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FastLabel Supports Voice/Natural Language Annotation Automation

Fast Label Co., Ltd.
FastLabel Supports Voice/Natural Language Annotation Automation You can experience it at a great price with the annotation campaign
FastLabel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eisuke Ueda, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which aims to be the infrastructure of the AI ​​revolution, provides an automatic natural language annotation function on the AI ​​data platform it develops and provides. We will start from today. In addition, to commemorate the release, we will also start a “Voice/Natural Language Annotation Campaign” that allows you to use the annotation service for
voice/natural language at a great price.
[Image 1d65427-54-8161620e549556e4d78a-0.png&s3=65427-54-3e5ac8e58706b5bc03c2d70a863857be-2296x1326.png

Background and purpose
Although the need for AI services that utilize natural language such as chatbots, SNS analysis, and text extraction is increasing, the creation of teaching data necessary for AI (*) is still
labor-intensive, and more than 80% of the AI ​​development process is said to have been spent.
In March 2022, we released an automatic annotation function on our in-house developed and provided AI data platform, and have contributed to reducing the cost of creating training data centered on images and videos. Also, in May, we released an automatic audio annotation function, making it possible to detect the start and end times of audio data and automatically transcribe the contents of the speech. And this time, we have released a natural language automatic annotation function that has been in demand.
◇ For AI data platform trial consultation, please contact us from the following.
* The data that AI learns is called training data creation, and is also called annotation and data labeling in the same sense.
Speech/Natural Language Automatic Annotation Function (α Version) Overview “audio”
Utilizing the AI ​​provided by our company, we automatically detect the character string of the utterance in the conversation and its start / end time. It is possible to significantly reduce the man-hours for creating learning data compared to transcribing from scratch. [Image 2d65427-54-9c98608a174e65b79e5e-1.png&s3=65427-54-a023ec60d80a67b228db29ba08833abd-512x280.png
Voice automatic annotation image
《Natural Language》
Automated text classification is possible. Using the AI ​​provided by our company, we automatically classify whether the text content is positive or negative. In the future, we plan to increase the number of classes that can be classified and support automation such as named entity extraction.
Voice/Natural Language Annotation Campaign Overview
In commemoration of the release of voice/natural language automatic annotation, we will carry out the “Speech/Natural Language Annotation Campaign”. It is possible to use FastLabel’s high-quality annotation service for speech and natural language at a reasonable price for a limited time.
Campaign content: An annotation agency service can be used with a discount of up to 100,000 yen from the estimate
Conditions of use: New contract companies/Companies planning annotations for speech and natural language
Expiration date: From October 3, 2022 (Monday) to the end of November 2022 How to use: Please contact us after filling in the fact that you saw the campaign from the inquiry page below. We will provide an estimate after asking you about the detailed requirements for the annotation content.
About AI data platform “FastLabel”
[Image 3d65427-54-0b8f6d1f5d1c528f41f5-2.png&s3=65427-54-439754ed817013298a33ea6a955e7ae1-512x362.png
Since our founding in January 2020, we have provided the AI ​​data platform “FastLabel” mainly to major domestic companies. This platform is an integrated SaaS system that includes functions for automating training data creation, quality control, project management, and model learning/evaluation functions, as well as services such as data collection, training data creation, and model development. Platform. By using this platform, we have achieved a 70% reduction in data creation costs and a 30% improvement in AI accuracy.
Usage record
[Image 4d65427-54-0ebc497fe44b5d9f5d46-3.png&s3=65427-54-dfae9ccc2fca393c2e5b56de73012607-2154x868.png
The AI ​​data platform “FastLabel” has been introduced by companies in various industries such as construction/real estate, manufacturing, communications/infrastructure, medical care, and IT. “We were able to reduce training data review and management costs, which was an issue with crowdsourcing,” and “We outsourced the complicated training data preparation work and succeeded in significantly improving the AI ​​development speed.” We have a track record of solving various customer issues with fast labels.
See our customer stories here: Click here for product inquiries: Company Profile
Company name: FastLabel Inc.
Representative: Eisuke Ueda, CEO
Head office location: 201, 5-5-27 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001 URL:
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