Ehime Sales Headquarters “First municipality in Japan” *Ehime Prefecture x EARTH MALL with Rakuten Rakuten Ichiba’s special site “WE FOUND EHIME” will hold a campaign where you can get Ehime’s sustainable products at a great price!

Ehime Sales Headquarters
“First municipality in Japan” * Ehime Prefecture x EARTH MALL with Rakuten Rakuten Ichiba’s special site “WE FOUND EHIME” will hold a campaign to get Ehime’s sustainable products at a great price! Target period: October 3 (Monday) to November 4 (Friday)

In Ehime Prefecture, on October 3, 2022 (Monday), on the special site “WE FOUND EHIME” in the Internet shopping mall “Rakuten Ichiba” for the purpose of promoting sales of local products and developing and expanding sales channels for businesses in the prefecture. -From November 4th (Friday), we will carry out a coupon campaign where you can get “sustainable products from Ehime Prefecture” at a great price, as the first initiative of local governments nationwide.
Under the supervision of “EARTH MALL with Rakuten,” an Internet shopping mall and online media that proposes sustainable shopping, we have picked up sustainable products from Ehime Prefecture in six categories, including organic, eco-friendly, and diversity. This is a new attempt to promote and sell sustainable products from Ehime from various perspectives unique to the region, such as Ehime’s eco-farmer certification. In the first campaign, we have prepared 2,144 products from 43 stores. Whether you are looking for a reward for yourself or a gift for someone special, please enjoy eco-friendly shopping at WE FOUND EHIME.
* Details are as follows.
*Rakuten Group Co., Ltd. and local governments are working together to promote sustainable sales of prefectural products.
“WE FOUND EHIME” Sustainable Ehime found by Earth Mall
[Image 1d64377-6-1c5fd1ecb10b5e4739b6-10.png&s3=64377-6-f1afed158b97a202276972619ac51c1c-1800x877.png
-Campaign overview-
・Time: 1st October 3, 2022 (Monday) 10:00 to November 4, 2022 (Friday) 9:59     Part 2 scheduled to be implemented in mid-January 2023
・Venue: “WE FOUND EHIME” Sustainable Ehime Discovered by Earth Mall
・Products: 43 stores, 2,144 products
・ Contents: 20% off target products for purchases of 3,500 yen (tax included) or more
Up to 10 times per person (3 times per order), only available for the first 2,500 times
Sustainable products from Ehime picked up by Rakuten Earth Mall editorial department
Pick up 6 items that are particularly noteworthy from Ehime’s sustainable products.
On the site, we introduce stories that consider the environment, society, and economy while unraveling them.
[Image 2d64377-6-b6ec2c7e0fd53d59867d-2.png&s3=64377-6-e833c9b49b964ab03d05cf6ffe239c64-148x147.png
“Wasteful to throw away” Essential oils made from citrus peel [Image 3d64377-6-46b72ee36aa7a662d828-3.png&s3=64377-6-7d500b75d0dc12f9bc4a3a03e76506a4-148x147.png
A new seasoning “salt mikan” born from thinned mandarin oranges [Image 4d64377-6-6db1a33b00e77b62fece-4.png&s3=64377-6-3a58b4d7911dba9a0aefb45104fe3e9f-146x147.png
Ehime’s traditional crafts are updated. mizuhiki wine bottle sack [Image 5d64377-6-fed2b2b60eb1ccacc6a6-5.png&s3=64377-6-77adbf51f7ba88049a2b3aaa9dbbb688-147x147.png
Lightweight, quick-drying towels made in Imabari made from recycled materials that are perfect for carrying around.
[Image 6d64377-6-93a48a49c8734138be04-6.png&s3=64377-6-2004a06ffa267929ec4db40d0bad3863-149x148.png
Life without plastic starts here. 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush [Image 7d64377-6-36b2f7c84ca88bf0828c-7.png&s3=64377-6-0ba2381312d9f209506b1c1bff603038-161x147.png
I want to use it for a long time while feeling the “annual rings”. Hime cypress bento box
“Ehime’s Sustainable Product Standards” Based on Earthmall’s Sustainable Shopping Guide
At “EARTH MALL with Rakuten”, Ehime’s sustainable product standards are set around the “SUSTAINABLE SHOPPING GUIDE,” which introduces eight keywords for “sustainable shopping.”
This is a new attempt to communicate Japan’s sustainability from various perspectives.
・ORGANIC Organic
・ SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD Sustainable Seafood
・ REVITALIZE THE COMMUNITY Regional revitalization
・ DIVERSITY Diversity
You can check the definition of each category on the site.
About “EARTH MALL with Rakuten”
“EARTH MALL with Rakuten” is based on the Rakuten Ichiba concept of “Shopping is Entertainment!”
Posting sustainable products that enrich and comfort the daily lives of all the people (manufacturers, sellers, users) who gather in this place.
Starting with products that have acquired sustainable certification, we will reconsider sustainability from a multifaceted perspective and expand our product range while thinking about new ideas for a sustainable society together with our store owners and consumers. Mall & online media.
In the WE FOUND EHIME Vol. 2, we will introduce the sustainable stories of Ehime that the creators found while visiting local producers. Scheduled to be released in mid-January 2023.
[Image 8d64377-6-ab2b8d4df5f481d206b4-11.png&s3=64377-6-280e0d6d97cb91abb08350856635a3b9-975x321.png

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