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Embassy of the Republic of Turkey/Cultural and Public Relations Counselor’s Office The Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism made a commemorative dive on the sunken ship “Landy” in the Gelibol Historical Marine Park, which is attracting the atten

Embassy of Turkish, Cultural Public Relations Counselor’s Office 世界中のダイバーが注目するゲリボル歴史海中公園の沈没船「ランディ号」にトルコ文化観光大臣が記念ダイビング

[Image 1d49599-55-c509c9ED55A0587673-0.jpg & トルコの文化観光大臣 メフメット・ヌリ・エルソイ氏が、2022年9月24日、ゲリボル歴史海中公園の水深27mの沈没船「ランディ号」に記念ダイビングを行いました。 Gerry History Kaihon Park in the Dardanels Strait is located where the Aegean Sea and Marmala Sea meet, and the Randy's remains in the water are attracting divers around the world. Minister of Elsoi, who visited Chanakkale to participate in the Troy Calchart Festival event, along with Ismile Cashedemil, the representative of the Gedrivol Historic Management Bureau in the Battle of Guerivol, the Swura Bay's depth of 27 mhtml>

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