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Exmedio Co., Ltd. An online medical office in which one in six hematologists participates. Expansion of exchange themes, medical offices, academic societies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. can also participate in the official account

exmedio Co., Ltd.
An online medical office where one in six hematologists participates. Expansion of exchange themes, medical offices, academic societies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. can also participate in the official account

Exmedio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keiji Sawada), which operates the doctor-only SNS “Hippokura x Mynavi”, is an online medical office “Hippokura x Mynavi Blood” in which one in six hematology doctors participates. Internal Medicine Pro” has been renewed.


■ What is “Hippokura x Mynavi Hematology Pro”?
“Hippokura x Mynavi Hematology Pro” opened in May 2022 as an online medical office specializing in the field of hematology within the doctor-only SNS “Hippokura x Mynavi” where about 60,000 doctors interact.
Nearly 500 hematologists have participated in about 4 months since the opening, and so far nearly 40 online case reviews (public where other member doctors provide feedback on opinions and information on cases posted by member doctors) conference) is held.
While the number of opportunities for many doctors to meet
face-to-face due to the corona crisis is decreasing, it is being used as a doctor-only SNS where doctors from all over the country can interact by listening to other doctors’ opinions and reacting to their opinions. increase.
■ Points of renewal in October 2022
[1] In addition to clinical consultation and case study, expand the themes that can be posted and exchanged
In addition to the currently popular usage of “clinical consultation and case study”, we have expanded the themes of posting and exchange so that we can exchange information, requests, and reactions more easily and broadly. And there is something to discover” place to evolve.
-Themes that can be posted and exchanged-
・Clinical consultation
・Case reports
・Simple questions (things that are difficult to ask now, things that do not make sense even after reading guidelines and textbooks, requests for knowledge and literature from other teachers)
・Paper sharing (share the papers you care about and hear the opinions and impressions of other teachers)
・Regimen disclosure (share the regimen of each facility, ask questions and discuss)
・Topic sharing (communication with teachers at other facilities on a free theme) [2] Medical offices, academic societies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. can also participate in the “official account” and exchange information interactively with doctors
For example, a medical office shares medical papers and impressions at a reading meeting → A member doctor of “Hippokura x Mynavi Hematology Pro” who is interested in the content of the post comments and reacts → I felt that the wavelength matched before long We will provide relationships and connections such as member doctors knocking on the door of the medical office.
Specifically, medical offices, hospitals, academic societies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical-related companies, etc. will have an official account of “Hippokura x Mynavi Hematology Pro”, allowing interactive information exchange and interaction with participating hematologists. I can.
We will announce the results of our research to convey the
attractiveness of the medical office, convey information about special study sessions to teachers, take questionnaires, and further activate information and exchanges through official accounts.
[3] Evolution of UX/UI design, such as a follow function that allows you to create your own timeline
You will be able to follow teachers’ accounts and official accounts who always make meaningful posts and comments. As a result, not only can you create your own original timeline, but you will also receive notifications when the accounts you follow post new posts, making information gathering more efficient.
In addition, the UI design has been renewed to make it easy and comfortable to use. We will also improve the details that lead to increased engagement on the site, such as a profile field that activates interaction, a simple posting form, and a reaction function, and improve UX.
Click here for the introduction site of the renewed “Hippokura x Mynavi Hematology Pro”
*If you are a hematologist, you can register and use the service for free. – – – – – – – –
In addition, in conjunction with the above renewal and the bone marrow bank promotion month in October 2022, Exmedio Co., Ltd. will release the Japan Bone Marrow Bank from Exmedio Co., Ltd. according to the number of times “Hippokura x Mynavi Hematology Pro” is used, membership registration, official Twitter support, etc. We will also start a project to donate to.
It will be implemented for six months from October 2022 to March 2023. Through this project, we will contribute to the development of hematology, and will do our best to help patients and their families who are being treated for diseases of hematology. Any help would be appreciated. For details, please see the press release below. ・Donate to the Japan Bone Marrow Bank in response to the popularity of SNS dedicated to doctors
– – – – – – – –
■What is ExMedio Co., Ltd.?
exMedio Co., Ltd. combines its unique planning capabilities with AI and other technological capabilities to provide IT services that empower doctors in their clinical practice. It was founded in December 2014 by a doctor and an AI researcher with the aim of contributing to “specialized medical care support”.
All corporate activities will help prevent patients from becoming seriously ill and extend their healthy life expectancy. We believe that this is the reason for our existence in society.
About 60,000 doctors across Japan are registered as members of Hippokura x Mynavi, an online service that allows doctors to exchange opinions with each other, listen to the opinions of other doctors, and react to those opinions. It is used as an SNS dedicated to doctors who can communicate with each other. For details, please see the introduction site below.
・”Hippokura x My Navi” introduction site is here
Details about this release:

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