Faith Co., Ltd. “Thumva BIZ” will be adopted for the online business negotiation system of “DX EXPO Aut umn”

Faith Co., Ltd.
“Thumva BIZ” will be adopted as an online business negotiation system for “DX EXPO [Autumn]”


Face Co., Ltd. (President: Hajime Hirasawa, Head Office: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Securities Code: 4295 Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime, hereinafter: Face) is an exhibition “DX-Digital Transformation-” for back office DX, marketing and sales DX. We are pleased to inform you that “Thumva BIZ” has been introduced to the online business negotiation system of EXPO [Autumn].
“Thumva BIZ” will be adopted at the online exhibition held from October 1st (Sat) to November 30th (Wed). It will be possible to easily consult online at the timing.
“Thumva BIZ” is an online customer service system that provides an environment where customers who wish to receive immediate or individualized responses to online inquiries can easily connect with staff with a single click. You can receive a customer service experience online as if you were visiting a store without the steps required in conventional conference systems such as downloading a dedicated application, issuing and notifying a conference code, and entering a password.
Since its release in October 2021, “Thumva BIZ” has been introduced by more than 300 companies, mainly insurance consultation desks, rental real estate, travel agencies, local governments, etc., and has also been adopted at online exhibitions. It is increasing and solves the problems of online business negotiations for many companies and organizations.
At DX EXPO [Autumn], visitors will be able to use the “immediate consultation function” that does not require exchange of IDs etc. of “Thumva BIZ” and the “reservation function” that can eliminate waiting in line. You can consult immediately on the spot, and you can book a consultation when your schedule is available, so you can realize smooth business negotiations without waste.
Through the provision of “Thumva BIZ”, Faith will continue to support the conversion of more companies and organizations to DX, so that customers can receive services in a safe and comfortable manner without being inferior to the real world. We will expand our services to
[What is “DX-Digital Transformation-EXPO”]
An exhibition that promotes DX (digital transformation), run by the DX EXPO Executive Committee. In order to strengthen matching with visitors, three exhibitions are set up for the back office, for marketing/sales, and for stores/facilities. Exhibitors are mainly companies that provide products, services, and solutions that realize DX, and various DX services such as personnel/labor management systems, accounting/finance/accounting systems, store DX/web customer service tools, etc. This is an exhibition specializing in DX, with many visitors from corporate management, marketing, DX
promotion/systems, human resources, accounting, and general affairs. [Overview of “DX-Digital Transformation-EXPO”]
Name: DX -Digital Transformation- EXPO [Autumn]
Date: Online July 25th (Monday) to November 30th (Wednesday), 2022 *The real event has ended.
Venue: Please join us from the following.
Holding: DX -Digital Transformation- EXPO [Autumn] Executive Committee Supported by: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Digital Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
(one company) Digital Transformation Promotion Association, (one company) Japan Telework Association
(one company) AI/IoT Promotion Association
■ Face (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime: Securities code 4295)
Faith has been working on the creation of a content distribution system since its founding, such as devising and implementing the world’s first “ringing melody” for mobile phones*, and establishing it in about 100 countries around the world as a new culture originating in Japan.
Under the corporate philosophy of “Don’t chase what you have. Create what you don’t have.” , education, and life.
Faith Group will continue to create a valuable market and culture for society by providing solutions for building, distributing and selling content distribution systems including music. (*According to our research)
*Company names and product names mentioned in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and organizations.

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