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FANCL Co., Ltd. FANCL October 7 new release “Beauty Bouquet Fermented Vital & Bright”

FANCL October 7 new release “Beauty Bouquet Fermented Vital & Bright” Medicinal whitening*1 line that utilizes research results from a unique perspective Approaching multiple skin concerns from people in their 50s with fermentation science*2

From October 7th (Friday), FANCL Co., Ltd. will launch a new medical whitening line “Beauty Bouquet Fermented Vital & Bright” (3 items / price: 770 yen to 6,820 yen – tax included -) at mail order and directly managed stores. will be released.
[Image 1d17666-970-9d4d6fe27b7d573c52d8-0.jpg&s3=17666-970-07ffa281026b7eac62c4ada20c06c717-1555x1704.jpg
Beauty Bouquet is a skincare brand that deals with complex skin problems unique to people in their 50s and beyond. “Fermented Vital & Bright” is a medicinal whitening line that conducts research on whitening and aging care*3 for aging skin from a unique perspective and approaches it with the science of fermentation technology*2. Formulated with the active whitening ingredient tranexamic acid, the fermented ingredient lactic acid bacteria fermented rice, and various beauty moisturizing ingredients to prevent future spots and
dullness*4, while leading to resilient, translucent, glossy skin. increase.
*1 Effective in suppressing the production of melanin and preventing dark spots and freckles
*2 Generic name for the power that combines traditional Japanese fermentation techniques with modern techniques.
*3Age-appropriate care
*4 Due to drying
-Product features-
Our unique ingredient, Kin no Ibuki Hatsuga Genmai Fermented Liquid, loosens the thick, hardened stratum corneum, which is characteristic of each age group, and allows various ingredients to permeate*5. In addition, it contains the active whitening ingredient tranexamic acid, which suppresses rough skin caused by irritation and suppresses the production of melanin to prevent dark spots. *Up to 5 stratum corneum We have also focused on saccharification, which is the cause of various signs of aging, and have obtained research results that the unique functional ingredient “lactic acid bacteria fermented rice” increases the skin-beautifying enzyme “Arginase 1”. In addition to “Arginase 1”, it contains beauty moisturizing ingredients such as “nanized ceramide care ingredients”, “collagen”, and “hyaluronic acid EX” to supplement the ingredients and moisture that are often lacking in aging skin and address complex skin problems. We will provide multi-faceted care.
-Product List- *Beauty Bouquet Fermented Vital & Bright Cream is sold separately for replacement and case.
[Image 2d17666-970-3a42d144833dc99c6434-1.jpg&s3=17666-970-3b1d19dae1c6cc026aaf28ad6a48c38a-1070x198.jpg
-Details of each product-
[Image 3d17666-970-55741317f453aa7c5589-2.jpg&s3=17666-970-79628ea33c96b3bcd74f9c4550ecdcda-961x733.jpg
-Main Ingredients-
■ Original raw material “Kin no Ibuki Hatsuga Genmai Fermented Liquid” By using “Golden Ibuki” of germinated brown rice as a fermented material, the total amount of amino acids is about 2.7 times higher than the fermented liquid using ordinary rice, and the excellent moisturizing effect gives the skin a sense of transparency. be done. Whitening active ingredient “tranexamic acid”
It has the effect of suppressing the production of melanin, which causes spots, and rough skin.
■ Unique functional ingredient “Lactic acid fermented rice”
It contains abundant amino acids and increases the skin beautifying enzyme “Arginase 1”, leading to firm and transparent skin.
■ “Nano ceramide care ingredient”
A low-molecular spherical nanomolecule with a particle size of 20-60 nm. Penetrates deep into the stratum corneum with high penetrating power*5, enhancing the barrier function that declines with age. *Up to 5 stratum corneum
-Development Background-
Women in their 50s and 60s these days are looking for tanned skin that was popular in their teens and 20s, and many are actively experiencing “tanning”. I don’t want to increase it any more,” is often heard. On the other hand, there are also voices such as “I don’t know what to use for skin care” and “It’s troublesome to use multiple items” regarding complex skin problems that appear as we age. Therefore, we have developed the “Beauty Bouquet Fermented Vital & Bright” line that provides whitening and anti-aging care*3 to meet these needs. *3 Age-appropriate care

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