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Event Report Learning SDGs with Saeko and BINGO

The power of small and medium enterprises
[Event Report] Learning SDGs with Saeko and BINGO

SME support (branding, web marketing, SDGs support) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Keisuke Yamashita, hereinafter “SME power”) (https://nippon ) will exhibit at the Asahi Shimbun sponsored “GOOD LIFE Fair” held from September 23rd to September 25th, 2022. I was.
The GOOD LIFE Fair is a participatory festival where you can learn about, experience, and enjoy the SDGs through various things, things, and times. On the day of the event, there were many booths where you could enjoy the SDGs with your five senses.
From 13:00 on the 25th, we invited Saeko to the Mirai stage and held an event “Study SDGs with Saeko and BINGO”.
In advance, we conducted a questionnaire on SDGs to the customers who visited us at the “Project to Energize Japan from Small and Medium Enterprises” booth, and based on the results, we held a BINGO tournament with Saeko and other experts. We thought together about In addition, Mr. Nishioka, Director of the SDGs Platform, a general incorporated association, and Mr. Yamashita, the CEO of our company, who is the organizer of this project, will be on stage as guests as SDGs experts. I was.
The guests
[Image 1

Small and Medium Business Power Co., Ltd. President
General Incorporated Association SMEs to Energize Japan Project Director Keisuke Yamashita
General Incorporated Association SDGs Platform Director
Director of Carbon Neutral Association
SUNSHOW GROUP Sansho Industry Co., Ltd. Representative Director Mr. Tetsuto Nishioka
SDGs learned with Saeko and BINGO
-Ms. Saeko, who has been active in the entertainment industry for 20 years, is currently engaged in support activities at the general incorporated association Think The DAY, which mainly focuses on disaster relief, and at NASU FARM VILLAGE, managing a tourist ranch that accepts protected horses. , various product development, and a wide range of activities with company managers. What are your thoughts on the SDGs?
[Image 2

Saeko: I think there are many people who find it difficult to just use the word SDGs to leave limited resources and a clean earth to the children who are entrusted with the future, but when you apply it, it is familiar. I feel that there are many things that we can work on. Theme “5. Gender Equality”
President Yamashita: I would like to hear the voices of business owners, even among small and medium-sized enterprises, who are worried that they have not been able to achieve or implement their goals of increasing the ratio of women in managerial positions. That said, I believe that resolving this issue will be the key to future economic development.
President Nishioka: The Gender Gap Index has been announced, and Japan ranks 111th out of 153 countries, the lowest among developed countries. In the world of politics, I think there is still a problem with women’s social advancement, which is one in ten people. Theme “8. Job Satisfaction and Economic Growth”
President Yamashita: It’s exactly the theme of the project we’re running. 99.7% of Japanese are SMEs, and 60% of Japanese people work at SMEs. It is important for people working at SMEs to think about economic growth and employment, and I believe this will lead to realization.
President Nishioka: As I said earlier, our company is in the construction industry, and the ratio of women is 50%, which is high for the industry. For that reason, we have prepared a “Kangaroo work” system. As for the contents, it is a system that allows you to go to work with your child. The company has become more lively, and sales have grown four to five times compared to before the system. I am grateful for the active participation of women.
Saeko: Wonderful! Childbirth and marriage can make it difficult to work, so I think it’s a great system for women to have a company take care of that part.
“Do you know SDGs?”
[Image 3

