FinT Co., Ltd. FinT Co., Ltd. unveils first case of influencer marketing support for “Shinjuku BBQ Beer Gard en Hello”

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FinT Co., Ltd. unveils influencer marketing support case for “Shinjuku BBQ Beer Garden Hello” for the first time
Achieved 150% higher sales than competitors! What is essential influencer marketing that leads to store visits from SNS?

FinT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yui Otsuki) announces that it has provided influencer marketing support for “Shinjuku BBQ Beer Garden Hello” operated by Tune-up Co., Ltd.
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Introduction background (Comments from Mr. Iwaki of Tune-up Co., Ltd. and Mr. Nambo of manage4 Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Iwaki: “Shinjuku Beer Garden Hello” is targeted at women in their 20s and 30s, and we created a store that would look great in photos, so we thought it would be compatible with SNS.
On top of that, even local businesses like restaurants, where the target area is limited, are compatible with large metropolitan areas like Shinjuku. I decided to focus on Instagram where I can.
Also, I thought that the content posted by influencers would be effective when it came to researching beer gardens visited by small groups of 2-3 young people, who are the main target.
[Image 2d44523-82-ff594ea3a6c21c4fad85-2.jpg&s3=44523-82-25edf69bf44d6f6f3f35a1c68647446f-2048x1365.jpg
Mr. Minamibo: I am in charge of the overall PR for “Shinjuku Beer Garden Hello”. This store opened last year, but compared to its competitors, it’s a newcomer, so first of all, it’s a PR and influencer marketing campaign aimed at getting as many people to know about it as possible and to get them to visit the store. I’m here. On top of that, the reason why I asked FinT to direct the influencers was because I had asked Mr. Harada from FinT in another project before, and he did a very thorough job. Influencer marketing in particular tends to be just a list of influencers, but Mr. Harada took care of more post direction and influencer management, so I wanted to ask someone I can trust again this year. It’s up to you.
Initiatives (partial excerpt)
[Image 3d44523-82-d4d144f7e41f44f58b76-4.jpg&s3=44523-82-11b611bc2398506db4677216767f46d6-2048x1365.jpg
The target beer garden this time has an image of being used with family and friends, so we selected influencers who have the same image winning pattern in the original post.
In addition, we narrowed down the influencers to influencers who have high engagement in posts with eating out, outdoors, family and friends, and who have the ability to call action to their followers, in order to promote store recognition and visits.
For example, when a beer garden post receives comments such as “So cute!” and “Which brand is that bag?”, although the engagement is high, there are many followers who are interested in “the influencer’s appearance and belongings”. , In the case of appealing to visit the beer garden this time, the probability that followers will visit the store is low, and we cannot expect a call to action.
We carefully selected influencers who have followers who are interested in “the places and actions that the influencer goes” and who have already posted posts that can appeal to those people. ▽ Click here for details on the content of the initiative ▽
Evaluation of initiatives
[Image 4d44523-82-219eb5538b578e3878f4-5.jpg&s3=44523-82-1f33f39cd394c1c16d0c007f81cda4e9-2048x1365.jpg
Comment from Mr. Iwaki
I am very satisfied with the logic and way of thinking of influencer selection and direction. In particular, I highly appreciate the communication method that influencers come to the store in a state of high tension and really like this store.
After all, the amount of enthusiasm always appears in one post. I think that the probability of how many of the people who see the post will have a favorable impression of the store will change
As for the results, we were able to make sales at a considerably higher level than other businesses, and I feel that it was effective. I think it’s great that you were able to maximize the attractiveness of the store by having them post with a unified appealing point. I think that the fact that they solidified the impression they wanted to create and even got the influencer to post it led to the visits of those who saw it.
[Image 5d44523-82-7c7f36e78780834e8935-3.jpg&s3=44523-82-4a19f910a3866e79e185aa0375e13c24-2048x1365.jpg
Comment from Mr. Minamibo
Influencer marketing for many companies ends with just putting out a list, but Mr. Harada explains the points to recommend the beer garden before the influencer comes to the store, and sends us an image that shows the atmosphere. He gave me the tension of each influencer. They explained to me what the best scenery to shoot for posting was, and explained that “this is the recommended product” for the menu. In particular, restaurants have many menus and many places where you can shoot, so it is difficult to direct influencers to make ideal posts, but I think it is very important.
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