Ethicalize Co., Ltd. Renewal open of “VEGAN’S LIFE” media for vegan beginners and plan bases!

Ethicalize Inc.
“VEGAN’S LIFE”, a media for vegan beginners and plan bases, has been renewed! Introducing vegan trends, news, restaurant and cafe information, and staff-recommended recipes!

Ethicalize Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: Kentaro Fujita,
Representative Director) is a web media for vegan beginners and plant-based that delivers information on “connecting, expanding, and enjoying” from an ethical perspective with the motto “FUN! VEGAN”. “VEGAN’S LIFE” has been renewed. Focusing on food, creators, vegan restaurants (including options), lifestyle, and vegan beauty, we surveyed the voices of those who are currently living a vegan lifestyle, and created “Vegan’s Voice” to deliver the current vegan lifestyle. Released as additional content.
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◆What is VEGAN’S LIFE?
With the motto “FUN! VEGAN”, this is a service that shares the differences in health and food principles and delivers information that “connects, spreads, and enjoys” from an ethical perspective. We aim to be a platform that everyone can practice right now and want to share with their loved ones and friends.
There are many reasons to go vegan. On this site, we will deliver “basic knowledge”, “seasonal news”, “easy-to-use bits of knowledge”, and “familiar vegan information”, mainly for vegan beginners and plant-based people. Focusing on lifestyle, food, people, and regions, we also post content delivered in an interview format and information on vegan restaurants (including options) and cafes by prefecture. ◆ About restaurant and cafe information
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We deliver information on vegan specialty stores and cafes and restaurants with vegan options, along with recommended menus. As of the end of September, we have posted information on 130 cases, but in the future we will post information on shops nationwide, so please do not hesitate to provide information from people who operate many restaurants and cafes. We are waiting for you.
Contact (*):
*Monday-Friday 11:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)
We will usually respond within 3 business days.
*Posting free of charge
About Vegan’s Voice
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We are investigating two vegan ima every month with the aim of delivering information that will lead to the future. We deliver the voices of vegan people as content, but we also accept individual survey requests, so please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form. We hope it will be helpful for your product planning/development and marketing.
Eticalize Co., Ltd. will continue to develop services for the realization of a recycling-oriented society in line with the concepts of “plant-based,” “sustainable,” and “local production for local consumption.” We are committed to creating future standards. * VEGAN’S LIFE will post information on vegan and plant-based products on the media (free of charge) depending on the content, so please feel free to contact us.
◆Ethicalize Co., Ltd.
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