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Ebay Japan Co., Ltd. Overseas sales that attract attention due to the weak yen! “eBay Startup Campaign” will be held from October 1st to support the start dash of sellers who sell for the first time

eBay Japan Co., Ltd.
Overseas sales attracting attention due to the weak yen! “eBay Startup Campaign” will be held from October 1st to support the start dash of sellers who sell for the first time
Up to $200 in free eBay auction fees during the promotion*!

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eBay Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Okada) supports Japanese sellers’ cross-border e-commerce (overseas sales) through opening stores on the world’s largest online
marketplace, eBay. , hereinafter referred to as eBay Japan) will launch the “eBay Startup Campaign” on October 1 (hereinafter referred to as “eBay Japan”) for first-time eBay sellers. Sat).
For overseas buyers (purchasers) who use eBay, products listed from Japan are high quality, unique and popular, and the market is growing steadily.
Furthermore, the impact of the depreciation of the yen since the beginning of this year has encouraged overseas buyers to consume expensive products, and sales of wristwatches, branded bags, cameras, etc. are increasing, and anime and character goods, games, trading cards, etc. are also popular. It is a category of.
The campaign to be implemented this time is to respond to such overseas demand and to support sellers (sellers) who start overseas sales on eBay by taking advantage of the weak yen as a business opportunity. .
Sellers who list on eBay for the first time after October 1, regardless of whether they are individuals or corporations, will receive a cashback on all successful bid fees for all items sold during the campaign period until February 1, 2023.
On the eBay Japan official website, for first-time users and beginners, we provide information on how to create an account, how to list items, the flow from purchase to packing and shipping, how to deal with problems, and how to increase sales. Content that introduces tips in Japanese in an easy-to-understand manner and support tools are further enhanced. We will support all of you who challenge new business.
*Cashback limit is USD 200 per account.
In addition, fees incurred other than the successful bid fee (exhibition fee, refund fee, etc.) are not eligible for cashback. eBay Japan Official Homepage:
Outline of “eBay Startup Campaign”
Campaign period: October 1, 2022 (Sat) 16:00 to February 1, 2023 (Wed) 16:59 * Japan time
Participation conditions:
・Sellers residing in Japan (account registration address is Japan) who acquired a new eBay account during the campaign period
・ Sellers with 0 listings from April 2022 until the campaign application *Sellers who are already selling on eBay are not eligible.
*Refunds may not be available depending on other conditions. Please check the campaign page for details.
way to participate:
1. If you are a new user, create an eBay account. The flow is smooth if you enter “eBay sales support” after “creating an account”. (URL: 2. Apply for the campaign from the “Seller Portal” on the eBay Japan website. (URL: * Participation application is required by 23:59 on Sunday, January 15, 2023. *A confirmation email will be sent within 10 days after application. Transactions that occur after receipt are eligible for cashback. 3. List the item on eBay during the campaign period.
4. The exhibited product is purchased during the campaign period. If conditions 2 to 4 are met, the full amount of the successful bid fee (Final Value Fee) generated at the time of sale will be cashed back.
*The cashback limit is USD 200 per account.
* Fees other than the successful bid fee (exhibition fee, refund fee, etc.) are not eligible for cashback.
About eBay Inc. and eBay Japan
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eBay Inc. (listed on NASDAQ in the United States, ticker symbol: EBAY) is one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies that connects people and creates communities to enrich the lives of everyone. We connect sellers and buyers on our marketplaces in over 190 countries and territories, providing everyone with opportunities for growth and success. Founded in San Jose, California, USA in 1995, eBay continues to serve as one of the world’s largest marketplaces for valuable and unique items, providing a thriving trading venue. In 2021, there was a total transaction value of over $87 billion (approximately ¥10 trillion*).
Click here for detailed company information and website information.
* Converted at the exchange rate for fiscal 2021 (1 dollar = 115.5 yen) [Ebay Japan Co., Ltd.]
Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business description: As a Japanese subsidiary of eBay Inc., we provide cross-border EC support for Japanese sellers through the online marketplace “eBay”.
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