326418074937f6c6374f09e54e-2048x2049.jpg
Sam Dill (Sustainability Engineer) Ideas selected for the
international TOP20 list must actually solve problems.
It must also go through real-world research, analytical thinking, prototyping and testing iterations to show that the concept stands up to scrutiny and has the potential for large-scale change. ”
See the Dyson Newsroom here for a list of the top 20 international films. d42335-76-b6d54bc35a47bc412f50-4.jpg&s3=42335-76-530ade85dcdccb53f894eb753cba4162-941x651.jpg
[Image 6d42335-76-e9bfdd61926ad4e8751a-5.jpg&s3=42335-76-7913c38406a4a340ddc9d0ac880027f7-941x900.jpg
* Reference amount: 1 pound = 151 yen (to be converted according to the exchange rate at the time of award announcement)
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