Earth Reborn Co., Ltd. Playing high-quality sound like a live house! Achieves Hi-Fi quality with the original sound! Portable Hi-Fi audio player “A3” that can be played with high-resolution sound quality

Earth Reborn Co., Ltd.
Play high-quality sound like a live house! Achieves Hi-Fi quality with the original sound! Portable Hi-Fi audio player “A3” that can be played with high-resolution sound quality

From October 7, 2022 (Friday), pre-sale of the portable Hi-Fi audio player “A3” has started on the crowdfunding site GREEN FUNDING. Project page → [Image 1

Recommended points of “A3”
♪ Compact design and easy-to-carry clip, perfect for sports! ♪ Supports DSD digital decoding & large number of audio files. ♪Compatible with USB-DAC! Works great as an external sound card for your PC! ♪It has wide compatibility and supports earphones with an impedance range of 8-80Ω.
♪ Supports micro SD cards up to 128GB, allowing you to store more high-quality music.
♪ Zinc alloy and CNC technology make it feel great!
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Have you heard of the Hi-Fi audio players loved by audiophiles and music fans alike?
For those who are particular about sound quality, smartphones are certainly convenient, but there are many points that are
unsatisfactory in terms of sound quality.
Over the past few years, Hi-Fi audio players have become a secret boom and have been favored by many music enthusiasts.
In order to meet the needs of music enthusiasts who want to enjoy the “ultimate” music, HARLAND is a portable Hi-Fi audio system that offers the best music experience at a reasonable price under the concept of “high cost performance”. We designed and developed the player “A3”. [Image 3

What is “A3”
“A3” is a portable Hi-Fi audio player specialized for music playback. It faithfully reproduces the original voice, and although it is compact, it achieves the same quality as high-end audio. Sampling rates and bit depths are higher than CDs for a richer audio
In addition, “A3” supports most lossless music formats, so you can enjoy high-quality music like a live house anytime, anywhere. The real sound in the palm of your hand
Compact and lightweight body that fits comfortably in your pocket. With 0.96 inch OLED screen, you can clearly see the lyrics.
Adopting Panasonic polymer electronic components and ALPS buttons, and high-definition manufacturing technology, it has a refined and elegant texture.
Please experience it!
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Up to 5.6MHz high resolution sound source
Equipped with a dual-core 1.0 GHz full-format audio chip and repeated tuning, the DAC’s inherent high audio performance is maximized. In addition, it is equipped with a 64MB low power consumption LPDDR, realizing high cost performance while achieving faithful Hi-Fi quality.
Adopting the DSD method (Direct Stream Digital) with a higher sampling frequency, the sampling rate reaches up to 5.6MHz, bringing richer details. Music enthusiasts can deliver a more realistic live feeling. [Image 5

Stable whole range
The A3’s excellent musical performance is the result of careful and repeated tuning by craftsmen, which reproduces a mellow and satisfying sound.
[Image 6

low range|
The bass range has moderate depth and volume, making it easy to create a live house feel.
In the midrange, the human voice can be clearly expressed, and the overall tone blends while being delicate.
In the upper register, the sound has a deep transparency, and the texture of the tone is well brought out.
sound field|
We have achieved a rich sense of space and layers that make you feel as if you are at a concert site. Perfect for enjoying great
performances such as rock music.
Equipped with USB-DAC function
In USB-DAC mode, the player can be used as a PC decoding amplifier. * DAC driver must be installed before first use on Windows. MAC OS systems do not need to install DAC drivers and can be directly identified as DAC devices.
[Image 7

removable clip
[Image 8: ]
The unique clip design allows it to be firmly fixed when clipped to clothes, bags, etc. Perfect for daily commuting, housework, running, jogging, yoga, cycling, hiking, and other sports!
[Image 9: ]
Easy to remove!
elegant design
The surface of “A3” is brushed and anodized, and by using aluminum alloy on a large area, it not only improves heat dissipation efficiency, but also can create a wire drawing texture with CNC processing. Each step of the design has been iteratively refined to give it an elegant metallic texture.
unique button design
Unlike the conventional button design, “A3” adopts a unique arched button design, which can improve the button pressing comfort. ALPS volume control knob design
“A3” adopts a new ALPS roller control knob design, making volume adjustment smoother. In addition, it has an elegant finish with a textured texture studded with diamonds. As a player who emphasizes luxury, “A3” adopts a high-grade zinc alloy chassis to achieve a comfortable touch.
[Image 10

[Image 12

Equipped with a φ10mm polymer composite speaker unit, the overall sensitivity is increased and the bass is more powerful! It also excels in the mids and highs, and brings out a relaxed sound. By raising the sound analysis ability to 20-20000Hz, each timbre is expressed more fully while fusing the overall timbre.
Equipped with 0.78mm detachable interface
A detachable cable with a 2-pin (0.78mm) terminal is used. In addition, it is equipped with a proprietary high-quality copper cable that has excellent conductivity for signal transmission.
* Since the earphone cable is replaceable, you can enjoy higher sound quality by replacing it with your favorite cable.
[Image 13

I make an outstanding performance in every scene
[Image 14

Sales period: October 7, 2022 (Friday) to November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) Target amount: 200,000 yen
Price: [Limited to 30 people] Super Super Super Early Bird Discount 40% OFF! “A3” x 1 from 19,980 yen (tax included)
Project page → Details about this release:

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