East Japan Railway Company WATERS takeshiba “Waterside Free Time Collection”

East Japan Railway Company
WATERS takeshiba “Waterside Free Time Collection”
On October 24th, it will be the 2nd anniversary of “Machibiraki”! Live music and Marche will be held from Friday, October 21, 2022 to Sunday, October 30, 2022.

“WATERS takeshiba” is a multi-purpose facility that features a waterfront rich in nature, located right in front of the Hama-rikyu Gardens in the Takeshiba district. From October 21st (Friday) to October 30th (Sunday), we will hold the “Waterside Free Time Collection”. On October 24th (Monday), we will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the opening, and each facility and shop of Waters Takeshiba will welcome you with a variety of contents to give you time to experience new cultures and experiences with gratitude. At the waterside, there are workshops where parents and children can learn about Tokyo Bay’s environmental problems through the “Takeshiba Tidal Flat”, the sale of the second beer “AO” using hops grown in Waters Takeshiba, and the Marche where each facility shows its skills. We will prepare a place where you can comfortably watch, learn, play, eat, and meet.
WATERS takeshiba Waterside Free Time Collection Overview
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■ Title
WATERS takeshiba “Waterside Free Time Collection”
■ Implementation date
10 days from Friday, October 21, 2022 to Sunday, October 30, 2022 ■ Location
WATERS takeshiba
1-10-30 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
■ Implementation facility
WATERS takeshiba (Plaza, Atré Takeshiba, Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection, JR East Shiki Theater [Spring] [Autumn], Takeshiba Tidal Flat, etc.)
■ Contents
・Sale of craft beer using Waters Takeshiba hops
・”Flying Fish Project” where you can learn about environmental problems in Tokyo Bay
・Special orchestra for one day only
*Depending on the weather and the spread of coronavirus infection, the contents of the event may be changed or canceled.
“Waterside Free Time Collection” 1. ~ ART & SUSTAINABLE ~
The coast of Tokyo Bay faces problems such as alien species and drifting plastic waste. It is said that more than 15 tons of this plastic waste is discharged into the ocean every minute, and it is a serious environmental issue facing the marine environment. We have prepared 3 contents of “art”, “pop-up market” and “workshop” that will give you an opportunity to think about such a garbage problem. ■ Art exhibition
“Flying Fish Tears Art Exhibition”
Produced using the alien species “Kuroenkawahibarigai” that inhabits the Takeshiba tidal flat and its surroundings. It is a teardrop-shaped art work that talks about the problem of alien species and the problem of plastic waste. It was created using microplastics that washed up in tidal flats and Tokyo Bay. The exhibition space expresses the world view of “Flying Fish’s Tears”. This exhibition work was produced with the cooperation of various people, some of which were produced by members of the Shiba Commercial High School Tidal Flat Club and visitors to the Tidal Flat Open Day.
Exhibition date and time: 10/13-10/30 11:00-22:00 *According to Atre Takeshiba business hours
Venue: Atré Takeshiba Tower Building 1F event space
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■ Sustainable Workshop
The “Flying Fish Tears Charm Workshop,” which uses alien species such as leopard clams and microplastics, a colorful and pop art workshop that uses the plastic material used in the rings of PET bottles, and industrial waste recycling. We will hold a workshop where both adults and children can enjoy learning about the environmental issues of Takeshiba Tidal Flat and Tokyo Bay, such as painting dimple art. Workshop dates: 10/22-23, 10/29-30 1.11:00-12:00, 2.13:00-14:00, 3.14:15-15:15, 4.15:30 -16:30
           ※Capacity 6 people
Participation fee: from 800 yen (advance reservation required) Venue: Plaza (lawn square)
Application HP: https://soratobusakana.peatix.com/
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■ Pop-up market
Artists who are active on the theme of “sea” and “SDGs” are
superimposed! A total of three stores will open, including resin art depicting the sea in abstract paintings, accessories using sea glass, and accessories using PET bottle caps and rings.
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Date and time: 10/22-23, 10/29-30 11:00-20:00 (until 19:00 on Sundays) Implementation location: Tower building 1F the 3rd Burger Atre Takeshiba store front
What is [Sky Flying Fish Project]?
A project that considers the problem of marine debris that Tokyo Bay is also facing. It is said that by 2050, there will be more garbage floating in the world’s oceans than there are fish. I want to prevent fish from being trapped in such a painful environment. With the desire to leave a world of swimming with fish to the children of the future, we are working to bring back the beautiful world through small actions through workshops and exhibitions.
Reference HP: https://www.soratobusakana.com/
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“Waterside Free Time Collection” 2. ~STAGE~
 In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of “Machibiraki”, a special stage will be held that can only be enjoyed during “Waterside Free Time”! In “TAKESHIBA SPECIAL ORCHESTRA -A one-day-only special orchestra at the waterfront of Takeshiba-“, a one-day-only special orchestra will be formed and performed by not only professionals but also the general public. We also hold live music and performances. ■ “TAKESHIBA SPECIAL ORCHESTRA – A special orchestra for one day only at the waterside of Takeshiba -”
We welcome wind instrument artists and form a one-day-only special orchestra to perform with the general public who have applied! In addition to providing a place to play musical instruments that have had fewer opportunities due to the corona crisis, we also conduct part-time practice where you can receive direct guidance from professional musicians who are guests. You can watch the practices and performances of the day for free.
Implementation date and time: 10/22 14:00-part practice, 15:00-full practice, 16:00-performance
Implementation place: Plaza (lawn open space)
Application requirements: https://waters-takeshiba.jp/news/event/20220911100000/ *Reference: YouTube*
“9/10 performance video”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRBBqOXDPJs “9/10 digest video”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gugZaSJKQ4Q [Image 6

