Energy Bank Partners Co., Ltd. A real estate investment fund that utilizes highly profitable cutting-edge agriculture and stable energy

Energy Bank Partners Co., Ltd.
A real estate investment fund that utilizes highly profitable cutting-edge agriculture and stable energy
You can participate in creating a sustainable society with an investment of 100,000 yen per unit.

Energy Bank Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido; Representative Director: Isao Shinagawa), which operates under the slogan of “participation in creating a sustainable society (SDGs) with cutting-edge agriculture and renewable energy”, will open in October 2022. We are pleased to inform you that we will release the real estate investment fund “JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund No. 1”, which allows you to easily complete transactions on the Internet from Wednesday, May 5th.
■ Background of this initiative
Currently, abandoned farmland is increasing in Japan. Despite the fact that the national and local governments are implementing support measures such as promotion funds, problems such as the lack of successors, the flood control environment, and the location
environment on the slopes are deeply rooted and have not yet been resolved.
Energy Bank Partners Co., Ltd. aims to convert abandoned farmland into solar power plants and biomass power plants and utilize it as a renewable energy business, and to automate and improve the efficiency of agriculture with the latest AI and IoT. We are making various efforts such as eliminating the problem and making it possible to farm in snowy areas for a year.
As part of this, in 2020, we acquired a permit for a real estate specified joint enterprise (permit number: Governor of Hokkaido No. 2), and a real estate investment fund ” Launched the JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund series. We are pleased to announce the opening of our first fund. ■ About “JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund No. 1”
・Real estate investment from a small amount
“JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund No. 1”, a real estate investment product (silent partnership type) based on the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act, can be invested from 100,000 yen per unit, and is recommended for first-time investors.
It is a system in which investment is solicited from multiple investors (customers), the JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund acquires real estate with the funds, and the profit obtained from the rental income is distributed according to the investment amount. A silent partnership agreement is concluded between the customer and the JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund, and a commitment is made to contribute money and distribute profits.
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・Fund stability
By adopting a priority and subordination system, we prioritize the safety of the customer’s invested capital. The preferred investment quota that the customer invests in has priority over the subordinated investor in terms of receiving rental income and returning the investment at the time of redemption. Dividends are sourced from profits after deducting property management and operating expenses (taxes, administrative expenses, etc.) from rental income.
*The ratio varies depending on the property.
[Image 2d108401-5-5ecd8b35d559fe488719-2.jpg&s3=108401-5-df126f8e347ee1dcbd8eab2fd2f8a7e9-843x534.jpg
・ Investment account deposit format that can be withdrawn at any time By pre-depositing funds into a dedicated investment account on your My Page, you can smoothly invest in the fund. In addition, you can withdraw your investment dividends and uninvested money (deposits) from your investment account to your registered withdrawal account at any time.
*For refunds, we will transfer the amount after deducting the transfer fee from the desired refund amount.
[Image 3d108401-5-f53e84043d5337e7b773-3.jpg&s3=108401-5-ab32e408392bed4408d294df2fd7eb10-947x288.jpg
■Overview of fund scheme
As a preferred investor, you will conclude a silent partnership agreement with us and pay your investment into a designated account. The Company will pay for the subordinated investment. Acquire assets under management with the total amount of investment. Rental income obtained by leasing the acquired assets under management to tenants after deducting rental expenses (management fees, taxes, etc.) will be distributed to investors. As for the method of distribution, first priority will be given to customers who are preferred investors, and then any remaining profits will be distributed to the Company, which is a subordinated investor.
[Image 4d108401-5-c61c0426f345b61ddd6b-4.png&s3=108401-5-5c03e6cf1ae27862ab95ac4d1e07ee9a-1178x677.png
■ Information on JIN-SUKU Mirai Fund No. 1
Amount raised (preferred investment limit): 23,000,000 yen
Planned annual dividend: 6.0% (before tax)
Application period: October 5, 2022 to October 31, 2022
Scheduled operation period: 12 months (November 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023) Recruitment unit: 100,000 yen/unit
・JIN-SAKU Mirai Fund Official Website: ・ Application flow:
■Company Profile
Trade name: Energy Bank Partners Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 2nd Hokkaido Communication Building, 6-1-23 Kitagojo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Representative Director: Isao Shinagawa
Established: May 2003
Capital: 100 million yen (as of October 1, 2022)
Employees: 23
Approval/Permit: Real Estate Specified Joint Business Permit Hokkaido Governor No. 2

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