First in Kitakyushu City A 24-hour gym equipped with the latest AI-equipped machines and a new type of fitness facility with a private sauna will open in Tobata on November 1st (Tuesday)!!

Hapisa Co., Ltd.
[First in Kitakyushu City] A 24-hour gym equipped with the latest AI-equipped machines and a new type of fitness facility with a private sauna will open in Tobata on November 1st (Tuesday)!!
Private viewing held for media personnel

On November 1st ( Tue) We will have a grand opening in Tobata Ward, Kitakyushu City!
[What is Hapisa Fitness? ]
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◆ Schedule until OPEN (planned)
General private viewing starts: 10/8 (Sat) – 10/9 (Sun) 10:00-18:00 Information on the building and procedures at the store
Press preview: 10/11 (Tuesday) 10:30-13:30- Museum guide, exhibition + experience
Grand opening: 11/1 (Tuesday) 10:00-Regular business/facility tour ◆ Hapisa Fitness 5 points of commitment
1. Introducing the latest AI-equipped machine “Bio Circuit” for the first time in Kitakyushu City!
A revolution in training! Kitakyushu City’s first introduction of an AI-equipped machine that efficiently trains the whole body in just 20 minutes a day so that even busy people can continue this time! AI automatically adjusts the height, load, number of times, etc. of the machine according to your goals and body shape! You can get the ideal body efficiently just by training according to AI!
-Bio Circuit 5 points-
1. Training time is completed in 20 minutes once
2. AI control allows training without waiting
3. AI automatically customizes the load and number of times of the machine 4. All training records can be managed on a smartphone
5.Achieving minimization of the contact area with the user’s machine through AI settings
・According to the instructions of the AI, perform circuit training of 2 laps once. About 20 minutes of training can effectively train the muscles of the whole body.
[Image 1d106387-2-856b1c1c8f86dd993814-0.jpg&s3=106387-2-c328f8951b36b9f3ba67727978182246-1086x555.jpg
・AI automatically adjusts the load and number of times of the machine by simply selecting the program that suits you from 5 programs. You can train efficiently from young people who want to build muscle strength aiming for an ideal body to elderly people who want to maintain their health.
[Image 2d106387-2-bdd4bbd87b6a3a6c0504-1.jpg&s3=106387-2-0a2ac683bdff1a52dab4eaf536797e87-872x445.jpg
2. A virtual studio where you can enjoy a variety of lessons at any time Equipped with a virtual studio where you can take unlimited lessons from top instructors. The content introduces the popular content of the international lesson program Radical Fitness that has been introduced in 45 countries around the world! From popular martial arts and trampoline lessons to static programs, you can enjoy it without worrying about prying eyes. Since the studio is a complete reservation system, it is also a point that you can participate in your favorite lesson at your favorite timing without waiting.
[Image 3d106387-2-3fd609bb6a68d074e556-2.jpg&s3=106387-2-f61ff1d6c482da62e557c14d42924d1c-1000x724.jpg
-Content to be introduced for the first time-
[Image 4d106387-2-c004376be72a5fd80de7-3.png&s3=106387-2-002cd3465abdbf26e7034af39e5e39e4-814x213.png
3. First in Kitakyushu City! The best private room private sauna Finally appeared in the Kitakyushu area! Completely private sauna with self-roasting. You can fully enter the sauna for 70 minutes at a time. You can use it according to your lifestyle, such as recovering from fatigue after training or refreshing after work!
[Image 5d106387-2-8f9491aae704e5e69df6-4.jpg&s3=106387-2-4dc50bd9a2cb1696dd0f2e4f3bb1659a-1508x1005.jpg
4. Personal training by qualified personnel
We have a team of qualified and experienced trainers. Personal training based on theory is also available for those who are not confident to continue alone and want to achieve results quickly! [Image 6d106387-2-02493ea29f4ccf646d25-8.jpg&s3=106387-2-ef78adb783538ebda728a0c81a7c448f-1753x1005.jpg
5. Overwhelming cost performance
If you join during the open campaign period, the light plan, which allows you to use the AI-equipped circuit machine, the machine gym area, and the virtual studio as much as you want, is 7,370 yen per month, and the basic plan, which allows you to receive personal training twice a month, starts at 9,350 yen per month. receive. Even those who have been to the gym in the past but could not continue or who did not know the exercise method that suits them and could not feel the effects of exercise, it is a gym where you can enjoy results at a reasonable price.
[Image 7d106387-2-e0cc0ee008ef2c08f125-5.jpg&s3=106387-2-3d38c1a0f304be3389ca33074bf5fd83-834x599.jpg
[Image 8d106387-2-f088f510e9109157d449-6.jpg&s3=106387-2-c8bd1dba09f2e14eb02e24eab242b9cc-849x532.jpg
●Café and coin laundry
There is also a cafe and coin laundry on the first floor of the facility. You can realize a lifestyle that maximizes your time efficiency, such as eating before and after training and using a coin laundry according to your training! The shopping center is also nearby, so you can easily use it on your way home from shopping! [Image 9d106387-2-e200c449145ec7e4411f-7.jpg&s3=106387-2-f032962d0b3633565a5f0bc7469b5d94-1420x1005.jpg
■ Private exhibition details / application method (media related) ・Date and time: Tuesday, October 11, 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m.
・Location: 1-21 Makiyama Shinmachi, Tobata Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 804-0054
*Nearest station: 5 minute walk from JR Tobata Station
If you would like to view the exhibition, please apply as follows. ・Application method: Accept by email
・ Application address:
・Contents of transmission: Please include the desired time period, company name, department name, media name, interviewer name and contact information in the body of the email before sending. ・Application deadline: Until 18:00 on Monday, October 10
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