■ “MUSIC LIVE” “TAKESHIBA SPECIAL ORCHESTRA” “Street performance” Trumpet, trombone, and saxophonists make an appearance, as well as a quartet of wind instruments. Furthermore, there will be street performances that the whole family can enjoy, and “Yakult Man” will appear from Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd., which has an office in Waters Takeshiba! It is an event that you can enjoy comfortably at the waterside.
-Featured STAGE-
For detailed artists and timetables, please check the website below. [Image 7

Date and time: 10/22-10/23 11:30-20:00
Implementation place: Plaza (lawn open space)
Program: https://waters-takeshiba.jp/anniversary/
■ “Theatrical Company Shiki ‘Child of the Beast’ Cast Talk Show” A special talk show featuring the cast of Shiki Theater Company’s original musical “Bakemono no Ko” will be held. We will fully deliver the charm and highlights of this work currently being performed at JR East Shiki Theater [Autumn].
Implementation date and time: 10/23 16:00-
Implementation place: Plaza (lawn open space)
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Theater Company Shiki Musical “Bakemono no Ko”
“Waterside Free Time Collection” 3. ~SPOT~
■Exhibition related to Shiki Theater Company “Child of the Beast” Shiki Theater Company’s largest new original musical “Bakemono no Ko”. The original is an animated movie of the same name directed by Mamoru Hosoda released in 2015. Display photo spots and panels related to the work. It is a spot where you can touch the world view of “Bakemono no Ko” and enjoy it before and after watching the play.
Implementation date: 10/21-10/30
Venue: Atré Takeshiba Theater Building 1F Public Space
Reference URL:・https://www.shiki.jp/applause/bakemono/
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“Waterside Free Time Collection” 4.-MARCHE-
Atré Takeshiba, where many restaurants gather, Mesm Tokyo, where you can enjoy a variety of sophisticated menus, and the Autograph Collection, classic popular products that are perfect for the fall appetite are now available for takeout only in the “Waterside Free Time Collection”! You can enjoy it while feeling the pleasant sea breeze. In addition, we will also sell the second beer “AO” using hops grown in Waters Takeshiba for a limited time.
■ Marche recommended stores
[Image 10

■ Waters Takeshiba Limited Craft Beer 2nd “AO”
The “Takeshiba Pop Hop Club”, which raised and harvested hops, was launched in April 2021. The second is to work not only with Waters Takeshiba businesses, but also with businesses and organizations in the area, with the aim of disseminating the appeal and improving the value of the Takeshiba area. This time, we used compost fertilizer for the hop soil to grow, and made a recycling-oriented approach. At this “AO”, we will sell a limited number of 300 pieces. The style is “wheat ale”. This ale beer is made with wheat and is easy to drink with little bitterness.
■ Sales price: 800 yen (tax included), 1,500 yen (tax included) for a set of two ■ Sales date: -10/22-11:00-19:30 -10/23-11:00-17:30
■ Sales location: Plaza (lawn open space)
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“Waterside Free Time Collection” 6. ~SPECIAL~
The “Waterside Free Time Collection” will be held not only at Waters Takeshiba, but also at the waterfront in front of you. A special lottery will be held onboard the night cruise ship “Jicoo The Floating Bar” which operates every Friday and Saturday. In addition, atré Takeshiba, Mesm Tokyo, and Autograph Collection will offer special content and limited menus, allowing you to enjoy the waterside as you please and feel an urban oasis.
■ Night cruise ship “Jicoo The Floating Bar”
Every Friday and Saturday night, Jicoo the floating bar operates from Waters Takeshiba. In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of Waters Takeshiba, a special lottery will be held onboard for guests on board on October 22nd. Every flight, luxurious prizes such as Mesm Tokyo pair lunch tickets will be won by lottery. Please spend a special night only for one day. Boarding reservations can be made on the Jicoo website.
[Image 12

