Femtech brand Nagi, obstetrician and gynecologist Miho Takao, and SHIGETA president CHICO SHIGETA will host an Instagram live as guests.

BLAST Co., Ltd.
Femtech brand Nagi, obstetrician and gynecologist Miho Takao, and SHIGETA president CHICO SHIGETA will host an Instagram live as guests. As part of the “talk with Nagi-freedom for our mind and body-” project, from 20:45 on Tuesday, October 18th, an Instagram live with the theme of “physical changes due to age and healthcare” will be held. carry out.

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Nagi, a femtech brand operated by BLAST Inc. (Headquarters:
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Rina Ishii), announced on October 18th (Tuesday), World Menopause Day, “Body changes due to age and health We will carry out an Instagram live with the theme of care. We asked the guests Miho Takao, an obstetrician and gynecologist, and Chico Shigeta, a holistic beauty consultant, to share their concerns and questions about menstruation and menopause collected from Nagi’s followers.
・Outline of implementation
This time, based on the theme of “talk with Nagi – Freedom for our minds and bodies -“, ​​we would like to hear from users, such as familiar worries about “menstruation” that come every month, and “menopause” that they do not know well. Based on the questions we received in advance, we will answer together with guest obstetrician and gynecologist Miho Takao, SHIGETA presided over, and holistic beauty consultant CHICO SHIGETA.
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Delivery date and time: October 18 (Tue) 20: 45 ~
Streaming account: Nagi official Instagram account
Obstetrician and Gynecologist Miho Takao
Mr. CHICO SHIGETA, a holistic beauty consultant who presides over SHIGETA BLAST Inc. Director / COO Yuri Shimojo
■Profile of Miho Takao
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Integrated Health Clinic for Women Eek Omotesando Vice Director. Gynecology sports doctor. Supporting women’s health through
gynecological examinations.
She actively participates in yoga sessions, including maternal (perinatal) yoga, pelvic floor muscle training yoga, and athlete yoga. She also actively participates in providing medical and mental support for professional athletes and providing medical knowledge to female athletes.
At the Japan Sports Association, he is involved in the training of sports doctors.
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Director of SHIGETA / Holistic Beauty Consultant.
Believing that the balance of mind and body is essential for developing beautiful skin and body, she has spent many years exploring beauty methods in France and Japan. Based on his experience and achievements, he devised Vitality Coaching (R). Currently, in addition to working as a personal coach for celebrities and artists in Paris, he is also active as a consultant and brand spokesperson for major cosmetics and beauty equipment companies. He is the author of many books, including “Let’s start ‘Reset Juice’ ~ Diet for Parisian Beauty” (published by Kodansha).
What is talk with Nagi
[Image 5d31365-59-116aa34dbab4660385c7-4.png&s3=31365-59-682b85c9a592d710d9700c8c86b885bc-1200x1500.png
Women celebrate the month of October with various international anniversaries such as International Girls Day (October 11), World Menopause Day (October 18), and International Menstruation Day (October 19). We have designated it as a month to think about social issues and mental and physical troubles according to age, and we are holding “talk with Nagi – freedom for our minds and bodies -“. During the October period, in addition to the above events, Nagi’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts will be posting content about social issues and women’s healthcare based on their respective themes. Please let us know your thoughts on “#talkwithNagi” and “#freedom for our minds and bodies”.
What is Nagi
[Image 6d31365-59-f68cf6bed9f01a7fceb3-5.png&s3=31365-59-b66003a0f2e7fd5db48dfa58af1c10da-1500x600.png
Nagi is a pair of water-absorbing shorts that can be worn alone, born to better interact with our bodies. In addition to water-absorbing and waterproofing functions, we use functional materials that have deodorant and antibacterial effects (effective in reducing bacteria). The unique laminated structure that folds the waterproof fabric is patent pending.
The shorts are easy to care for at home and are eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly and reusable. We use fabrics from Japanese fabric manufacturers and produce in domestic factories with high technology. Each piece is carefully sewn by hand, and the packaging uses only paper materials without using any plastic materials.
In addition to 3 types of shorts, full, standard, and slim, there are 7 types in total, including sports type standard plus, 2 types of short pants, 2 types of lace mid-rise to prevent urine leakage, and 2 types of high waist. The price ranges from 5,775 yen to 8,950 yen (tax included) and can be purchased at the official online store
(https://nagi-jp.com). We also offer a service that allows you to purchase any combination of 3 or more at a great price, a gift card service that allows you to easily give Nagi shorts to your loved ones online, and Nagi’s exclusive detergent, Nagi wash.
Corporate information
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BLAST Inc. is a WOMEN EMPOWERMENT COMPANY with the mission of “empowering women”. We empower women’s lifestyles through our three-axis business: media, products, and community.
Company name: BLAST Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Rina Ishii
Location: PORTAL POINT YOYOGIKOEN 601, 5-7-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: January 11, 2018
Corporate site: https://blast-inc.co.jp

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