Eltes Co., Ltd. November 16 online limited seminar “Preparation and early response to legal measures for t aking out trade secrets at the time of retirement”

Eltes Co., Ltd.
[November 16 Online Seminar] Held “Preparation and early response to legal action against taking out trade secrets when leaving the company”
~Case studies from lawyers and risk experts~

Eltes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takahiro Sugawara; Securities Code: 3967; hereinafter “Eltes”), which provides solutions that predict, detect, and resolve digital risks faced by companies, is Tokio Marine & Nichido Partners Co., Ltd. A joint seminar will be held on November 16, 2022 with TOKIO and ALG & Associates. In this seminar, lawyers and risk experts will explain how to prepare for legal measures and early responses to the risk of information leakage at retirement through specific case studies.
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Background of the seminar
With the enactment of the Unfair Prevention and Competition Law in 2015, there has been an increase in the number of cases where trade secrets, including corporate technical information, have been exposed. Many people imagine cyberattacks when they hear about information leaks, but it has become news that an employee of a certain
telecommunications company or the president of a certain restaurant chain took out information when changing jobs to another company in the same industry. The number of cleared cases of trade secret infringers is also increasing. In reality, it is assumed that there are cases where the information is not classified as a trade secret, and there are cases where the victim company is unaware that the information is taken out, and the actual damage caused by the information being taken out is immeasurable. Leakage of such confidential information carries the risk of loss of customers and loss of competitiveness of the victim company. These problems pose the risk of leaks not only to domestic companies but also to overseas companies, and an increasing number of companies are taking measures from the perspective of economic security.
In this seminar, Mr. Ienaga, an executive officer and attorney at law firm ALG&Associates, will talk about specific countermeasures and preventive measures against the risk of information being taken out at the time of retirement. I will explain from the viewpoint of security measures.
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・Persons involved in information security
・People involved in compliance measures and risk management
・Those in the legal department
・Those in the human resources department
Legal Firm ALG & Associates Executive Officer General Manager of Corporate Legal Division Lawyer
Isao Ienaga
He serves as the general manager of the corporate legal affairs department of ALG & Associates, a legal firm, and is engaged in legal consultation, dispute resolution, and litigation for many companies. His recent publications include “Trouble Risks and Countermeasures Q&A for Small and Medium Enterprises” and “Handbook for Employing Persons with Disabilities” (both published by Labor Research Institute). In addition to consulting on various labor matters that occur in daily life, we also provide legal support related to the review of the current personnel system, standardization of working conditions during corporate restructuring, and advice on responding to legal revisions. We are also working hard to resolve various legal issues that arise. Eltes Co., Ltd. Sales Headquarters DX Solution Sales Partner Management Department Sub Manager
Hirotaka Morita
After graduating from university, he joined Eltes after working for a major web marketing company, and has been engaged in consulting during crises. Currently, he is in charge of sales of Internal Risk Intelligence, an internal threat countermeasure service for companies. Overview
1. Schedule
November 16th (Wednesday) 16:00-17:00 (access starts from 15:55) 2. Location
 Online (planned to use Zoom)
*The viewing method will be sent to applicants by email separately. 3. Cost
 Free (pre-registration required)
4. Application for participation
 Please apply from the URL below.
・Individuals and individuals who are in the same industry as the lecturer/co-sponsor may not be able to apply.
・Instructors and lecture contents are subject to change without notice. * Click here for the page about this seminar
Insider threat detection service provided by Eltes
・Combining cross-sectional analysis of multiple logs, such as PC logs, with more than 10,000 risk scenarios,
It is possible to detect internal threat risks at an early stage from behaviors that are different from
・By introducing this service, the detection of the risk of taking out information, which is said to take an average of 280 days, can be detected in 30 hours.
・This service has a track record of detecting 5 trade secrets being taken out. [Image 2d4487-244-4887f42b4f5729346197-1.png&s3=4487-244-ac5f428f2a32c8b5f405a74cdebcab66-1500x879.png
[Image 3d4487-244-e2b25ccc140f36551c3e-2.png&s3=4487-244-1c4b11e34dde4ad1c42d4686a95905dc-1500x879.png

Company Profile
■ Eltes Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 3967 Growth Market https://eltes.co.jp/) Our vision is to protect a prosperous digital society where technology develops soundly, and to become an indispensable presence in the digital society. In addition to the digital risk business that provides solutions to protect companies from new risks hidden in a digital society that continues to evolve with the spread of the Internet, SNS, telework, etc., a smart security business that combines digital technology with conventional human security We will support the development of a digital society by developing an AI security business that creates a
Company name: Tokio Marine & Nichido Partners TOKIO
Representative: Akira Toyoda, Representative Director
Location: Shinjuku Tokio Marine Nichido Building 8F, 2-11-15 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Founded: February 6, 2001
URL: https://www.tnpgrp.co.jp/tokio/index.html
Business description: Non-life insurance agency business, business related to life insurance solicitation
Company name: Law firm ALG & Associates
Representative: Hiroyuki Kanazaki, Attorney-at-Law, Representative Executive Officer (Tokyo Bar Association)
Attorney-at-Law Masaya Katayama (Tokyo Bar Association)
Location: Shinjuku Tokio Marine Nichido Building 8F, 2-11-15 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: 2005
URL: https://www.avance-lg.com/
Business: Corporate legal affairs, inheritance, divorce, traffic accidents, medical malpractice, criminal cases, etc.
Company name: Eltes Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Takahiro Sugawara
Location: 6F Kasumigaseki Building, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Founded: April 28, 2004
URL: https://eltes.co.jp/
Business description: Providing solutions based on big data analysis specializing in risk detection
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List of digital risk countermeasure services: https://eltes-solution.jp/ Recruitment information: https://eltes.recruitment.jp/
Official owned media “The Road of Eltes”: https://eltes.co.jp/ownedmedia/ Operation media “Digital Risk Lab”: https://digitalrisk-lab.com/

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