Epicbase Decided to release “Smart Record Mixer”, a desktop application that eliminates the need to prepare meeting records in advance for all meeting scenes and online meeting tools

Decided to release “Smart Record Mixer”, a desktop application that eliminates the need for advance preparation of meeting recordings for all meeting scenes and online meeting tools

Epic Base Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takayoshi Matsuda), which operates “Smart Recorder” that streamlines the creation, sharing, and management of meeting minutes with voice and AI, has the necessary settings and advances for meeting records. We are pleased to inform you that we will release a desktop application “Smart Secretary Mixer” in mid-November that will eliminate the need for preparation and create an environment where you can smoothly participate and concentrate on meetings in conjunction with “Smart Secretary”.
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To record the meeting, just start the smart recording mixer at the same time as the meeting starts.
In recent years, due to the spread of remote work, the format of meetings has diversified, and the most convenient method for each meeting is available, depending on the content and participants, such as face-to-face, online, and connecting a meeting room and an online meeting. It is now held. On the other hand, if you try to record all these meeting scenes with a general transcription tool, you will need to make settings for each holding format and online meeting tool, and issue guest accounts to business partners. Preparation can be complicated.
“Smart Writing Mixer” eliminates all of these complicated advance preparations and allows you to immediately start recording with “Smart Writing” with simple operations without worrying about the format of the meeting. As a result, not only can you participate in meetings without stress regardless of where you work, whether you are working remotely or in the office, but you can also greatly improve the efficiency of taking minutes.
“Smart scribe mixer” and “smart scribe” greatly reduce the man-hours required to create minutes before and after meetings
・There is no need to set up microphones and speakers for each online conferencing tool. Leave it all to the “smart writing mixer” ・Eliminate pre-meeting preparation man-hours, such as issuing guest accounts to participants
・Reduce the man-hours required for creating minutes by up to 70% simply by recording and taking notes on meetings with smart recording [Image 2

-Usage scenario (example)-
・In-house department/team meetings
・Business talks and meetings with customers
・Important meetings such as management meetings and board meetings ・Personnel interviews and 1on1
・Coverage and interviews
・Online briefings and seminars
Name: Smart writing mixer
Target OS: Windows 10 or later *The macOS version of the app is currently being prepared for release.
Release: Mid-November 2022 *We will inform you at the time of release. Fee: Included in smart note usage fee
* A demonstration will be held in advance at the “Work Style Reform EXPO [Autumn]” being held from October 12th to 14th today.
Overview of “Smart Secretary” Service
●Reduce man-hours for creating meeting minutes by up to 70%
By utilizing the dedicated editor of smart writing, memos during the meeting and the recording/transcription of the meeting voice can be consolidated on one screen, reducing the man-hours required for creating minutes by up to 70%*.
* Number of users of “Smart Shoki”
●Pinpoint and re-listen to important points. Instantly access information that cannot be read in text
Just like adding a bookmark to the recorded audio, you can link the notes and audio during the meeting with the “time stamp” function, making it easy to listen to pinpointed remarks such as those of business negotiation partners and important agenda items. increase. This makes it possible to instantly obtain “primary information” such as the tone of the speaker’s voice and the atmosphere of the meeting, which is difficult to grasp from text information alone, even if the user is not present at the meeting.
● Multi-device support, catch up information anytime, anywhere This service can be used not only on PCs but also on multiple devices with iOS / Android compatible applications, and it is also possible to upload audio and video data. It can be used not only online but also in all meeting scenes. In addition, using a smartphone app makes it easier to check meeting minutes and recorded voices while on the move, making it easier for busy business people to check information and catch up.
Learn more about Smart Shoki: https://www.smartshoki.com
Apply for the smart writing trial here: https://www.smartshoki.com/#contact Company Profile
-About Epic Base Co., Ltd.-
Representative: Representative Director Takayoshi Matsuda
Location: 1-4-9 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: January 2020
Business description: Development and operation of smart writing service URL: https://www.epicbase.co.jp
Details about this release:


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