Felidencia Capital Co., Ltd. SK Honpo started handling Phenom XXL V2

Felidencia Capital Co., Ltd.
SK Honpo started handling Phenom XXL V2
Introducing the latest model of ultra-large stereolithography machine for commercial use!

3D printer SK Honpo (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Sho Osawa, hereinafter referred to as SK Honpo), which mainly handles home and commercial 3D printers, will start handling Peopoly’s Phenom XXL V2.

[Image 1d76458-9-c9e1c62e83226896d5cc-0.jpg&s3=76458-9-d913292b2c886b5c519734860e64d0e9-3900x2925.jpg
Peopoly Phenom XXL V2
About Peopoly
[Image 2d76458-9-f7e124d6df271dded38b-3.jpg&s3=76458-9-a277e0ab9b3ae8d7b861fbd51b1bd0d1-231x74.jpg
Peopoly logo
A 3D printer manufacturing company based in LA, USA. We manufacture moai SLA 3D printers and Phenom large LCD 3D printers.

About Peopoly stereolithography 3D printer “Phenom XXL V2”
[Image 3d76458-9-4819268138a898224258-1.png&s3=76458-9-d2fe8241348cc678059559fdf45d5cba-600x527.png
Peopoly Phenom XXL V2
Phenom XXL is now capable of stable output at even higher resolutions. The output size is 5 times larger than the original Phenom in the Phenom series, making it suitable for mass production and output of oversized models. In addition, the power consumption is lower than before, and the fan noise is also reduced. In addition, an infrared camera is installed, so you can monitor the output and check the progress.
[Image 4d76458-9-b892ca4f22be3f537801-2.png&s3=76458-9-97ae2b1de643e2835d413e476fcb0009-600x723.png
infrared camera
-Detailed product information-
Product name: Peopoly stereolithography 3D printer “Phenom XXL V2” Product URL: https://skhonpo.com/products/peopoly-3dprinter-phenom-xxl-v2 Product price: 1,480,000 yen (tax included)
Output size: 527×296×550mm
XY Resolution: 137um
Touch panel size: 7 inch
Vat weight: 6.5kg
Delivery time: Since it will be in stock after receiving an order, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks on average from the time of order. It may take longer depending on the situation at the time of import. Precautions when purchasing
1. Order window and support will be SK Honpo, but the printer size is super large, so we do not repair by collection. We provide parts from our company and ask customers to repair by themselves. In addition, at the time of repair, we will check it jointly with Peopoly.
2. Please be careful about the installation location because the fan noise is loud unlike small home machines.
3. Since it is a super large size, we recommend 3 or more people when carrying it in.
4. Resin is not included. It must be purchased separately. For the output of this model, we recommend Peopoly deftresin
(https://skhonpo.com/products/peopoly-deftresin), which is
manufactured for large output.
■ Store overview
Store name: 3D printer SK Honpo
Representative: Representative Sho Osawa
Location: Ebisu Verso Building 2F, 1-11-13 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
URL: https://skhonpo.com/
Official LINE: https://page.line.me/910yizaj?openQrModal=true

Details about this release:


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