Edia Co., Ltd. Hifumi Shobo x Let’s become a novelist “3rd Hifumi Shobo Web Novel Grand Prize” Contest!

Edia Co., Ltd.
Hifumi Shobo x Let’s become a novelist “3rd Hifumi Shobo Web Novel Grand Prize” Contest!

Hifumi Shobo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masakazu Henmi), a subsidiary of Edia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshinari Kashima), In order to create the next hit of the entertainment novel labels “Saga Forest”, “Brave Bunko”, and “Hifumi Bunko” provided by the company, jointly with the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”, “The 3rd We are pleased to inform you that the Hifumi Shobo Web Novel Grand Prize Contest will be held from today.
Hifumi Shobo 3rd Web Novel Award Summary
[Image 1d21592-548-82a5a7e552a3719d7627-0.png&s3=21592-548-4752f1102ed28f69d53a0361f7b624aa-950x400.png
Following the first contest held last year jointly with each label of Hifumi Shobo and the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist”, the second contest held from April to August 2022, the third contest In this contest to be held, in addition to the existing labels of Hifumi Shobo, “Saga Forest”, “Brave Bunko”, “Hifumi Bunko”, “Polka Comics”, and “Nova Comics”, a label for women launched in September 2022 “Laware Comics” was newly added as a participating label. In addition, we have decided to participate in the web comic site “MAGCOMI” operated by Mag Garden Co., Ltd. as a sponsor.
Details of this contest and each prize are as follows.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who aim to debut as writers!
About each award
Grand Prize: Prize money of 500,000 yen + Commitment to book 2 volumes + Commitment to comicalization
Gold prize: Prize money of 100,000 yen + commitment to make it into a book + commitment to comicalization
Silver Award: Prize money of 50,000 yen + commitment to book Comicalization Award: Prize money of 100,000 yen + promise of comicalization Selection participation label
[Image 2d21592-548-a56a2899e7586ef9fa8a-6.jpg&s3=21592-548-1fc80950f421114710d066216cd99518-1104x700.jpg

How to apply
All you have to do is set the keyword “123 grand prize 3” as the keyword for the work (completed or unfinished) posted on “Let’s become a novelist” and the entry will be completed.
Application rules
Application period: October 17, 2022 11:00 to January 16, 2023 23:59 Character limit: None (unfinished works are also acceptable) Genre: No question
Final result announcement: Scheduled for April 2023
Please see the contest website for notes
Please check here for the results of the “2nd Hifumi Shobo Web Novel Award” held last time.
Saga Forest label information
[Image 3d21592-548-41ce3d5d2184ee55665e-3.jpg&s3=21592-548-752b88a174e50bc45695d8ad7e1c2a43-756x257.jpg
The entertainment novel label “Saga Forest”, which celebrated its 7th anniversary in June 2022, hopes that it will become a place where magnificent and interesting works are carefully nurtured with readers.

Brave Bunko label information
[Image 4d21592-548-3f9e18f030c4aa222dce-1.jpg&s3=21592-548-69cfad5dad3c7fa7e964e77eea6236b3-761x321.jpg
The entertainment novel label “Brave Bunko” will send out interesting works for young people, centering on otherworld fantasy and modern romantic comedy, with the slogan “Courage in your hands!”

Hifumi Bunko label information
[Image 5d21592-548-0ee9b3437327db12f94d-2.jpg&s3=21592-548-22dcba298ffefa2329756ef115472bd4-829x350.jpg
A character literary label that delivers a variety of entertainment such as youth novels, mystery solving, and work novels.

Comic Polka label information
[Image 6d21592-548-995c30a9cb632b51bf1b-4.jpg&s3=21592-548-7be60e482afdc6f36e3c1b75e95ad9fb-870x366.jpg
It is a web comic label that publishes one after another based on carefully selected novels. It was jointly established by SANKYO Co., Ltd. and Hifumi Shobo Co., Ltd. Comic Polka will continue to serialize popular works one after another!

Comic Nova label information
[Image 7d21592-548-af003caed86c1f90f204-5.jpg&s3=21592-548-e6b1e8fc723b80267c5d0dc7353037eb-872x367.jpg
Comic Nova is based on the concept of “comics that adults can enjoy”, and comicalizes web novels carefully selected from Hifumi Shobo’s novel labels Saga Forest, Brave Bunko, Hifumi Bunko, and “Let’s become a novelist”. , is a comic label established to provide original comics.
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*The release dates listed in this document are subject to change. *Specifications and fees are subject to change without notice. The displayed screen may differ from the actual display.
Details about this release:


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