Farmage Co., Ltd. Learning from sustainable agriculture “grazing” ~ New Zealand Hokkaido dairy farming cooperation project discussion group / Tokyo seminar implementation report release ~

Farm Age Co., Ltd.
Learning from Sustainable Agriculture “Grazing” ~ New Zealand Hokkaido Dairy Farming Cooperation Project Discussion Group Tokyo Seminar Implementation Report Released ~

Seminars on grazing dairy farming were held in Okoppe Town, Ashoro Town, Hokkaido, and Minato Ward, Tokyo, as part of the New Zealand Hokkaido Dairy Cooperation Project led by the New Zealand government, Fonterra Japan Co., Ltd., and Farmage Co., Ltd. A report meeting was held at Many people, including farmers and related organizations, participated in the event.
In the two regions of Hokkaido, NZ consultants and participants discussed know-how on grassland management and grazing while observing the actual grazing farms.
At the Tokyo debriefing session, the results of the project so far and future possibilities were reported, and Co-op Kyushu Chairman Eto, Section Chief Arai, and Kinotoya Co., Ltd. Chairman Naganuma started working on grass fed with the project. We also received a report on the reasons and the results.
Many questions were asked by all participants, making the seminar a fruitful one.
1. Hokkaido Okoppe Town Discussion Group
[Image 1

1-1.Holding requirements
Date: September 27, 2022
Venue: Okoppe-cho, Matsuoka Ranch
Number of participants: Approximately 30 people (local JA farming, materials section staff, extension workers, new farmers, etc.) 1-2.Discussion content
・Possibilities and steps for grazing conversion of free stall farmers ・ About the benefits of new farming and intensive grazing
1-3. Impressions of the event
[Image 2

Matsuoka Ranch, which was the stage of the field, is a standard class farm in Hokkaido, so-called medium-scale, and the breeding style is a general free stall. Partly because of this, the participants ranged widely from local extension workers to those aiming to start farming, and the degree of attention seemed to be high.
By demonstrating the kind of management changes brought about by the shift from the general scale and rearing style to grazing, it will serve as an opportunity to change the awareness of grazing. We will continue to provide support.

2. Hokkaido Ashoro Town Discussion Group
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2-1.Holding requirements
Date: September 29, 2022
Venue: Ashoro Town Arigato Farm
Number of participants: Approximately 20 people (local extension workers, university students, new farmers, government officials, etc.) 2-2. Content of discussion
・Why is intensive grazing necessary?
・Importance of farmers knowing financial data
・How to check grass before and after grazing
・Characteristics of seasonal delivery (breast test data)
2-3. Impressions of the event
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Due to the recent changes in the world situation, many people raised the topic of whether it would be difficult to manage with conventional grazing alone. During the discussion, attention was focused on the need to implement the results of Kogen Ranch (Teshio Town, Hokkaido) on other farms (the value of intensive grazing) and to create a model of grassland management that can be done on medium-sized farms. rice field.

3. Tokyo Seminar
[Image 5

3-1.Holding requirements
Date: October 3, 2022
Venue: Vision Center Shinagawa
Number of participants: Approximately 60 people (companies,
livestock-related companies, dairy manufacturers, journalists, government officials, etc.)
3-2. Report contents
・Results and Future of New Zealand Cooperation Projects
・Examples of grass-fed practices by company representatives
3-3. Impressions of the event
[Image 6

In this seminar, in addition to the main activities, Mr. Naganuma, chairman of Kinotoya, who started a new business with the project, and Coop Kyushu introduced grassfed initiatives. In particular, I believe that Chairman Naganuma’s business-conscious approach to new
agriculture had an impact on many companies.

4. Throughout
[Image 7

This time, I was able to exchange opinions with many people about the future of grazing. In particular, at the Tokyo debriefing session, which was held for the first time, there were many people from companies and related organizations who were not usually present at the agricultural site, and I think that their understanding and recognition of grass fed was deepened.

5. Next schedule
We are planning to hold an online seminar in the winter of 2022. Details will be announced on the website or SNS (Twitter, Instagram), so please wait. If you would like to ensure that you receive the information, please contact us directly.

[What is New Zealand Hokkaido Dairy Farming Cooperation Project] Aiming to contribute to the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming in Japan, this project explores the possibilities of grazing dairy farming in Hokkaido using the know-how of grazing dairy farming in New Zealand.
This project, which started in 2014, is a joint project of the New Zealand government, Farm Age Co., Ltd., and Fonterra Japan Co., Ltd., and is being carried out with the cooperation of the Hokkaido Government and the Hokuren Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives.

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