Fillduct Co., Ltd. PHILDUCT exhibited at the 3D printing event “DMM.make 3D printing exhibition in AKIBA”

Filduct Co., Ltd.
PHILDUCT exhibited at the 3D printing event “DMM.make 3D printing exhibition in AKIBA”
6 startups from Japan and overseas including Philduct will participate!
Filduct Co., Ltd., which develops and provides a mouthpiece-type orthodontic brand “DPEARL” ( that utilizes a 3D printer, holds an event “DMM. make 3D printing exhibition in AKIBA” (held from October 25th to October 28th, 2022).
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■ Background of the exhibition
Filduct Co., Ltd. is engaged in dental-related business, beauty and healthcare business, and the mouthpiece-type orthodontic brand “DPEARL” is based on the cooperation of experienced orthodontists and domestic orthodontic technicians. , which utilizes 3D printers to provide transparent and inconspicuous mouthpiece-type orthodontics. This time, by exhibiting at the event held by “DMM.make 3D print”, a 3D printing service with the largest number of users in Japan, more people can experience the value of 3D printing provided by both companies, and 3D printing technology. We hope that this will lead to further progress, spread, and revitalization of the industry. ■ About DMM.make 3D printing exhibition in AKIBA
You can catch up on the latest trends in 3D printing in Japan and overseas, and you can actually touch samples of various materials at the exhibition. In addition, round-table discussions and seminars will be held, making it an event where you can understand the 3D printing industry as a whole.
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■ About DPEARL
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“DPEARL” is a transparent mouthpiece type orthodontic service that guides each person’s lively life. We started accepting pre-orders in November 2019 and officially released it in March 2020. More than 30 dental clinics nationwide are currently introducing it.
The feature is that it realizes high-quality orthodontic services at a reasonable price through a new supply process that utilizes an app. Based on a data-driven comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, private maintenance by a dentist at regular visits to the hospital is performed properly, making it possible to accurately grasp the progress and provide feedback.
Filduct Co., Ltd.
Location: Nishibori Building 2F, 1-15-3 Kanda Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kanae Kaneko, Representative Director
Date of establishment: March 6, 2018
Business Activities : Dental-related business, beauty and
healthcare-related business
Philduct HP:
For cooperation and other inquiries, please contact us from the above email. Details about this release:


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