EXEC Co., Ltd. Over 150,000 deliveries and 15 million deliveries for “Photo Hands,” a cloud-based photo de livery system!

Exec Co., Ltd.
The photo-only cloud delivery system “Photo Hands” has exceeded 150,000 deliveries and 15 million deliveries!
Pursuing a simple and easy-to-use system, it has been well received by both photo studios and end-users of all ages.

Exec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takaya Furuta) has a cumulative delivery record using the photo-only cloud delivery system “Photo Hands” for photo studios, photographers, and freelance photographers since the start of service provision. We are pleased to inform you that we have exceeded 150,000 deliveries (150,000 households) and 15 million deliveries.

[Homepage] https://hands-info.phst.jp
Over 150,000 deliveries! About “Photo Hands,” a cloud-based photo delivery system
“Photo Hands” is a system for delivering photo data taken at Shichi-Go-San Festival, coming-of-age ceremony, wedding ceremony, etc. to each family on the cloud for photo studios, photography companies, and freelance photographers. The service was launched in September 2019, and has been patronized by many customers, with a total of 150,000 photo data delivered using “Photo Hands” (150,000 households), and 15 million deliveries. I broke through the sheet.
In the past, it was common to store photo data of Shichigosan festivals, coming-of-age ceremonies, weddings, etc. taken at a photo studio on a CD-ROM or USB memory and deliver it to each household, but nowadays there is no PC at home. The number of households has increased, and the demand for delivery of photo data on the cloud has increased. In addition, photo studios that use free file transfer services to deliver photo data have had problems such as displaying advertisements unrelated to their company, which has a negative impact on their branding. . Under such circumstances, we have developed a photo data cloud delivery system “Photo Hands” that is simple and easy to use for all age groups, and started the service in September 2019. Features such as “simple and easy-to-use system”, “possible to disseminate own brand on dedicated site”, “price setting that can be easily used from fixed cost of 0 yen”, “video data can also be delivered” mainly for photo studios The introduction spread through word of mouth, and in October 2022, the total number of deliveries exceeded 150,000 and the number of deliveries exceeded 15 million. We will continue to strive to improve our services so that we can play a role in the digitization of the photography industry with the mission of “contributing to the world with IT services that we think for ourselves”.
About Exec Co., Ltd.
Company name: Exec Co., Ltd.
Location: Shirokane Building, 1-2-12 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Established: May 2006
Representative Director: Takaya Furuta
URL: https://i-exec.jp/
Business description: Web system development and operation
・Development and operation of “Photostore”, an online photo sales system    https://info.phst.jp/
・Development and operation of “Album Scrum”, a graduation album work efficiency system
・Development and operation of “Photo Hands”, a cloud delivery system for photographs
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