First in Saga Prefecture The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group will support the operation as relief trainers for the 1st SAGA Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Cup Junior High School Women’s Volleyball Tournament!

Sakai Orthopedic Clinic Co., Ltd.
[First in Saga Prefecture] The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group will support the operation as relief trainers for the 1st SAGA Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Cup Junior High School Women’s Volleyball Tournament!
Sakai Osteopathic Clinic HP:

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, the Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group will support the operation as a relief trainer for the 1st SAGA Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Cup Junior High School Women’s Volleyball Tournament, which will be held for the first time in Saga Prefecture! “1st SAGA Sakai Osteopathic Cup Junior High School Women’s Volleyball Tournament”
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of practice-style practices and competitions has been reduced, and opportunities for athletes to demonstrate their abilities are decreasing. Therefore, through this tournament, we would like to provide an opportunity to increase the actual competition of the players and increase their motivation. Furthermore, through encounters with teams that do not face each other in practice games and competitions, we aim to deepen exchanges not only with players but also with staff teachers.
The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group would like to create opportunities to incorporate a medical perspective into instruction in parallel with technical guidance regarding injuries that are a concern during guidance for growing children, and to spread this.
Organizer: Sakai Osteopathic Clinic, SAGA Sakai Sports Festival Executive Committee
Date: Sunday, November 13, 2022
Venue: Saga Prefectural Kakusu Junior High School, Ogori Municipal Ogori Junior High School
Participating teams:
-Saga Prefecture-Kakusu Junior High School, Kiyama Junior High School, Mine Junior High School, Nakahara Junior High School, Kanzaki Junior High School, Kita Moyasu Junior High School
-Fukuoka Prefecture-Ogori Junior High School, Mikuni Junior High School, Tachiarai Junior High School, Meisei Junior High School, Tanushimaru Junior High School, Mutayama Junior High School (in no particular order)
[Image 1

[Previous Fukuoka Prefectural Tournament]
Last time “Sakai Osteopathic Women’s Junior High School Volleyball Tournament” held in Fukuoka Prefecture
Last time, at the Sakai Osteopathic Women’s Junior High School Volleyball Tournament held in Fukuoka Prefecture, not only the participating players, but also the backup players, coaches, and parents worked together as a team to face the match. I was there. Especially in a heated match, when a good spike or block was decided, the players praised each other to raise their morale, and when a point was scored, they encouraged each other by calling out to each other. I was.
At the relief booth of the Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group, they not only provided treatment for injuries and treatments to improve the condition of the body, but also advice on how to move the body and stretches that can be done at home.
Athletes, coaches, and parents can feel at ease by having first-aid booths at sporting events and nationally-certified judo therapists and acupuncturists.
[Image 2

[Previous scene of the relief booth at the Fukuoka Prefectural Tournament] Trainer activities of the Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group
At the Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group, nationally certified judo therapists and acupuncturists actively participate in local sports competitions as relief trainers and provide support to athletes. In addition, we value communication with the local community so that we can respond to the physical concerns of the coaches and their families who come to support us.
The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group has a certified medical trainer system, and staff who meet the standards of our department in all aspects of knowledge, technology, and morals are qualified to acquire, and study sessions are always held to improve their skills. going. [Image 3

[Sakai Osteopathic Clinic group, group photo of medical trainers] About the Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group
The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group has a history of 34 years, and has 25 stores in Kyushu, mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture, while inheriting traditional techniques.
Our mission is to integrate western medical knowledge and oriental medicine, provide the best treatment for each person, and quickly find life-threatening disorders in our customers with our unique formula. Stiff shoulders, back pain, and sports injuries are not considered to be life-threatening symptoms, but there is a possibility that internal organs and other disorders may be the “signs” of stiff shoulders and back pain. In fact, we find more than five cases each year.
In addition, we have staff who specialize in injuries in traffic accidents, and since the damage that the body receives varies depending on the state of the accident, we perform treatments not only from a medical point of view but also from a physical point of view. Based on a large number of cases and treatment results, we are trying to “treatment that does not cause pain afterwards”. We also work closely with insurance companies.
If you have any concerns about your body, please visit the Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group, which has specialists with specialized knowledge, and is the contact point for national medical care. [Image 4

[Exterior of Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group]
The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group cooperates with other medical institutions, so even if internal organs or other disorders are found, it is possible to be transferred to another hospital.
We have a medical cooperation with Notame Matsuoka Clinic, and we will explain and obtain the patient’s consent in cases such as when it is difficult to perform the treatment at the osteopathic clinic, or when the treatment at the clinic and the Sakai osteopathic clinic is more effective. In addition, we introduce patients to each other, so you can come to our hospital with peace of mind.
In addition to removing injuries and pain, we also provide exercise guidance and training advice, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with your body.
[Image 5

[Director Nobuhide Matsuoka, Notame Matsuoka Clinic]
♦Notame Matsuoka Clinic HP♦
List of Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Groups
List of medical collaborations (affiliated clinics)
Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-3-1 Ohashi, Minami Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative Director and Chairman: Masataka Sakai
Representative Director and President: Junichi Watanabe
Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Co., Ltd. Homepage
Sakai Osteopathic Trainer Activity
Sakai Osteopathic Traffic Accident
Sakai Osteopathic Clinic
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Treatment menu (soft manipulative treatment, stoop correction, etc.)
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