Fastcom and Social Welfare Corporation Aiseikai jointly launch a project to support the employment of people with disabilities

Fastcom Co., Ltd.
Fastcom and Social Welfare Corporation Aiseikai jointly launch a project to support the employment of people with disabilities Achieving strength, establishment, and quality assurance through training and collaboration systems

Together with Fastcom Co., Ltd. (head office: Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Eiji Kobayashi; hereinafter referred to as “Fastcom”), a comprehensive planning company for manufacturing, we are engaged in nursing care, people with disabilities, and children with disabilities in addition to the childcare business. Social Welfare Corporation Aiseikai (located in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture; Chairman: Hironari Muraki; hereinafter referred to as “Aiseikai”) has jointly started a project to support employment of persons with disabilities.
◆Background to launching a project to support the employment of persons with disabilities
Currently, the legal employment rate for persons with disabilities in private companies above a certain size is set at 2.3%. However, only 47% of target companies have achieved the statutory employment rate, and the majority have not achieved it. In addition, since there are penalties for companies that do not achieve the target, employment of people with disabilities that has become a mere formality for the purpose of achieving the legally mandated employment rate has become a social issue. This situation shows that there is a lack of an environment in which people with disabilities can play an active role in companies and that an appropriate support system is necessary. Reference: (*1) (*2) Aggregate results of the current employment status of people with disabilities in 2021
Against this background, “Fastcom” and “Aiseikai” will create a collaborative system, provide opportunities for vocational training through practical work, and aim to make disabled people effective and established at work. .
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◆ Regarding the collaboration system between “Fastcom” and “Aiseikai” Due to the characteristics of “Fastcom” as a general planning company for manufacturing, there are many client works such as application work and document preparation work according to various formats. Although it is a regular and important task, there is a shortage of human resources. It cannot be outsourced.
On the other hand, although the degree of disability and circumstances of people with disabilities vary widely, it is generally not easy for people with mental illness to find work and continue working on their own. “Aiseikai” has the place and know-how to support employment while providing appropriate support according to the situation of each person with a disability who uses the facility, but there are few opportunities to receive quantitative outsourcing, and there is no compensation. Lack of real training opportunities.
Therefore, in the employment support project in which the two companies are collaborating, the staff of “Aiseikai” will understand some of the work of “Fastcom”, and people with disabilities using facilities who wish to work will be able to do that work. nurture to At the same time, “Aiseikai” will be entrusted with the same work, realizing a work support system that continuously generates
If such a system is in place, it will be possible for people with disabilities to work at an appropriate pace in accordance with their individual characteristics, while at the same time gaining work experience. In addition, “Aiseikai” can guarantee the quality of work by providing appropriate support.
◆Future prospects
Although more than half of companies have not achieved the employment rate of people with disabilities, the number and rate of employment of people with disabilities are increasing year by year, and there is a high potential in terms of potential utilization of human resources in Japan, where there is a shortage of the working population. I have. We will continue to promote such projects to increase the number of successful cases and contribute to the achievement of “SDGs 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.”
【Company Profile】
Released by:
◆Fastcom Co., Ltd.
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◆ Construction site helper “Kensuke”
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Representative: Eiji Kobayashi, President and CEO
Head office location: 2-14-10 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Urbannet Nihonbashi Building 1F
Business description: Construction support business, WEB business, video business, media business, human solution business
Date of establishment: September 2010
◆Social Welfare Corporation Aiseikai
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President: Hironari Muraki
Head office location: 1-1 Towada Oyunotai, Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture Business description: Management of special nursing homes for the elderly, management of nursery schools, management of temporary day care services, management of day care services for the elderly, management of short-term nursing homes for the elderly, commissioned management of welfare centers for the elderly, management of disability welfare services, specified Management of consultation support business, management of consultation support business for children with disabilities, management of after-school children’s healthy development business, management of in-home care support business, commissioned management of regional comprehensive support center
Date of establishment: May 27, 1986
[Reference materials]
(*1) Reiwa 3rd year aggregate results of the current employment status of persons with disabilities
(*2) Reiwa 3rd Year Employment Status of Persons with Disabilities (Akita Prefecture)

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