First appearance in Nagoya “Cocosilk”, which is a hot topic with silk pillowcases and nightcaps, is being held for a limited time at the “Tokyu Hands Nagoya store” from September 30th!

CB Co., Ltd.
[First appearance in Nagoya] “Cocosilk”, which is a hot topic with silk pillowcases and nightcaps, is being held for a limited time at the “Tokyu Hands Nagoya store” from September 30th!
You can actually touch 100% real silk at the store! We can try abundant color variations! The popular nightwear that won the annual ranking on Rakuten Ichiba first appeared in the Nagoya area.
CB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is selling the popular products “Silk Nightcap”, “Silk Pillowcase” and “Silk Pajamas” of “COCOSILK”, which Yuka Furukawa serves as an image model, at “Tokyu Hands Nagoya Store 5F & 9F. ” will be on sale for a limited time from September 30th to October 16th, 2022.
The 100% silk nightwear brand “COCOSILK” has opened its first pop-up store on the 5th and 9th floors of the “Tokyu Hands Nagoya Store” directly connected to JR Nagoya Station. For a limited time from September 30th (Friday) to October 16th (Sunday), 2022, the popular hair care item “Silk Nightcap”, which has sold over 600,000 copies, will be available for the first time at a physical store. We are developing silk pillowcases and silk pajamas.
  · Tokyu Hands Nagoya store 5F (next to the escalator)
[Image 1d92674-10-2738b08565d903dd6c88-8.jpg&s3=92674-10-43f516a07c679889a4e486c28b023671-3900x2925.jpg
  ·Tokyu Hands Nagoya store 9F (in front of the down escalator) [Image 2d92674-10-833b684931287f86dc46-4.jpg&s3=92674-10-24e151fcb5be08e9610912e57c0f68ee-3900x2925.jpg

Store introduction
Tokyu Hands Nagoya store 5F & 9F (held at the same time)
[Image 3d92674-10-db46e3bad637adae1d51-6.jpg&s3=92674-10-d1f8fc33828983d77b648346049c57fb-3900x2925.jpg
・ Deployment period
September 30th (Friday) to October 16th (Sunday), 2022
·business hours
Directly connected to JR Nagoya Station
Inside JR Nagoya Takashimaya
Development product
[Image 4d92674-10-24b1677486052fce32e5-7.jpg&s3=92674-10-42efc231f19291d375d68db5a290b8db-3900x2925.jpg
We will develop three products, which are the main products of COCOSILK, “silk nightcaps”, “silk pillowcases” and “silk pajamas”. ■Silk Nightcap
100% silk nightcap. A hair care item that moisturizes the hair and scalp while you sleep and prevents friction with the pillow. Just put it on and go to sleep, and your hair will be moisturized, shiny, and smooth. A luxurious 19 momme nightcap made from the finest 6A rank silk fabric.
・Rubber string type
The rubber cord type that is easy to put on and take off has a cute design with frills.
(Product details:
[Image 5d92674-10-3b39008d0ff7e78de933-10.jpg&s3=92674-10-7b38678187a540119a8f6b6eb56cb1da-1417x170.jpg
-Over-the-counter development-
  Size: M, L
Colors: white, navy, pink, ash pink, light pink,
      Ash light pink, light blue, ash blue,
      Green, brown, champagne gold (11 colors in total)
・Ribbon type
A simple design that can be adjusted to your preferred tightening. (Product details:
[Image 6d92674-10-a2a938e63abbf5e96535-9.jpg&s3=92674-10-7bb8990274b2d53ff51a058855ea2b75-1417x170.jpg
-Over-the-counter development-
  Size: M, L
Colors: ash pink, ash light pink, champagne gold,
      Navy, green, salmon pink, ash blue (7 colors in total) ■Silk pillow cover
A pillow cover made of 100% silk that feels great to the touch. Just change the pillow cover and your hair will be smooth.
The smooth texture brings a comfortable sleep and is also good for skin care. ・Double-sided silk (19 momme, zipper type)
[Image 7d92674-10-b61f3698f47d1e2031c4-11.jpg&s3=92674-10-af9286c5e5607b1b094fb0f901b8a29e-1417x170.jpg
-Over-the-counter development-
  Size: 43 x 63 cm, 50 x 70 cm
Colors: black, white, navy, pink, ash pink,
      Light pink, Ash light pink, Light blue,
      Light purple, green, brown, champagne gold,
     Pistachio green, silver pink, dark gray (15 colors in total) ・Single-sided silk (25 momme, envelope type)
[Image 8d92674-10-6c9c53ba4c4c225817b3-12.jpg&s3=92674-10-1e48070af2cd33744b80e2490ac85930-1417x170.jpg
-Over-the-counter development-
  Size: 43 x 63 cm, 50 x 70 cm
  Colors: Ash light pink, Ash pink,
     Light pink, pink, champagne gold,
     Light purple, white, green, light blue (9 colors in total) (*Single-sided silk zipper type is not available at the store) ■ Silk pajamas
Luxurious pajamas made with plenty of 100% silk fabric.
It’s the best comfort that makes your skin feel soothed, and it will lead your important relaxing time to the finest time.
It is the ultimate gem that is popular as a gift.
[Image 9d92674-10-7721f80cfebdee7a0a72-13.jpg&s3=92674-10-94d1b3f29e5e38c24a311e34c93ff018-1417x170.jpg
[Image 10d92674-10-c3c9e1fa12f8142c9aa3-14.jpg&s3=92674-10-2877439c4f8c7ea31ae3474c6a663df1-1417x170.jpg
-Over-the-counter development-
   Size: M, L, XL
  Colors: pink beige, pearl pink,
      Beige, rose wine, navy (5 colors in total)
[Image 11d92674-10-cffbfebe80edca94b729-3.jpg&s3=92674-10-983c2969c87351dc7a51d230dd7e66f4-3018x2008.jpg
“Bringing silk closer to you”
From such thoughts, COCOSILK was born.
Silk is a luxury item. But I want you to use it every day.
For that, the low price that can be used everyday,
High quality that can withstand daily use is important.
By performing mass production in a reliable factory and cutting intermediate costs,
We deliver high quality and low price products.
CB Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: CB Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-16-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Second Koda Building 3F Representative: Yuma Tsuchiya
Business: Planning, development, and sales of cosmetics
Planning, development, import and sale of nightwear, clothing, miscellaneous goods, etc.
E-commerce business (shop name: Karadano Mirai Nature Mail Order) OEM consignment business
・For corporations wishing to do wholesale transactions
Please send your details to the email address below.
*Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, it may take up to 3 business days to respond.
Details about this release:


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