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Fender announces new electric guitar and bass series “AMERICAN VINTAGE II SERIES”!

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Fender announces new electric guitar and bass series “AMERICAN VINTAGE II SERIES”!
-A vintage model that faithfully reproduces the most iconic models of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that influenced music culture! ~

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (Location: California, USA, CEO Andy Mooney) honors the classic Fender models that have been loved by players for many years, and introduces new instruments for all players who love the style and sound of vintage guitars and basses. Released the series “American Vintage II”. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the most influential era in music culture, Fender changed music history with innovative electric guitars and basses. “American Vintage II” is a series that selects a particular symbolic model from these eras and faithfully reproduces the specifications of the time to bring it back to the present day.
[Image 1

Finely crafted at our Corona, Calif., factory, this new flagship series faithfully reproduces the original Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass models with vintage-inspired style, sound and feel. Revived, it retains the classic characteristics that have influenced it for decades, while using the latest technology to provide a better playing experience for today’s musicians. American Vintage II guitars and basses feature nitrocellulose lacquer or polyurethane finishes, depending on the model, period pickups and neck shapes, vintage-style hardware, and classic Fender guitars from the ’50s to today. tone wood is used. In addition to reproducing the models that represented the era, it also reproduces the inspiration created by these models, making it an innovative series unique to Fender that conveys it to a new generation of musicians.
Vintage-inspired trends and admiration for the vintage era are at an all-time high. From classics re-entering the charts decades after their release on TikTok, the rising popularity of thrifting, and even a penchant for mid-century modern architecture, consumers are drawn to vintage styles and are always looking for nostalgia. . According to a survey by Billboard*, 55% of consumers tend to listen to music they haven’t listened to in a while due to the pandemic. This trend is a reflection of people’s desire to heal the past and give new life to what they perceive to be old, and this need extends to vintage instruments. The “American Vintage II Series” is a reborn class that inspires contemporary music, inspiring players seeking creativity in today’s music scene through iconic guitars of the past.
It will be a classic tool. (*Reference: -Product lineup-
50’s model
American Vintage II ’51 Telecaster (R) (324,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’51 Telecaster(R) Left Hand (324,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’54 Precision Bass(R) (324,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’57 Stratocaster(R) (313,500 yen – 324,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’57 Stratocaster(R) Left Hand (313,500 yen – 324,500 yen/tax included)
60’s model
American Vintage II ’60 Precision Bass(R) (313,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’61 Stratocaster (R) (313,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’61 Stratocaster(R) Left Hand (313,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’63 Telecaster (R) (313,500 yen – 324,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’66 Jazz Bass(R) (357,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’66 Jazz Bass(R) Left Hand (357,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’66 Jazzmaster(R) (357,500 yen/tax included) 70’s model
American Vintage II ’72 Telecaster(R) Thinline (357,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’73 Statocaster (R) (324,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’75 Telecaster (R) Deluxe (357,500 yen/tax included) American Vintage II ’77 Telecaster(R) Custom (313,500 yen/tax included) Product page: *The stated price is the estimated market selling price.
Comment from Chief Development Officer Justin Norvell
“The American Vintage II line-up of iconic models is indistinguishable from the predecessor’s original model with such precision and precision. The original model of this series has always been sought after by avid players and vintage enthusiasts around the world as inspiration for great music and celebrated guitars and basses. Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic studio sound or a vintage-style instrument that can withstand the strain of travel, the American Vintage II Series represents Fender’s legacy and craftsmanship. , a series that allows today’s musicians to innovate in today’s music scene.”
Comment from Fender CMO Evan Jones
“A lot of popular music you’ve heard, guitar solos, punchy basslines, are played on Fender instruments. The artists who have used these instruments are countless, and the “American Vintage II Series”, built to the specifications of the original models, will provide a new generation of players and music fans with inspiration from the past and a modern sound. This is a series that symbolizes the eternity of the Fender brand and its impact on the music world.As part of this campaign, a special series will be held at the “Austin City Limits Festival” in Austin, Texas, USA and Omotesando, Tokyo. We will hold a hands-on pop-up event where all guitar enthusiasts who participate in the event can experience the nostalgia and excitement of the 50s. We will provide you with the opportunity. ”
-Developing various video contents-
The campaign for the series will feature a 60-second launch video, “Music Never Dies,” a collage of period-specific footage that depicts the passion and cultural repercussions of making music. The launch video features a special narration by Patti Smith, the artist and poet who had the most impact on the punk rock movement of the 70s, and also uses music composed by herself.
Also joining the campaign are luminaries such as groundbreaking country music duo Brothers Osborne, British vocalist and
singer-songwriter James Bay, and legendary British rock guitarist Jeff Beck. Presents: American Vintage II. This video series features the six guitars and basses in the line-up, featuring illustrations and dialogues that illustrate the progress, inspiration and influence vintage gear has had on music throughout the ages, original songs performed, and individual performances. It will be a special content that includes performances of cover songs from each “American Vintage II Series” era that influenced the artist’s own sound.
[Video 2:] -A domestic campaign to win American Vintage II machines and original work shirts will also be held! –
During the period, a Twitter campaign where you can win luxurious prizes by lottery from those who selected your favorite model and the hashtag that is perfect for you from the special site and tweeted, and the first 100 who purchased the product and applied. We will carry out a campaign to present an original work shirt with the series logo and patch to the person. For details of each campaign, please see the official website.
[Image 2

