e-lamp. Holds “#Shibuya Tokimeki Declaration” to visualize the excitement in collaboration with SHIBUYA SKY

e-lamp. Holds “#Shibuya Tokimeki Declaration” to visualize the excitement in collaboration with SHIBUYA SKY

We are pleased to inform you that e-lamp. will hold the event “#Shibuya Tokimeki Declaration” at Shibuya’s highest observation facility “SHIBUYA SKY”.
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Event overview
This event is titled “#Shibuya Tokimeki Declaration”, and customers who come to SHIBUYA SKY in pairs will lend out e-lamps that shine according to their heartbeats to color Shibuya at night.
By visualizing each other’s heartbeat, you can enjoy the night view from Shibuya’s highest peak with a different feeling than usual. Also, by attaching the e-lamp., you can create an opportunity for fun communication that is different from usual.
Period/time: October 13, 2022 to October 19, 2022 18:30-22:30 e-lamp. Rental location: 46th floor “SKY GALLERY” special booth Participation conditions: Those who enter SHIBUYA SKY as a pair *The number of e-lamps available for rental is limited.
* To enter SHIBUYA SKY, you need to purchase an admission ticket or an annual passport.
About e-lamp.
QWS Challenge 9th adoption project being implemented at SHIBUYA QWS. https://shibuya-qws.com/project/e-lamp
How would society change if the “mind” was visualized? Based on this question, we will provide new communication value based on e-lamp., a device that expresses heartbeat with light.
Official website https://e-lamp-official.studio.site/
*QWS Challenge: https://shibuya-qws.com/program/qwschallenge About SHIBUYA SKY
[Image 2d109230-1-67bdaaac69c793fb004e-2.jpg&s3=109230-1-b2f34f27ccf0f6d790e966bffbb9372a-1920x1280.jpg
Provided by: Shibuya Scramble Square Co., Ltd.
SHIBUYA SKY consists of three zones: the 14th to 45th floor transition space “SKY GATE”, Japan’s largest rooftop observation space “SKY STAGE”, and the indoor observation corridor “SKY GALLERY” on the 46th floor. It is an observation device that stimulates intellectual curiosity and nurtures imagination through a series of experiences, not limited to viewing the 360-degree scenery that spreads out from about 230m above the ground of Shibuya’s highest peak.
Floors: 14th floor (ticket counter), 45th and 46th floors (indoor observation facility), rooftop (rooftop observation space)
Height: About 230m above the ground
Business area: Rooftop observation space approx. 2,500 square meters, indoor observation facility approx. 3,000 square meters
Business hours: 10:00-22:30 (Last entry 21:20) *Please check the official website for the latest business hours
Closed: Open all year round *However, it may be temporarily closed Official website: https://www.shibuya-scramble-square.com/sky/ -Request for entry-
*SHIBUYA SKY is a facility with a rooftop observation space about 230m above the ground.
*In order to ensure the safety of our customers, we have established rules regarding prohibited items and prohibited actions.
*For details, see the official website
https://www.shibuya-scramble-square.com/sky/ticket/#sec-note Please check the information signs posted in the building.
*If you do not follow the rules, we may refuse entry or ask you to leave. -Initiatives for safety and security-
■ Efforts as a facility
・Implementation of temperature and health checks for employees before work ・ Encourage employees to wear masks, wash their hands, disinfect their hands, and gargle thoroughly
・Install alcohol disinfectant at entrances and exits, strengthen cleaning using disinfectant
・Educational signs, posters, etc. to avoid the three Cs are installed in various places in the building and back zones.
・Abolition of face-to-face seating at restaurants, reduction of audience seats, and recommendation of electronic payment
・Stop using jet towels in restrooms and some rest areas
■ Requests to customers
・Please maintain a certain distance between customers and employees in the building.
・When visiting, please cooperate with the minimum number of people and wearing a mask.
・Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well.
・We ask for your understanding and cooperation in restricting customer entry during busy times.
*For details, please check the official website or the guide signs posted inside the facility.
In addition, there is a possibility that the business hours have been changed from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please check the official website for the latest information. Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding.
[Image 3d109230-1-fade4635db98c993c362-4.jpg&s3=109230-1-83706e24b94d63c0ab5ffbc8fed30d97-1908x2700.jpg
#Shibuya Tokimeki Declaration
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