[Elegant terrace afternoon tea at the “foot” of Japan’s tallest building! 】 Potatoes, chestnuts, pumpkins… ” Afternoon tea with the taste of autumn” with autumn ingredients ≪Abeno and 4F≫ Japanese cafe yusoshi Appears in Aben o!

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[Elegant terrace afternoon tea at the “foot” of Japan’s tallest building! 】 Potatoes, chestnuts, pumpkins… “Afternoon tea with the taste of autumn” with autumn ingredients ≪Abeno and 4F≫ Japanese cafe yusoshi Appears in Abeno!
[Limited time] Until November 30, 2022 (Wednesday)

At “Wa Cafe yusoshi Abeno” operated by DD Holdings Co., Ltd.’s consolidated subsidiary Diamond Dining Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Atsuhisa Matsumura, hereinafter “Diamond Dining”), 2022 For a limited time until November 30th (Wednesday), we will develop “Afternoon tea with the taste of autumn to enjoy on the terrace”.
[Image 1d7303-1324-cd155c736905e67f53ce-9.jpg&s3=7303-1324-e8c803a8353d86b8a3afb1ff9a1d6652-683x1025.jpg
The Tennoji/Abeno area is one of the best downtown areas in Osaka, and is also an urban residential space.
The garden terrace of “Wa Cafe Yusoshi Abeno” is an “urban oasis space” that spreads out between skyscrapers such as “Abeno Harukas”, which is known as the tallest building in Japan.
Following the popular spring season, the “Afternoon Tea”, which can be enjoyed only at this seat, has been re-appeared in the fall version. Appropriate for the appetite of autumn, the name is “Autumn Taste Afternoon Tea”.
We also have a lineup of snacks such as quiches and salads that incorporate autumn vegetables, including sweets that use branded sweet potatoes such as Naruto Kintoki and Beni Haruka.
Please spend an elegant time on the green garden terrace under the clear autumn blue sky.
[Image 2d7303-1324-e0e6ece9afe0e13c9259-3.jpg&s3=7303-1324-f0cdb66ae6c5c6a6888c75eaf659b068-1024x683.jpg

Afternoon Tea on the terrace!
■Autumn Flavors Afternoon Tea 1,980 JPY (incl. tax) per person *Additional 1,000 yen for 12 free drinks / 90 minute system
[Image 3d7303-1324-7132d8ec208caa89f32d-10.jpg&s3=7303-1324-50c982de1f31e04372437a7516f2ee8a-1025x683.jpg
-upper row-
・Naruto golden potato muffins
・Astringent skin chestnut caramel petit tart
・Delicious seasonal fruits
-middle row-
・Red Haruka sweet potato brulee
・Pumpkin mousse
・Chocolate brownie cassis sauce
-Lower row-
・Vegetable quiche
・Mini hamburger
・Pumpkin Honey Mayo Salad
*Available hours: 11:00-16:00
*The photo is for 2 people.
* The contents may change depending on the purchase situation on the day. *Although this plan is limited to terrace seats, it will also be served inside the restaurant in case of rain.
Shop Information
Located on the 4th floor of the commercial spot “Abeno and” located right next to “Tennoji” station on each JR and subway line.
“Wa cafe yusoshi Abeno” is here where you can enjoy a relaxing space with the spirit of Japanese hospitality. It offers.
The interior of the store, which is based on white and makes use of the natural grain of wood, has a characteristic small raised seat with soft mattresses and cushions, and spacious table seats, and the soft light and greenery coming in from the garden terrace. , creating a space where you can relax even more.
[Image 4d7303-1324-95c59a2479999e047540-4.jpg&s3=7303-1324-ff454ede4a4cb288aeb887b7f0c95eed-1025x683.jpg
[Image 5d7303-1324-c7fa0ebdcce685f71a1f-5.jpg&s3=7303-1324-c7dee5f3fe45382cf3a53513ad53366e-1025x683.jpg
[Image 6d7303-1324-4072189382838889929c-6.jpg&s3=7303-1324-880f9152d6b65fce8a3c769c6642fe6a-1024x683.jpg
■ Store name Japanese cafe yusoshi Abeno (Wacafe Yusoshi Abeno) ■ Address 〒545-0052 Abeno and 4F, 2-1-40 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka ■Access Right next to Tennoji Station on each line / Right next to Kintetsu Abenobashi Station
■ TEL 06-6629-3111
■Business hours: 11:00-21:00 (L.O. meal 20:00/cafe 20:30)
■Regular holidays: Depends on the facility
■ Number of seats: 110 (68 inside, 42 on the terrace)
■ Average budget: 1,500 yen for lunch / 2,500 yen for dinner ■ WEB reservation: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270203/27011170/ *In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we may change business days and hours and refrain from offering alcoholic beverages at the request of the government and local governments. DD PROTECT Guidelines
At each restaurant operated by Diamond Dining, in order to ensure that our customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind, we have implemented the “DD PROTECT Guidelines”, taking maximum measures to prevent infection based on the policies established by the government. [Image 7d7303-1324-3d13a524feeded3c7b9-11.jpg&s3=7303-1324-4605b08bd250c0ff21163056d5b0de9b-650x910.jpg

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