EVeM Co., Ltd. EVeM Co., Ltd. has started providing a management program for managers that implements a training system for managers responsible for human capital management in companies.

EVeM Co., Ltd.
EVeM Co., Ltd. starts offering a management program for managers that implements a training system for managers responsible for human capital management in companies
– Designing a mechanism to utilize talent and supporting business promotion –
EVeM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tadashi Nagamura, hereinafter referred to as EVeM), which provides training for CxOs and managers of venture companies, has implemented a training system for managers responsible for human capital management. We have started offering the management program “EVeM for Business/CxO Program” for managers.
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■ Background to the release
Since the founding of EVeM in 2020, there is an urgent global need to realize “human capital management,” in which companies view people not as materials to be consumed, but as capital that generates large returns if invested. We have provided a unique management program that produces great results by making the most of people’s talents to about 120 companies and more than 500 students, mainly venture companies. At the beginning of the company’s founding, we developed a program for individual managers to comprehensively and systematically acquire the skills necessary to carry out management. I understand that there is a need to let all managers demonstrate the same skills.
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Therefore, we focused on not only improving the management ability of individual managers to utilize the talents of members, but also on creating a system in which talents can be utilized on a
company-by-company basis. We have decided to release a training program for managers with the addition of
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We believe that the job of a manager is to “continuously create innovation by gathering and utilizing talent.” The purpose of this program is to create an organization that continues to win by implementing a mechanism for utilizing talent in companies and continuing to gather and utilize talent.
■ EVeM for Business / Overview of Management Program
Product name: EVeM for Business/CxO program
Course duration: 3 to 4 months
Three features of this program
1. Developing managers
Develop managers who practice management that utilizes talents, which is the most important factor in implementing human capital management. 2. Common management language
By having a common management language, the management team can learn from each other with the manager and build a relationship that refines management methods that make use of the members’ talents.
3. Systematization of management
Presenting not only an introduction to management, but also a method for creating a mechanism that implements a reproducible management model within the company.
In addition to the basic skills necessary for management, we will acquire advanced skills necessary for management and build a company-wide management system.
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■ Voices of introducing companies
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Mr. Koji Matsuo, Representative Director and CEO, Richika Co., Ltd. Without the CxO program, Richika wouldn’t be what it is today. Not only systemization, but also the point of valuing emotional elements. Even if you don’t incorporate everything, you can flexibly introduce it partially. The fact that it has penetrated not only the business side but also various members such as engineers and creators. I don’t know of a better “manager type for ventures” than EVeM. Because the change is intense, we are special, so we recommend it to those who think so.
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Mr. Mamoru Yamashiki, Representative Director and CEO of DROBE Co., Ltd. In the CxO program, the discussion and decision-making accuracy of the management team improved, so it was very significant for all the management to take the course. By taking the CxO program with a management team of five this time, we have a complete set of viewpoints and definitions of words, so discussions can now focus on important things.

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Mr. Tomoya Nunokawa, Representative Director and CEO, Loglass Co., Ltd. Lograth, which was expanding rapidly, was already facing a shortage of managers, and was worried that management issues would become a bottleneck on an organizational scale in the future. In addition, there were variations in the quality of management, and there was no evaluation standard as an organization. I made the decision to introduce EVeM right away with the awareness that I wanted to build a management system as soon as possible.
The best part is that the content is not limited to general management theory and is practical, and it is standardized under the major premise that everything is broken down from management strategy. He taught me about the focus points in a startup that should produce results even though there are no resources, and the things that can be given a low priority right now. I was.
What is EVeM for Business?
“EVeM for Business” is a management training program specialized for venture companies aiming for rapid growth. We provide systematic management theory and practical support through a program of about three months.
Detailed URL: https://www.evem-forbusiness.jp/
■ About EVeM Co., Ltd.
Established in August 2020 with the aim of installing a management model necessary for training managers who are responsible for corporate human capital management. Providing management training to individuals and corporations.
Company Profile
Company name: EVeM Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Yoshitsune Nagamura
Location: 4th floor, Kubota Building, 1-30-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Established: August 2020
URL: https://www.evem-management.com/

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