FCNT Co., Ltd. New release of corporate smartphone “arrows BZ03”

FCNT Co., Ltd.
New release of corporate smartphone “arrows BZ03”
-The first 5G and local 5G support in the “arrows BZ” series will expand the use of business scenes-

FCNT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Norihisa Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as FCNT) is the first corporate smartphone in the “arrows BZ” series that supports 5G and local 5G, “arrows BZ03 (Arrows BZ Zero Sun)”. will be released from January 2023.
[Image 1

It is the first 5G compatible smartphone for our company, and it also supports local 5G that is used as a private network. Furthermore, in addition to sXGP (*1), which is supported by the current model “arrows BZ02,” the LTE private network also supports regional and
self-employed BWA (*2), enabling various private networks regardless of LTE or 5G. It will be possible to use in
In addition, the long-life design, which is the longest in the “arrows BZ” series, has realized a battery that does not deteriorate even after three years of use (Note 3). Furthermore, by extending the manufacturer’s warranty period from one year to three years for the arrows BZ03, we will meet the business needs of “wanting to use smartphones that operate stably for as long as possible.”
The “arrows BZ03” is a smartphone that is ideal for corporate use, and is active in a wide range of business situations, with terminal performance that can be used safely for a long time, customization services (*4) and various support that meet the diverse needs of customers. .
It will be released in January 2023 and will be sold on Amazon’s FCNT official store in addition to the current sales channels.
FCNT will create new value by connecting people, things, and things more comfortably with ideas and advanced technologies that go beyond common sense, for a future where each and every person can live with peace of mind.
[Concept of arrows BZ03]
We have been developing mobile phones for 30 years, and we have been providing smartphones for corporations that are optimal for business use, making use of the technology and know-how that we have cultivated over many years.
In recent years, due to labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population, work style reforms and the promotion of telework, the introduction of ICT solutions to improve operational efficiency is required in all industries such as medicine,
distribution, and manufacturing.
In addition, in large areas such as construction sites, farms, and factories, where it was difficult to build a network environment with conventional Wi-Fi, 1. Reduce communication costs, 2. Ensure security by building a network within the company’s area, 3. Construction of a private network environment that covers a wider area than Wi-Fi is required.
The “arrows BZ03” is a smartphone that solves these problems and can be used in a wide range of business situations by realizing the use of a full private network environment that supports local 5G,
regional/independent BWA, and sXGP.
In addition to the long-life battery design that does not deteriorate even after 3 years of use, the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty supports customers, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind. In addition, the conventional arrows BZ series features waterproof and dustproof performance (Note 5) that can be used with peace of mind even in harsh environments, as well as robustness that withstands the impact of dropping. It also has chemical resistance performance (Note 6) that can be maintained.
“arrows BZ03” is a 5G compatible model with a long-life battery and long-term warranty, and can be used as a smartphone specialized for business use by customers.
Features of arrows BZ03
1. Supports local 5G, regional and self-employed BWA, and realizes optimal network usage for corporate use
[Image 2d68267-64-bdb0fb2e6de450579b44-1.jpg&s3=68267-64-ac125a82e9420ab616335e58c87d1405-3891x2297.jpg
By supporting local 5G, it will be possible to use it in various fields such as manufacturing, construction sites, and local
governments. For example, remote control of construction machinery at construction sites, automatic operation of machinery in the field of agriculture to solve labor shortages, and secure smart factories at manufacturing sites such as factories. It can also be used to contribute to the local community, such as disaster prevention by remote monitoring of rivers.
Supports local BWA and self-employed BWA, and can be used as an extension phone under the environment of self-employed BWA. Since it has higher radio wave output than sXGP and can cover a wide area, it is possible to improve business efficiency by using networks in large-scale facilities such as universities, factories, and plants. 2. Equipped with long life + large capacity battery
[Image 3d68267-64-ca18766366d25d1bed2e-2.jpg&s3=68267-64-db26f34d9c76860b023156056b34cf27-3600x1800.jpg
Equipped with a battery that does not deteriorate even after 3 years of use due to charging control that suppresses battery deterioration. By realizing the longest battery life in the “arrows BZ” series (Note 7), it can be used for a long time with peace of mind. You can use it without worry.
3. 3-year manufacturer’s warranty (free of charge)
In order to meet the demands of customers who want to continue using their phones with peace of mind over the long term, the conventional arrows BZ series has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, but the arrows BZ03 now has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.
During the warranty period, if the hardware part fails under normal usage conditions according to the instruction manual and precautions, you can receive the manufacturer’s warranty service free of charge for 3 years.
4. Extensive support services that meet the needs of our customers ・Technical support for Android(TM) (free for 3 years)
A pre-installed diagnostic support app will acquire logs when problems actually occur in the customer’s environment, and our specialized engineers will analyze them and support the investigation of the cause. It also gives advice for problem solving.
・Can be customized according to your needs (for a fee)
[Image 4d68267-64-393dafbef5a6494a344c-3.png&s3=68267-64-cb2220a7822ba8955fc4108c447e2ade-932x532.png
This is a service that performs the customization and settings of the terminal necessary for business use on behalf of the customer. For example, it is possible to provide terminals that meet customer needs, such as customization that is not possible with manual kitting, suppression of setting changes, and shipment with customer-specified applications installed.
・Rental service (paid)
As a service that can continue to be used from the conventional “arrows BZ” series, you can use the terminal for a monthly fee so that you can introduce “arrows BZ03” more easily.