■Date and time: 10/22 only (18:00/19:00/20:00)
■ Purchase method: https://www.jicoofloatingbar.com/liveinfo/ ■ Boarding fee: 4,000 yen (tax included) *Includes one drink ■ Atre Takeshiba Featured Content
During the period of “Waterside Free Time Collection”, each store will welcome you with limited menus and special contents! From children to adults, you can enjoy atre Takeshiba to your heart’s content in a delicious and fun way.
[Image 13

■ Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection Featured Contents
You can take a special tour of the hotel, including the suite rooms. In addition, you can try cocktails with the theme of masterpieces at a special price for the 2nd anniversary, and a one-coin children’s menu will also appear for a limited time, so you can enjoy the world of Mesm Tokyo with the whole family!
[Image 14

“Waterside Free Time Collection” 5.-Simultaneous event in Takeshiba area- An interesting future ahead
October 29th (Sat) and 30th (Sun), 2022, will be held! ! “Chomoro” is a word that expresses “an interesting future in the future”. An event where you can experience it will be held in the Takeshiba area of ​​Tokyo. The government, private sector, and academia will work together to bring together the energy of “digital x content,” and create, one after another, the world-class attractiveness of Japan from this land of Takeshiba. From e-sports to anime, comedy, and live music, pop culture and lifestyle-changing cutting-edge technologies will be introduced on various stages in the area.
At Waters Takeshiba, we offer an exciting futuristic EV boarding experience! ] will be held! You can have a clean, quiet and
comfortable EV boating experience.
Recruitment capacity: 8 people (boarding capacity) x 8 times (number of departures) / day, total 64 people
■ Reception: At the dock entrance (first-come-first-served basis) Reception starts (each session): 9:30-
・Boarding time: 1.10:25 Departure 2.11:10 Departure 3.12:00 Departure 4.12:45 Departure 5.13:25 Departure 6.14:55 Departure 7.15:45 Departure 8.16: 30 rounds
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Pontoon boat (27ft)
Waters Takeshiba is a complex facility located in front of the Hama-rikyu Gardens, featuring a waterfront rich in nature. The facility consists of a tower building with 26 floors above ground, a theater building with two dedicated theaters for Shiki Theater Company, an existing plaza, and a 10-story parking lot.
●JR East Shiki Theater [Spring] [Autumn] (Theater building)
Both theaters, which opened in this area about 30 years ago and have cultivated culture and art in this area for a long time, will reopen in October 2020 as “JR East Shiki Theater [Spring] [Autumn]”. did. The number of seats is about 1,200.
Atre Takeshiba (tower building, theater building)
A commercial area built away from the station for the first time for Atre, which is known for its direct connection to the station. “A playground for sensibility. The concept is to create new experiences, learning, and encounters, and there are 24 restaurants in total, including new business formats and the first atré stores.
● Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection
This hotel is the first partnership between Japan Hotel Co., Ltd., a member of the JR East Group, and Marriott International. Located on the upper floors (16th to 26th floors) of the tower building, it offers services and content that allow you to feel the wavelength and dynamism of Tokyo with your five senses, based on the concept of “TOKYO WAVES.” There are a total of 265 modern and stylish guest rooms, including rooms with balconies overlooking the Hama-rikyu Gardens and the beautiful waterfront, and luxurious 180-square-meter suites.
[Point 1.-“Free time at the waterside”-]
just do what you like. That is the unique way to spend time at WATERS takeshiba. Watch, learn, play, eat, meet. The world’s most advanced cultures and new experiences are always within reach. The world can expand as far as you want. Surrender yourself to the silence of the waterside. The gently swaying waves, the open sky, and the glittering sunlight filtering through the foliage ease the busy city life. In order to spend a truly comfortable time, go to a place where you can find both glamor and peace of mind. This is an urban oasis filled with comfort and moisture. There is a blank time where you can freely draw what you want to do. May that time be a wonderful memory.
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【Equipment outline】
Facility name: WATERS takeshiba
Address: 1-10-30 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 6-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station North Exit, 7-minute walk from Daimon Station, 3-minute walk from Takeshiba Station Uses: Hotels, offices, commerce, theaters, parking lots, etc. Total floor area: Tower Building approx. 62,300 square meters, Theater Building approx. 28,100 square meters,
     Parking about 12,200 square meters
Stairs/height: Tower building 26 floors above ground / 2 floors below ground / approx. 120m Theater building 6 floors above ground / 1 floor below ground / approx. 45m Parking 10 floors above ground / 1 floor below ground / approx. 35m
Operating company: (Hotel) Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. (Office) JR East Building Co., Ltd. (Commercial) Atré Co., Ltd. (Theater) Shiki Co., Ltd.
[Image 19d17557-522-5985acb42eba158ae2cc-18.jpg&s3=17557-522-a2ad157f2e7a8033a41d52f58098d480-2963x1666.jpg

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