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Felissimo Co., Ltd. Felissimo’s “Nekobu (TM)” introduces the “Fukuyokoi Koi Maneki Neko Long Wallet” with beautiful delicate embossing!

Felissimo Inc.
“Fukuyokoi Koi Maneki Neko Long Wallet” with beautiful delicate embossing is now available from Felissimo “Nekobe (TM)”!
Cat toys, balls of yarn, paws. Adult face long wallet covered with cats
“Nekobu (TM)” developed by Felissimo has started online sales of “Fukuyokoi Koi Maneki Neko Long Wallet” from October 25th. It’s a long wallet with beautiful delicate embossing, and if you look closely, it’s designed with a cat in a beckoning cat pose, with things that cats love, such as stuffed balls, balls with wings, and crispy rice. It is also very practical, with a box-shaped coin case that opens wide and a card slot that can hold a lot of cards. In addition, the casual cat motifs, such as the one-point paw on the back pocket and the cat ear card pocket on the inside, can be used for everyday use to show off your cat-lovers. A portion of the sale price will be used to protect orphan animals, find foster parents, prevent excessive breeding of stray cats, and protect animals during disasters. [Image 1

◆ Check “Fukuyokoi Koi Maneki Neko’s long wallet that opens with a bang” on “Cat Blog” —
A long wallet with excellent storage capacity, including a box-type coin case that makes it easy to see the contents, 2 open pockets, and 18 card pockets. The thickness is about 2.5 cm. It is a size that fits comfortably in your hand.
[Image 2

There is also a secret paw mark on the back pocket. Every time I see it, I feel like I’m going to have a good time. Don’t miss the cat ear card pocket. The casual cat design will tickle the hearts of cat lovers. The embossing clearly expresses thin lines. It is an adult-like design that incorporates a delicate cat illustration as it is.
[Image 3

[NEW] Fukuyokoi Koi Long wallet that opens with a beckoning cat 1 ¥4,800 (+10% ¥5,270)
→ 96 yen will be used as “Felissimo’s cat fund”. (Fund portion is exempt from tax)
Product details and application — ◆Collaboration product with illustrator Haramichiyo.
[Image 4d12759-2776-941df09656b0b580b4a5-3.jpg&s3=12759-2776-2ba2153d0e2649127d210a055eccc5c6-450x450.jpg
An illustrator who lives with three rescued cats. Under the activity name of “Cats in the room.”, I draw cats who spend their time leisurely and calmly in the room, and cats with ear cuts.
Instagram: @mimumoco
◆ In addition, we introduce collaboration products with Haramichiyo, who is popular in the cat club.
It is a top with a cat emblem that runs around and rolls around, and the border looks like a cat step.
Relaxed silhouette and adult face Boarded tops where cats play 1 sheet per month ¥4,300 (+10% ¥4,720)
Product details and application — [Image 5d12759-2776-12bcb1bcbde053e8c3a9-4.jpg&s3=12759-2776-27874c703519530aa042f2aa8ade458f-450x450.jpg
A bangle watch with an illustration on the dial that imagines spending mornings, afternoons and nights with a cat.
Healing time spent with cats Bangle watch group like accessories 1 piece per month ¥3,900 (+10% ¥4,278)
Product details and application — [Image 6d12759-2776-42ab64463adacd957a25-5.jpg&s3=12759-2776-6b779769b8c6cacc3931b6a8bd549e86-450x450.jpg
◆ Felissimo Nekobu (TM)
A club activity for cat lovers that has been active since September 2010. Aiming for “a society where cats and people can live happily together”, we are planning and developing original cat goods with funds while incorporating everyone’s voices. In addition to selling cat goods, the website also has daily-changing “Today’s Nyanko” and “Cat Blog” serializations, “Nekobu Talk”, an SNS specializing in cat photography, and information on how to use the fund. There is a wide variety of content available. You can also participate in the “Wan-Nyan Support Activities” using the “Felissimo Wan-Nyan Fund” for 100 yen every month and “Merry Points” shopping points of Felissimo. ・ Website —
・ Cat-only SNS “Nekobu Talk” — ・ Twitter (@felissimonekobu) — ・Facebook (@felissimonekobu) — ・ Instagram (@felissimonekobu) — * “Nekobe (R)” is a registered trademark of Felissimo Co., Ltd. [Image 7d12759-2776-68cfbb07603309c4f066-6.jpg&s3=12759-2776-f3fb6bf70a90380f20b05b6b5014412f-180x155.jpg
◆ About “Wan Nyan Support Activities”
In Japan, 4,059 dogs and 19,705 cats were slaughtered in one year (*From the statistics of the Ministry of the Environment in 2021, “Situation of adopting dogs and cats and accommodating and disposing of injured animals”). increase. There is also the problem of cats being abandoned by their owners, being left behind during disasters, and over-breeding cats in the community. At Felissimo, in response to many requests from customers who want to solve this problem, we have established a fund to support the protection of dogs and cats, the search for foster parents, and the prevention of excessive breeding of cats.

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