East Japan Railway Company Partnership between STATION WORK and BasisPoint has started! -You can use the coworking space BasisPoint from 2,640 yen (tax included) per day-

East Japan Railway Company
The partnership between STATION WORK and BasisPoint has started! -You can use the coworking space BasisPoint from 2,640 yen (tax included) per day-

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1. Partnership Overview
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*1 Individual member registration requires registration from the STATION WORK website (https://www.stationwork.jp/). Corporate membership registration requires a corporate contract with JR East. *2 Separate charges apply for private rooms, box seats, and rental PCs, so please check with reception.
*3 Business hours differ for each location, so please see the STATION WORK dedicated website for plan details.
2. About “BasisPoint”
[Image 4d17557-531-c945139d2b5616754913-3.png&s3=17557-531-6a93600219b564bde36e59dbb94493ef-329x153.png
BasisPoint is a comprehensive coworking space facility that develops coworking spaces and rental offices/rental halls. Despite the reasonable price, it is used by many business people with its carefully selected interior and comfortable space.
All stores are conveniently located within 3 minutes from the main station, making it extremely convenient. It is characterized not only by freelancers and managers who use it instead of the office, but also by office workers who use their free time and as a venue for business negotiations.
Depending on the store, there are private rooms for one person that are ideal for online meetings, private rooms that can accommodate multiple people, and box seats suitable for business negotiations. In addition to high-speed Wi-Fi and power supply, there are also rental PCs and lockers available, so you can start working
Website: https://basispoint.tokyo/
[Image 5d17557-531-bc85d9f21db9f926ef39-4.jpg&s3=17557-531-fd8da7b994189f8c9a85dc3491b9e49d-1284x427.jpg
(Reference) About STATION WORK
 STATION WORK is JR East’s shared office business that started service in August 2019. By providing workplaces such as private booths STATION BOOTH and hotel shared offices, we will support diversifying work styles and propose solutions. Through this partnership with Ascent Business Consulting, we will have a network of 596 locations throughout Japan. We will continue to expand our bases, aiming for 1,000 locations in 2023.
[Image 6d17557-531-d6e150f2b0b174cac692-5.png&s3=17557-531-d04278272e4983165505a572eb18ba7f-2373x707.png

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