We offer a variety of plans with contract periods ranging from 3 months to 3 years.
5. Responding to various needs in the business scene
・Wi-Fi handover for less call interruption
[Image 5d68267-64-d0f04ee1c96e8891e131-4.png&s3=68267-64-1a37b9d1c87a6fe1f407549fa1cd2e58-1101x453.png
It supports Wi-Fi handover, which enables automatic high-speed switching of Wi-Fi access points when moving. We solve problems that tend to occur when using terminals in large indoor spaces such as factories, warehouses, and hospitals.
・Dual SIM (DSDV) compatible
Equipped with dual SIM of SIM slot and eSIM, it supports double standby (DSDV) from multiple carriers.
[Image 6d68267-64-6a0e126427b1ac4d1123-5.jpg&s3=68267-64-df8710a1b2b06b8d96d39d34f23f8166-1087x378.jpg
・SIM lock free
It supports 3G/LTE/5G networks of major domestic telecommunications carriers and is not SIM-locked, so you can freely choose a
telecommunications carrier according to your conditions.
6. Waterproof, dustproof, robustness, and chemical resistance for peace of mind even in harsh environments
[Image 7d68267-64-a4e042cd08a7f4b7a418-6.jpg&s3=68267-64-81cf624d7c4a7819c655f74c96b957c6-685x484.jpg
[Image 8d68267-64-023961c0a1b66f6bf6b0-9.jpg&s3=68267-64-2ad931e9e61873008e146d4dacfbcedf-685x484.jpg
In addition to the waterproof performance (IPX5/IPX8) and dustproof performance (IP6X), it is also robust enough to withstand the impact of dropping and the screen does not crack easily due to its
shock-resistant structure, so that it can be used with peace of mind even in field work under various environments. It achieves the durability that conforms to the standard (Note 8).
It can be washed with foam-type hand soap and dishwashing detergent (Note 9), and can be wiped with isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, and hypochlorous acid water as a chemical resistance performance. You can always keep your device clean.
Release date and sales route
Release date: January 2023
sales route:
1. Sales by distributors handling “arrows BZ03”
2. Sales at Amazon FCNT Official Store
Related website
Mobile phone product site “FMWORLD.NET” arrows BZ03
Amazon FCNT Official Store
https://www.amazon.co.jp/stores/FCNT/page/467B571D-69DB-4A86-8331-0DFE4F6BD56A Trademarks
Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
Proper nouns such as product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
(Note 1)
Private LTE is a dedicated LTE network that can be used only within your own company without using the equipment of a telecommunications carrier. sXGP is a private LTE standard that uses the 1.9 GHz band, and can build a secure and stable wireless communication environment with fewer access points than Wi-Fi. By taking advantage of its features, stable communication is possible for users anywhere in facilities such as large factories, warehouses, stores, hospitals, and schools. Voice calls are also possible with sXGP. Since we use our own facilities, even if the telecommunications network of a
telecommunications carrier is restricted, we will not be affected by our own LTE network.
(Note 2)
Regional BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) uses radio waves in the 2.5GHz band to contribute to the promotion of public welfare in the region, such as improving regional public services and eliminating the digital divide (disadvantaged areas). It is a radio system for telecommunications business intended for
Private BWA is a local wireless communication network that also uses frequencies in the 2.5GHz band and can use LTE in specific areas where regional BWA is not available.
(Note 3)
Battery life varies depending on the usage environment and usage conditions. Calculated from the results of a simulation that repeats charging and discharging. September 2022 FCNT Co., Ltd. research. (Note 4)
If you purchase from the Amazon FCNT official store, you cannot use the customization service.
(Note 5)
Waterproof performance of IPX5/8. IPX5 means that the device can function as a communication device even if it is sprayed from all directions using a water nozzle with an inner diameter of 6.3 mm and water is poured at 12.5 L/min from a distance of about 3 m for at least 3 minutes. means IPX8 means that the mobile phone will function as a communication device and maintain safety when it is submerged in tap water at room temperature to a depth of 1.5m and left for about 30 minutes before being taken out.
IP6X dustproof performance. IP6X refers to the degree of protection, and means that the product has a function that prevents dust from entering the interior after being placed in a device containing dust with a diameter of 75 μm or less and stirred for 8 hours. increase. (Note 6)
It can be wiped off with chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, and sodium hypochlorite. This test does not guarantee no
discoloration, no paint peeling, no deformation due to chemicals. (Note 7)
September 2022 FCNT Co., Ltd. research.
(Note 8)
23 items of US Department of Defense Procurement Standards
(MIL-STD-810H), drop, shock resistance, waterproof (immersion), dustproof (6 hours with wind speed), dustproof (90 minutes on fragile surface), salt water resistance, moisture resistance, sunlight resistance (continuous), solar radiation resistance (humidity change), vibration resistance, waterproof (wind and rain), raindrop, high temperature operation (60°C fixed), high temperature operation (32 to 49°C change), high temperature storage (70°C fixed), high temperature storage ( 30 to 60°C change), low temperature operation (-20°C fixed), thermal shock, low temperature storage (-30°C fixed), low pressure operation, low pressure storage, freezing (-10°C freezing), freezing (-10°C condensation) A compliant test was conducted. Charging temperature range: 5-35°C. Operating environment: temperature 5-35°C, humidity 45-85%. In the bathroom, the temperature should be 5-45°C (however, temperatures above 36°C are limited to temporary use), and the humidity should be 45-99%. However, we do not guarantee continuous operation of all functions. In addition, if the failure is found to be caused by improper handling by the customer as a result of the investigation, it will not be covered by the warranty.
(Note 9)
It can be washed with household foam-type hand soap made by a domestic manufacturer or household liquid-type dishwashing detergent made by a domestic manufacturer (according to the FCNT Co., Ltd. test method). We do not guarantee trouble-free operation, so please thoroughly rinse off the bubbles with tap water. Also, please note that charging in a wet state may cause malfunction.
*FCNT Corporation changed its name from Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited on April 1, 2021. FCNT Co., Ltd. website https://www.fcnt.com/ Details about this release:


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