FC Osaka Saturday, October 8 Honda Rock SC vs FC Osaka match result

FC Osaka
[FC Osaka] Saturday, October 8 Honda Rock SC vs FC Osaka match result
FC Osaka, a soccer club whose hometown is Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, will play the 24th Japan Football League Section 24 vs. Honda Rock SC on October 8 (degree) away Miyazaki City Ikime no Mori Campaign. It was held at the park athletics stadium. Here are the results:
On Saturday, October 8th, the 24th Japan Football League Round 24 Honda Rock SC vs FC Osaka (@Ikime no Mori Sports Park, Miyazaki City 13:00 KICK OFF) was held. The results are as follows.
Honda Rock SC 1-0 (first half 0-0) FC Osaka
Scorer: Tanaka (80 minutes: Honda Rock SC)
Today’s match was held in October, and it was completely autumn. FC Osaka appointed GK Sakuraba as the starting lineup. In addition, DF Saito, MF Hidaka, Nishiya, and FW Udaka, who were members of the winning streak, will be appointed from the start to try to restart. In the first half, FC Osaka attacked many times and carried the ball to the front of the opponent’s goal, but the combination of the front line was not good and it was difficult to bring it to the shot. On the other hand, in the 24th minute, the opponent fired a mid-range shot, but GK Sakuraba jumped sideways to block the shot and not allow the score. In the 43rd minute, when the first half seemed to end 0-0, forward Imamura fired a sliding shot into the pass of forward Kubo who dribbled into the penalty area from the left side. But this shot hit the crossbar. We missed a decisive chance and ended the match 0-0. In the second half, FC Osaka created more chances after correcting their forward combinations. In the 51st minute, forward Kubo escaped from the pass, but unfortunately his shot from a position with no angle did not hit. In the 52nd minute, defender Sakamoto headed a cross ball from the short corner, but unfortunately it hit the post. In the 66th minute, midfielder Machida’s shot went right in front of the goalkeeper, and one minute later midfielder Machida fired a mid-range shot, but unfortunately it failed to catch the target and it was difficult to score. Then, in the 80th minute, the ball was passed to the opponent from the left side, allowing the opponent to score the first goal. FC Osaka wanted to equalize the score, but forward Nao Tanaka’s volley shot hit the opponent’s defender as a substitute, and the match ended without being able to shake the opponent’s goal until the end.
FC Osaka lost for the first time this season. We were unable to accumulate points, and with the remaining 6 games, we faced a big critical moment to enter J3.
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