The event was attended not only by adults, but also by many children. When asked by Ms. Saeko if she knew about the SDGs, many of the children knew about the SDGs and showed a high level of interest in learning about them at school.
Saeko: I am also involved in product development, and I feel that education is important because young people are more familiar with the issues of the SDGs and have a higher awareness of them.
[Table 2: ]
[Image 4d83642-83-cf1217cf46fdaa20247b-5.jpg&s3=83642-83-ce200fc8c7e2d0f8ac2f144fa7f476e5-1093x770.jpg
Saeko: I think that sustainable initiatives are not an option for companies, but a must. I would like to receive the thoughts of those who are making such corporate efforts, and as a consumer, I would like to be conscious of picking up such products.
-It seems that 60% of companies are working on it, but do you expect the number of such companies to increase in the future?
President Nishioka: It will definitely increase. Rather, I think that companies that do not work will be weeded out.
President Yamashita: I think the number will increase as well. Among the students who are actually looking for a job, there are some who cite “SDGs activities” as the axis of choosing a company. I think that there are many companies that are catching up on this kind of information, and I think that the number of companies that are planning to take action in that direction will increase.
It is important to take measures that suit you
[Image 5d83642-83-8ae4fb6f3148a174212d-4.jpg&s3=83642-83-6945d2a3ea36e54cac7fbf22f8969bdd-3112x2336.jpg
-Is there anything specific that Saeko is working on?
Saeko: What I have been doing for many years is to be conscious of sorting garbage and washing plastic products thoroughly before putting them out for recycling.
Also, I think there was a flow to bring your own when the plastic bag was charged. At the beginning, I felt it was difficult to move from what I was used to to what I was not used to, but now I think it has become a habit. I think it’s important to accumulate small things, such as using your own cutlery and using tumblers and stainless steel straws.
It may be a good idea to find something that fits you, such as something that is fashionable, or something that is highly functional, and make it one of your daily pleasures.
– How about as a manager?
Ms. Saeko: We are also involved in product development, but we are doing things like manufacturing in accordance with fair trade and using eco-friendly packaging materials. So, instead of focusing on the cost side, we focus on ideas and shapes.
In terms of the farm, we also have a restaurant business, so we are working on “recycling agriculture” that composts food waste and uses it as fertilizer, as well as compost from protected horses, and uses it to grow vegetables that are served at restaurants. By the way. [Image 6d83642-83-6fa5fda8b30d92c56ee0-6.jpg&s3=83642-83-ec41f2256ee546a31571ee9533bd9d65-1118x791.jpg
“BINGO”, which is also the main event of this event, was answered in advance at the booth of “Small and medium-sized enterprises project to revitalize Japan” and participated. This time, out of the 17 goals, “12. Responsibility to make and use” was the theme, and Saeko announced the number that she was interested in and filled in the BINGO numbers.
[Image 7d83642-83-cab339de78ec542548f6-7.jpg&s3=83642-83-3aeae500d24965f0f1d9a97894b6cb2c-1026x770.jpg
The special prize was provided by AmazingJWorld Co., Ltd., a lodging voucher for a pension in Karuizawa, and by Tokyo Nishi Sato Product Sales Co., Ltd. and Matsumoto Kosan Co., Ltd., which co-sponsored other prizes.
From several BINGO people, we gave one person a special prize through rock-paper-scissors with Saeko. After that, BINGO continued, and the winners were presented with the sustainable products they provided. Give shape to your feelings for others
Saeko: Through today’s event, I once again felt that it is important for the SDGs to make things “personal”. I think it’s hard to realize that it’s just me, but I think it’s going to be a big “thing” by doing it with everyone. It is the same for the general incorporated association Think The DAY, which is the support group I run. I would like to increase it.
[Image 8d83642-83-44c8036c1692f6e7574f-8.jpg&s3=83642-83-88757f08e23ddfcfa7955d8817e5dd4b-1066x754.jpg
President Yamashita: Through this event, I felt that there was a high level of interest in SDGs among people of all ages. In the future, we will continue to promote SDGs activities in the “Project to Energize Japan from SMEs”, contribute to the environment and society, and continue activities that lead to the future.
About “Project to Energize Japan from SMEs”
In this project, with the vision of “Let’s change. Let’s change. Challenge.” We provide omnidirectional support (*). We believe that taking on the challenge of responding to the changes that small and medium-sized enterprises face on a daily basis will be a big step toward creating the future. We aim to become
* Support content (partial)
Advertising promotion that can utilize the portrait of the official ambassador Participation in press conferences and events such as the Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Award
Community formation among participating companies
SDGs promotion plan, etc.
■ Contact information
For inquiries regarding materials and other questions, please contact us from the following.
●Contact us A project to revitalize Japan from small and medium-sized enterprises Company Profile
Company name: The Power of Small and Medium Enterprises Co., Ltd. Date of establishment: June 4, 2021
Location: 3-6 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo E・Space Tower 4F Representative Director: Keisuke Yamashita
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