FanaFrance, a JAPAN brand support partner company, launches FJbiz, a BtoB matching platform that directly connects Japanese manufacturing companies and buyers in France.

Fana France Co., Ltd.
FanaFrance, a JAPAN brand support partner company, launches FJbiz, a BtoB matching platform that directly connects Japanese manufacturing companies and buyers in France.
Birth of a business platform that enables both Japanese and French companies to conduct smooth commercial transactions in their native language without feeling the nuances of language or the barriers of business customs.

FJbiz is a BtoB matching platform between Japanese and French companies newly launched by FanaFrance, a specialized company that has been providing interpretation and translation services for business negotiations, contracts, and the stabilization of commercial flows between Japanese and French companies.
Many Japanese manufacturing companies have had the bitter experience of failing to make progress in business talks with overseas companies due to communication problems such as “language barriers” and “differences in business practices.” The phenomenon has become more pronounced in countries other than English-speaking countries, and has become a major barrier in transactions between companies in the euro zone, including France, and Japanese manufacturing companies. Focusing on this problem, FanaFrance has developed FJbiz as a mechanism to solve the lack of communication resources for Japanese manufacturing companies and provide an environment that facilitates the production of commercial distribution in the French market. The person in charge of developing overseas sales channels of a manufacturing company can always receive support from a professional business person (Japanese-French interpreter/translator) active in France, without having to negotiate in unfamiliar English or relying on machine translation. , it is a platform that allows you to conduct business negotiations in Japanese with French buyers with peace of mind.
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■Features of FJbiz service
・Participation by French buyers who are interested in doing business with Japanese companies
Many talented French buyers who are active on the front lines of the French market and have an influence on the purchasing of other companies are registered.
Encounters with buyers that cannot be matched on other sites will expand business opportunities in the French market.
・Only selected Japanese companies can register
We ask only Japanese manufacturing companies that can produce sophisticated products backed by high technology to post information. By sharing the image concept of the site with all participating companies, we can create a one-of-a-kind view of the world and strongly attract French buyers.
・Achieving overwhelming communication quality
Unlike communication using machine translation, which makes it difficult to build trust with French companies, professional support with extensive experience in the business scene enables more reliable and speedy business negotiations.
・Wide range of support from inquiry to contract and after-sales follow-up Starting with an inquiry from a French company, we provide services such as online business negotiations, setting up real business negotiations, assigning interpreters during business negotiations, translating contracts between Japanese and French companies, establishing logistics, and after-sales follow-up until business stabilization. We offer services that solve the problems that have become barriers in business-to-business transactions.
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Regarding this launch, Tomoharu Hiruta, CEO of Fana France Co., Ltd., said as follows.
“In the post-corona era business, we expect that there will be more opportunities for hybrid transactions and communication that combine real and digital.
As a company that supports business communication between Japan and France, we must continue to provide convenience that matches the changing times.
There is an increasing need to establish a seamless business communication tool that does not make Japanese and French companies feel that they are dealing with each other overseas.
From anywhere in Japan, businesses of any size can connect with French companies. Not only connecting but also creating a commercial flow. FJbiz aims to be a platform that can solve various overseas business issues through new methods that are not bound by conventional frameworks, capturing the awareness of business people and changes in the times.
FJbiz was born as a platform where Japanese and French companies can “talk to each other and create the future”.
FJbiz will continue to evolve as a place where all manufacturers and buyers can demonstrate their creativity. ”
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■ About FJbiz operating company
Company name: Fana France Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Tomoharu Hiruta
Location: 10th floor, Hulic Minatomirai, 1-1-7 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Business description: business support business between Japanese and French companies, Japanese-French interpretation/translation business Website:
FJbiz site URL:

Details about this release:


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