FIREBUG Co., Ltd. “MUSIC FUN! LIVE supported by Amazon Music Studio Tokyo” event report!

Report on “MUSIC FUN! LIVE supported by Amazon Music Studio Tokyo”! ~ Eill, Novel Core, asmi, and Zettakun, who are extremely popular with Generation Z, will perform magnificently! ~

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FIREBUG Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shogo Sato, CEO: Satoshi Miyazaki, CIO/CFO, hereinafter referred to as our company) plans and operates a community “MUSIC FUN” where you can meet the “great!” of music. !” held a live distribution live “MUSIC FUN! LIVE supported by Amazon Music Studio Tokyo” on the live streaming distribution platform Twitch on Friday, October 21st.
This live distribution live will be centered on the artists featured in the podcast program “MUSIC FUN! Podcast”, which is being
distributed exclusively on Amazon Music. It will be held as a special live program where artists who think that will appear and perform live performances and talks.
Asmi, eill, Nove Core, and Zetta-kun, who are gaining popularity among generation Z and sensitive music users, will appear as guests, and a live performance and talk with MCs will be held. Did.
■ Event overview
[Event name] : MUSIC FUN! LIVE supported by Amazon Music Studio Tokyo [Date and time]: Friday, October 21, 2022
[Start]: 19:00
[Distribution media]: Twitch [Planning and production] : FIREBUG Co., Ltd.
[Production] : Geek Pictures Inc.
[Special Sponsor] : Amazon Music Studio Tokyo
[Appearing artists]: asmi, eill, Novel Core, Zettakun (in alphabetical order) ■ Live report (in order of appearance)
The singer-songwriter, asmi, who has a singing voice that is “most used on SNS”, appeared as the top batter. It started with the performance of “PAKU”, which was played over 2.9 billion times on TikTok and became a hot topic in the first half of 2022, followed by a love song “Call me” that sang a love story. After performing the winter song “memory” in collaboration with producer maeshima soshi for the 3rd song, asmi spoke to the viewers in the Kansai dialect during the MC, saying, “This song was written for someone important to you.” ” was performed. Then, she closed the stage by singing MAISONdes “Yowanehaki feat.
-set list-
M2: Call me
M3: memory
M4: for example
M5: Yowanehaki feat.
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Next, the nest-based mild rapper Zetta-kun appeared with a Game Boy pouch. From his first full-length album “Bed in Wonderland” released this summer, he performed “Rent-a-Car” and “Orange Juice”, a pop tune depicting the scene of throwing everything away and jumping out in a rental car, followed by Zetta-kun’s own love experience. The whole studio was dyed moody with “Baby” with the motif. Then, the pop number “Parallel New Days”, which puts the positive message of “Let’s enjoy any world line” on a fast-paced track, completely changes the atmosphere. Escape ✈️” finished the distribution with excitement. -set list-
M1: Car rental
M2: orange juice
M3: Baby
M4: Parallel New Days
M5: Boom Boom Escape Flight ✈️
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[Novel Core]
The third group is rapper, singer-songwriter NovelCore. Starting with the alternative rock number “A GREAT FOOL”, he encouraged the audience on the other side of the screen to “raise your hands”, followed by “WAGAMAMA MONDAIJI”, in which the distorted guitar track and Novel Core’s flow resonate with each other. performed. Subsequently, four songs from the major 2nd album “No Pressure” released in the summer of 2022, “JUST NOISE”, “No Stylist”, “Sogenous Fantasista”, and “HAPPY TEARS feat. Aile The Shota” were performed in quick succession. In fact, “HAPPY TEARS feat. Aile The Shota” was the first song featured on the podcast program “MUSIC FUN! Koichi Tsutaya, who is also the MC of this live, talks about the charm of Novel Core and Aile The Shota through the same song on “MUSIC FUN! Podcast”. The last number is “THANKS, ALL MY TEARS”. The show ended with a fight song with Novel Core’s message on powerful brass.
-set list-
M4: No Stylist
M5: Creative Fantasista
M6: HAPPY TEARS feat. Aile The Shota
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And finally, the singer-songwriter eill, who is attractive for her musicality and singing voice based on black music, and her versatile songwriting sense. The curtain opened with “Pre-Romance”, an insert song for the movie “Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi”, and the jazzy and rock mixture tune “Koko de Breath” was used as the ED theme song for the anime “Tokyo Revengers”. te”, and then sang
“((FULLMOON))”, a love song that is not rewarded, with the tone of the piano that she played. Next, when eill appeared on “MUSIC FUN! Podcast”, he performed “Hatsukoi”, an indie song that Yoshitani Tsutaya said was his favorite song. And like the opening number, the theme song “Finale.”
-set list-
M1: Pre-Romance
M2: Breathe here
M4: First love
M5: Finale.
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■ What is “MUSIC FUN!”?
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“MUSIC FUN!” is a community that started in October 2019 to meet the “amazing!” of music. As the first activity, we opened a YouTube channel (, and based on the concept of “Amazing! From that person”, top runners in the music industry think about “great music”. and “Amazing Artists” are delivered in interviews and dialogues.
□ YouTube channel (MUSIC FUN!): □ Twitter (@musicfun_JP):
■ “MUSIC FUN! Podcast” program overview
Music producer Tsutaya Tsutaya, who is active on the front lines, will check out the artists who are sure to be the next break, recommended by “MUSIC FUN!” and Amazon Music, and unravel their musical appeal. In addition, we will also deliver the inside story of “MUSIC FUN! Takumi Fujita, a narrator/music DJ, will lead the program.
[Program URL]:
[Distribution schedule]: Updated every Thursday at 22:00
■ About Amazon Music
Amazon Music offers a wide selection of music, from new to old, both domestically and internationally, on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, PCs, Fire tablets and the Amazon Fire TV series, as well as Amazon Alexa-equipped devices, including the Amazon Echo series. It offers. With the music distribution service Amazon Music Prime, you can enjoy 2 million songs at no additional charge as a prime membership benefit. With Amazon Music Unlimited, a premium
subscription music distribution service, you can enjoy over 90 million songs in high-quality HD and over 7 million songs in
ultra-high-quality Ultra HD. , provides a high-quality music experience. We also launched a service that allows you to enjoy ad-supported playlists and hundreds of stations for free with an Amazon account. Podcasts that you can listen to at no additional charge on all Amazon Music streaming services, and live streams on Twitch are available via the Amazon Music app in partnership with Twitch. Experiencing music and culture has never been easier and more fun. For details, please visit here. Amazon, Amazon Music and all related trademarks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
■ FIREBUG Co., Ltd. | Company Profile
[Image 7d27493-162-6027d2d314bb47583145-1.png&s3=27493-162-e4ff01ee9036af79d65ffcbeaede38ac-1999x318.png
As a partner that expands the talents of comedians, actors, models, artists, managers, creators, and other “interesting people = talents”, we plan production strategies for many talents, and IP I am involved in the development of advertising products. For companies, we also provide marketing solutions centered on a variety of content centered on talent.
□ Company name FIREBUG Co., Ltd.
□ Location 1-32-11 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo K Building 3F
□Representative Director and CEO Shogo Sato, Representative Director and CIO/CFO Satoshi Miyazaki
□ Established February 24, 2016
□ Business content Entertainment DX business, marketing support business □Corporate site

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