FC Osaka October 30 (Sun) Verspa Oita vs FC Osaka match result

FC Osaka
[FC Osaka] October 30 (Sun) Verspa Oita vs FC Osaka match result
FC Osaka, a soccer club whose hometown is Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, will play the 24th Japan Football League Round 27 vs. Verspa Oita on Sunday, October 30 at Nagazoe Sports Park (natural turf ground). I did it at Here are the results:
The 24th Japan Football League Round 27 Verspa Oita vs FC Osaka (@Nagazoe Sports Park (Natural Turf Ground) 13:00 KICK OFF) was held on Sunday, October 30th. The results are as follows.
Verspa Oita 2-2 (first half 1-1) FC Osaka
Scorers: Yu (34 minutes: FC Osaka), Nakano (45 minutes: V Oita), Maeda (52 minutes: V Oita), Mokusho (61 minutes: FC Osaka)
In contrast to last week’s cold weather in Aomori, today’s race in Oita was sunny and sweaty. FC Osaka, who won against Rheinmail Aomori last week, will be required to enter J3 if they win, and if they end in a draw, the result of the 5th place Aomori (vs. Honda Rock SC) match held at the same time will be less than a draw. JFL 4th place or higher, which is one of the important matches to achieve the ranking requirements of 2nd place or higher in the J League Centennial Club. Since last week’s match against Aomori, FC Osaka will not change their starting line-up and bench members for this match.
In the first half, FC Osaka attacked the opponent’s territory in order to score the first goal. Then, in the 34th minute, there was a chance for a corner kick, and DF Sakamoto connected the ball from MF Hidaka with his head. After this, FC Osaka created chances but were unable to score additional points. In the 45th minute, when it seemed that the first half would end with a 1-point lead, V Oita FW Nakano scored to tie the score. The first half ended at 1-1.
FC Osaka was aiming for the win, but in the 52nd minute, right after the start of the second half, when V Oita MF Tone dribbled, at the end FW Maeda scored a header and it was reversed. FC Osaka gave up the lead, but the entry into J3 was imminent, and they wanted to break open the door to J3 with a victory. In the 61st minute, FC Osaka got the chance to take a direct free kick in the opponent’s half, and MF Hidaka kicked the ball inside the penalty area. DF Taniguchi headed the ball over the opponent’s goalkeeper, and in the end, FW Mokusho calmly scored to equalize. Aiming to win the game and enter J3, they aggressively attacked in the opponent’s half while playing the substitute card, but they could not score due to the desperate defense of the opponent’s defender, and shot twice as many shots as the opponent. The game that aimed for victory in 2-2 ended as it was. Since 5th place Aomori won, they were unable to achieve the ranking requirements for entering J3 in this section, but they snatched a valuable 1 point away. In the next round, FC Osaka will face Honda FC at home to battle for the lead. Aim to win and win the JFL
championship, and clear the J3 entry requirements in front of the home audience.
* FC Osaka’s J3 entry ranking requirements in the next round must be met on November 5th (Sat) vs. Honda FC (@Osaka Prefectural Hattori Ryokuchi Athletics Stadium 13:00 kickoff). In the case of a draw, if Reinmeer Aomori results in a draw or less at Reinmeer Aomori vs Tokyo Musashino United FC to be held on Sunday, June 6, the ranking requirements will be met.
[Image 1d45155-421-365b1b622fbb2af0f212-0.jpg&s3=45155-421-c9a577f4b5e2909b8d63ffedc70af79a-1200x800.jpg
FC Osaka starting members
[Image 2d45155-421-53bfa3818da5d14e990a-1.jpg&s3=45155-421-3259bca4e34453badbca518b4153bb11-1200x800.jpg
Midfielder Yu and midfielder Machida are delighted after scoring the opening goal.
[Image 3d45155-421-4fffb1d497ca49b74c68-2.jpg&s3=45155-421-6cb55cff8ebec674a66c4b23c7622778-1200x800.jpg
FW Mokusho who decided to tie the score
[Image 4d45155-421-735a7bda22b16a0db34c-3.jpg&s3=45155-421-e679a42cf2a39aea75e56f5157e4c894-1200x800.jpg
FC Osaka players and staff greeting supporters who rushed to Oita to support them

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