Original work shirt *L size-unisex only
-Fender Presents: American Vintage II POPUP October 14-15! – To commemorate the release of the “American Vintage II Series”, we will be holding two pop-up events simultaneously in the United States, the birthplace of Fender, and in Tokyo. In the United States, on October 14th (Friday) local time at Austin (Austin City Limits Music Festival), and in Tokyo on October 14th (Friday) and 15th (Saturday) at “BA-TSU ART GALLERY” in Omotesando, Tokyo. will hold an
experience-based event where you can enjoy the “American Vintage II Series” in a special space that will make you feel like you’ve slipped back in time to the 50’s when the Telecaster and Stratocaster were first released.
[Image 3

-Main project contents-
Pop-up special project 1.
~「American Vintage II」Trial Corner~
We have prepared a space where you can connect the main model of “American Vintage II” to a Fender amplifier and play it freely. Please take this opportunity to try out the model you are interested in. Pop-up special project 2.
~Back to 50’s Time Travel Shopping Campaign~
We will carry out the “Back to the 50’s Time Travel Shopping Campaign” to sell the original “American Vintage II” at the price at the time it was sold. At the US venue, the American Vintage II ’51 Telecaster will be sold at a price of $229.90 at the time of 1951, limited to 51 bottles. At the Tokyo venue, the ’57 Stratocaster (color: seafoam green) will be sold at 43,000 yen ($274.50, tax included) for 57 bottles. It will be sold in limited quantity.
In 1957, prices in Japan were said to be 10,000 yen for the average starting salary of a university graduate (public employee), 130 yen for movie theater admission, and 50 yen for a cup of coffee. As a result, Fender guitars were very expensive at the time, even by today’s standards. This campaign is a special project where you, who live now in 2022, can travel back in time to the 1950s and shop. Please take this opportunity to become a time traveler and visit the 50’s venue and get a guitar at a great price.
[Image 4

Target product (Tokyo venue): American Vintage II 1957 Stratocaster (R) (Seafoam Green)
*The target model is 1 color.
■ How to participate
Since the number of people who wish to purchase tickets is expected to exceed the number of tickets sold, we plan to distribute numbered tickets in two batches at the front entrance of the venue on the day of the event. If you would like to purchase, please follow the instructions of the staff in front of the venue and line up. Winners will be announced on Fender’s official Twitter (@fender_Official) at the designated time. Distribution of numbered tickets will end when the planned number is reached. Winning tickets are valid only on the day of the event, and must be purchased at the event venue at the designated time. For other details and precautions, please see the official website. (Purchase is limited to one per person. If you win the first lottery, you will not be able to participate in the second lottery.)
■ Numbered ticket distribution
[Distribution location]
American Vintage II POPUP in Tokyo near the front entrance of the venue (BA-TSU ART GALLERY / Omotesando)
[Distribution time]
1st 15th (Sat) 10:00 (Same day 12:00 announcement of winners, payment acceptance: 12:30-15:00, 40 winners)
2nd 15th (Sat) 14:00 (Same day 15:00 announcement of winners, payment acceptance: 15:00-17:00, 17 winners)
■ Purchase method
・Please pay by credit card at the event venue within the designated time on the day. (We only accept credit cards. Target: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover)
・If payment is not made within the specified time, the right to purchase will be invalidated.
・We may ask you to show your ID to confirm your identity, so please bring it with you.
・No refunds will be made after purchase under any circumstances. Please note. ■ About product receipt
All purchased products will be delivered at a later date. Products cannot be taken home on the day.
■ Regarding resale
Transfer and resale of numbered tickets and products are prohibited. All individuals are managed by serial number, and if the relevant act is recognized, the product may be seized.
■ Precautions
・As a general rule, numbered tickets will be distributed up to one per person from the start of numbered ticket distribution. The
distribution time may be earlier depending on the situation on the day, such as bad weather.
・Numbered tickets will be distributed in order from those who have lined up. Distribution will end as soon as the planned distribution number is distributed.
・If you secure a place with a seat or luggage and leave the line for a long time, we may not consider you to be in line. Due to the above reasons, when numbered tickets are distributed early, we may not be able to hand them over even if a place is secured.
・Only the person who has the numbered ticket is valid. It is prohibited to transfer or resell the numbered ticket. Numbered tickets that are found to have committed such acts will be invalidated. ・Please note that you cannot choose the guitar you purchase. ・We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds except for defective products. ・Please register your e-mail address during the purchase procedure. Pop-up special project 3.
~FenderNews Public Coverage Talk Event~
A special guest will be invited to conduct a public coverage of Fender’s owned media “FenderNews”. 50 people will be invited to view the event by lottery from among those who applied during the period. If you would like to participate, please apply from the official website during the application period.
-Event schedule-
[Table 3: ]
-How to view and apply-
Application period: October 11th (Tuesday) 22:00 pm to 13th (Thursday) 11:59 am Application method: Please apply from the FenderNews application page.
Announcement of winners: Only winners will be notified by email from around 18:00 on Thursday, October 13th. *We will not contact the unsuccessful applicants.
-Fender Presents: American Vintage II POPUP Overview-
[Table 4: ]

Details about this release:

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