F-Code Co., Ltd. Free co-sponsored webinar “Must-see for marketers!” 3 ways to increase sales from the w ebsite UI, UX, knowledge of web customer service

F-Code Co., Ltd.
[Free co-sponsored webinar] “Must-see for marketers!” 3 ways to increase sales from websites UI, UX, knowledge of web customer service
F-Code Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsutomu Kudo, hereinafter “our company”) will start Wiz Co., Ltd. on Thursday, November 10, 2022 and Thursday, November 17, 2022. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shun Yamazaki, hereinafter referred to as Wiz) Co-sponsored a free webinar “Must-see for marketers!” Three ways to increase sales from the website
UI/UX/Web Service Tips” will be held.
*Recording will be available on November 17th (Thursday).

Background of the event
Many people who are in charge of web marketing may be worried that “sales are not growing as expected” or “CVR (conversion rate) is not increasing”.
Among them, what are the companies that maintain a certain growth rate doing? That is the “review of the site,” which is an important customer contact point.
In order to review the site, what should I start with, what other companies are doing, and what should I proceed with?
In this webinar, we will share points for reviewing UI, UX, and web customer service, which are directly linked to increasing sales, and general know-how for site improvement, with examples of other companies’ successes.
Recommended for people like this
・ Those who want to acquire leads from websites
・ Those who want to increase sales and CVR from the website
・ Those who want to promote website improvement
・ Those who are working to improve the site in-house but are not seeing results ▼ Click here for details
14:00-14:25 Part 1: Panel discussion
・ Three reasons why the number of contracts from the site does not increase └1. Unsightly UI
└2. Difficult to use UX
└3. Disliked web service
・What kind of UI does the customer want?
・ UX that leads to closing the deal ~ points for improvement ~ ・Communication to keep in mind when serving customers online 14:25-14:35 Part 2: Case study of F-Code Co., Ltd.
The story that CVR improved dramatically after reviewing 〇〇 on the website 14:35-14:45 Part 3: Case study of nene Co., Ltd.
A case where sales increased significantly due to chat customer service with a hospitality mindset
14:45-15:00 Q&A
◇ Mr. Yuki Arai
F-Code Co., Ltd.

Participated in a management consulting company while in college. Mainly in charge of sales and marketing. Experienced business launch from the founding period.
In 2007, he joined F-Code Co., Ltd. and assumed his current position. Engaged in new sales and development and operation of new services. Currently in charge of the Web Consulting Division.
◇ Mr. Ryo Hanaoka
nene Co., Ltd.
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1987. When I was a student, I was engaged in the customer service industry at an apparel company, and after graduating, I experienced corporate sales at a major
telecommunications agency. Involved in setting up an inside sales team and operating a call center, and at the age of 24, experienced managing an organization of about 50 people. From 2017, after supervising the entire business such as sales and marketing at a SaaS company, he joined nene Co., Ltd. in April 2020 and assumed the position of director in July of the same year.
◇Mr. Aimee Yamazaki
Wiz Co., Ltd.

After graduating from university, opened a beauty and health business store. After experiencing store management as an owner, he launched an in-house training program at a management consulting company and engaged in consulting work in the accounting and accounting field while conducting organizational training on a scale of 100 people. Currently in charge of marketing and branding activities as a PR manager for Wiz Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Company name: F Code Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒162-0825
1-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Nissei Kagurazaka Sotobori-dori Building 2nd floor
Representative: Tsutomu Kudo, President and CEO
Established: March 2006
Business description:
1. Provision of CX improvement SaaS such as “CODE Marketing Cloud” 2. DX strategy design/implementation support, digital marketing support Capital: 241,384,626 yen (end of December 2021)
Number of employees: 40
URL: https://f-code.co.jp/
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market (Securities Code: 9211) Details about this release:

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