First appearance Sweatshirt designed by Toyota Land Cruiser

Faith Co., Ltd.
[First appearance] Sweatshirt designed by Toyota Land Cruiser This is a licensed product of Toyota Motor Corporation.

From Faith Co., Ltd., which plans miscellaneous goods in the form of glue, The sweatshirt of the popular “Land Cruiser” among Toyota Motors is on sale Faith Co., Ltd. (ONWORKS), which plans miscellaneous goods in the form of glue, sells a sweatshirt of the popular “Land Cruiser” among Toyota Motors.
The sweatshirt has a neat and mature silhouette and is made of 100% cotton with fleece lining.
While using sweat fabric that is not too thick, it is tailored so that it does not feel bulky even when worn under outerwear.
We aimed for a finish that can be enjoyed for a longer season. (Official licensed product by Toyota Motor Corporation)
Sweatshirt Toyota Land Cruiser 2202TY02-31 “Rankle Drive”
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[Toyota Land Cruiser]
A luxury large cross-country vehicle manufactured and sold by Toyota since 1951. It has the longest history in Toyota, and has been remodeled and improved in various shapes.
It is one of the Toyota cars that is proud of its deep-rooted popularity all over the world.
Among the most popular Land Cruisers, the BJ60V, commonly known as the Land Cruiser 60 (60 type)
A model that has been manufactured since 1980 and is characterized by its angular form and retro design with round eyes.
[Image 2d40971-193-0d7a53aee1c407608264-7.jpg&s3=40971-193-4fbc96658feec7d1fa3b4c024c54ad4a-572x137.jpg

Product image
Model 170cm wears size L
[Image 3d40971-193-15052fa110c2c56ca42b-3.jpg&s3=40971-193-7d7dea216d759fe082596afe7c226786-800x800.jpg
[Image 4d40971-193-9f5af99c1ea2ffd935d3-1.jpg&s3=40971-193-29a821135f96484368978223d2941c33-800x800.jpg
[Image 5d40971-193-3510247e6cb7a0a66c47-5.jpg&s3=40971-193-429c207dfea5602e08109bfd81227bb0-400x387.jpg
Model is 170cm and wears size M
[Image 6d40971-193-3944f1c0e659a9a55979-2.jpg&s3=40971-193-1c99c05a65c36d12a0db01aac4f30c41-800x800.jpg
[Image 7d40971-193-e6a0f06fa854ae9d8a81-4.jpg&s3=40971-193-fab5cac5c4c4fc867c310ffb6157fd99-800x800.jpg
[Image 8d40971-193-fa01b4ef0e79deb107f1-6.jpg&s3=40971-193-8bbcd196619ae0a0dea558bb80600a7a-400x387.jpg

Product Details
M: Length 67cm, width 55cm, shoulder width 48cm, sleeve length 59cm L: Length 71cm, Width 58cm, Shoulder width 52cm, Sleeve length 60cm XL: Length 76cm, Width 63cm, Shoulder width 55cm, Sleeve length 61cm Material: 100% cotton
Distributor company name: Faith Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-38 Kitayasuda Nishi, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture Contact: 076-287-6593
Reception hours: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
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