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Established a new company “Asahi Digital Lab Co., Ltd.”

Asahi Digital Lab
Established a new company “Asahi Digital Lab Co., Ltd.”
Video and content commerce bouncy, Moovoo become a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Shimbun

Asahi Digital Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yosuke Fukada, hereinafter Asahi Digital Lab will become the parent company Asahi Co., Ltd. on October 3, 2022. We have decided to spin off from the newspaper company (President: Shiro Nakamura) and establish a new wholly owned company.
[Image 1d109082-1-95e07a2582a16eb173c9-0.png&s3=109082-1-efbd2d9184936a17f977fdecd9f758c1-2000x1817.png
The establishment of the new company is intended to accelerate business growth through more flexible and speedy decision-making and human resource acquisition in the digital content business market, which is expected to expand and grow significantly. As a group company of Asahi Shimbun, we will accelerate business growth.
Asahi Digital Lab’s mission is to “create the excitement of tomorrow with content.” We will continue to provide content that raises expectations for the future society, centering on the production business that makes use of our know-how and strengths.
Asahi Digital Lab will provide exciting value to many users and stakeholders by creating content that will be enjoyed and pleased. With the establishment of the new company, we hope to meet the needs of even more readers and companies.
-Outline of new company-
Company name: Asahi Digital Lab Co., Ltd.
Location: 403 Toranomon Sakura Building, 3-22-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, 105-0001 Representative: Yosuke Fukada, Representative Director and CEO Business: Media business, content commerce business, video production and distribution business
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: October 3, 2022
Shareholder composition: Asahi Shimbun 100% subsidiary
Media business
[Image 2d109082-1-c163adeeb501ee8a4fbe-2.png&s3=109082-1-74703d88398b572f92b4cd7408431bf7-366x64.png
Moovoo is a media that is useful for convincing shopping with the theme of “more convincing when choosing things”. It is growing rapidly with product reviews by experts and high search evaluation (SEO) content, and the monthly distribution amount of Amazon purchases via Moovoo is over 100 million yen.
[Image 3d109082-1-d17a4b7ffb674953e675-1.png&s3=109082-1-e81693c5177d658452f6a2886a11012c-528x171.png
bouncy is a “video media that lets you feel the future” that introduces new lifestyle proposals and cutting-edge challengers through videos, providing excitement for the future. Developing distributed media mainly on SNS, etc., the total number of followers is 1.05 million, and the number of monthly video playbacks is over 40 million.
production business
Utilizing the know-how and knowledge of media management such as Moovoo and bouncy, we are engaged in many corporate web commercial video productions, web advertisement operations, and website creation. In addition, we are conducting online distribution of many webinars and events hosted by Asahi Shimbun and companies. The audience ranges from several hundred to several thousand people, and we have staff with a wealth of experience in distribution and script planning and production that make use of our technical capabilities to meet all corporate needs.
-Message from CEO Yosuke Fukada-
[Image 4d109082-1-044d13d12e8d57f963a6-3.png&s3=109082-1-d262501bb9d9aea96b1785d1012bd737-360x363.png
Representative Director and CEO Yosuke Fukada
In 2016, we launched the Moovoo business in an internal new business contest. Since the start of the business, we have continued trial and error with the spirit of “just try it”, and in 2019, we expanded the team with the business transfer of bouncy. The aim of the
establishment of this new company is to expand the business by focusing on the areas of video and content commerce, and actively recruiting human resources. We would like to continue to take on challenges by taking advantage of the fact that we are a group company of Asahi Shimbun and also a start-up company. We want to accelerate our growth without fear of change or challenge. That’s why I added the word “Labo” to the company name.
(Representative biography)
Originally an engineer at Asahi Shimbun. After graduating from graduate school in information engineering, worked as an engineer at Asahi Shimbun for 5 years and in the new business division for 8 years, engaged in system development and new business launch. I am pushing forward with work and raising two children.
-Supplement: Business history-
2016 Moovoo started as a new business within Asahi Shimbun
2019 Business transfer of bouncy, user expansion
2020 Expanded Moovoo business in Corona and started online distribution business 2022 Established Asahi Digital Lab Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Shimbun
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