First landing in Tokyo! A store specializing in “Nama Norseman”, which has sold a total of 40,000 pieces in 3 weeks since its launch in Sapporo, will open for a limited time at Daimaru Tokyo! From Wednesday, November 2, 2022 to Tuesday, November 15,

Hokkaido Confect Group Co., Ltd.
First landing in Tokyo! A store specializing in “Nama Norseman”, which has sold a total of 40,000 units in 3 weeks since the start of sales in Sapporo, will open for a limited time at Daimaru Tokyo! From Wednesday, November 2, 2022 to Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Senshuan Confectionery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido), which has been in business for 101 years, will open a limited-time Norseman specialty store for its flagship product “Norseman” at the Daimaru Tokyo store.
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What is the original Japanese-Western fusion sweets “Northman”? Founded in 1921 (Taisho 10), this is the flagship product of Senshuan, a Sapporo confectionery maker with a 100-year history. “Northman”. This is the original “Japanese-Western fusion” sweet made with pie crust and red bean paste from Hokkaido.
The Norseman was conceived to represent the robust strength of the people living in the northern lands. The idea for the development came from the pie manju sold in Yokohama’s Chinatown. The first generation, who often traveled outside of Hokkaido, brought it home, and completed research after repeated research to create a sweet that blends Japanese and Western styles using pie crust and adzuki beans, a specialty of Hokkaido. After various trials and errors, it was found that the texture would be better if the dough made from wheat flour and butter were baked in multiple layers, and the current pie dough that is folded over 500 layers was completed. Even now, the
temperature control of the pie crust requires subtle adjustments depending on the season, and we are constantly pursuing better manufacturing methods.
The adzuki bean paste wrapped in the dough is made by peeling off the skin of raw adzuki beans from Hokkaido. Since grainy bean paste leaves too much stickiness in the skin, we peeled off the skin and rubbed it carefully to create a special “Northman” bean paste that has a smooth texture and goes very well with the pie.
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“Northman”, which is deeply familiar to Hokkaido people as a sweet for errands such as celebrations and Buddhist ceremonies, has grown into a famous sweet that represents Hokkaido with the times.
This time, for the first time in about half a century, we rebranded “Northman” to strengthen the brand.
In addition, when we sold “Nama Norseman”, which is a “Norseman” with plenty of fresh cream, at the Daimaru Sapporo store, about 200 customers lined up on the weekend of the sale, and a total of 40,000 units were sold in the first three weeks. , has attracted attention such as being sold out one after another, and this time, we will open the first limited-time shop at Daimaru Tokyo.
●●● Product overview ●●●
Mainly pie crust made with plenty of Hokkaido butter, Japanese and Western “I want to eat now!” are expressed with Hokkaido ingredients. Norseman, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages from small children, is recommended as a “usual snack” or as a gift.
At this limited-time shop, we will sell two types of “Raw Norseman” and “Original Norseman”.
Raw Norseman ~New Evolution~
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Fresh cream made from raw milk from Hokkaido is added to the original Norseman to make it rich and evolved. As a new step in the famous confectionery that has been loved since its launch in 1974, it has become a new deliciousness with a nostalgic taste.
Please enjoy the cross-cultural mix of pie dough, red bean paste, and fresh cream, and the harmony of texture and flavor.
* 4 pieces: 980 yen (tax included)
* Expiration date: 3 days from the date of manufacture
* Preservation method: refrigeration required
Norseman ~Traditional Flavors That Have Been Preserved~
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We will continue to preserve the traditional taste that has been around since 1974 without making any changes to the original Norseman. “A taste that makes you miss” is recommended as a souvenir, as well as outdoor and mountain sweets.
* 5 pieces: 980 yen (tax included)
* 8 pieces: 1580 yen (tax included)
* Expiration date: 29 days from the date of manufacture
* Storage method: room temperature
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Half a century after its birth, in order to deliver the deliciousness of “Norseman” to a wider range of generations, we have taken on the challenge of developing “namagashi”, which is made by injecting fresh cream made from raw milk from Hokkaido into pies. “Nama Norseman” has a milky and rich fresh cream that everyone can enjoy, and you can enjoy a new taste with a texture and flavor that is different from the original Norseman.
Puff pastry, red bean paste, and whipped cream are a fusion of Japanese and Western flavors in a golden balance.
Sales will start at “Northman Daimaru Sapporo” from October 5, 2022 (Wednesday). Updating the traditional pie crust that has lasted for half a century Pie crust that has been packed with a lot of attention from the time of development. In order to enjoy the texture when chewing, the dough mixed with butter is woven into more than 500 layers and left overnight before being baked to create a pie crust with a firm texture. This time, we used Hokkaido wheat flour to make it more delicious by adding fresh cream, making it a dough that makes you feel more Hokkaido.
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Use plenty of cream from Hokkaido
Fresh cream from Hokkaido has a milky texture that matches the taste of red bean paste. Aiming for a balance that will please both red bean paste lovers and fresh cream lovers, we have adjusted the butter flavor of the pie crust, the rich fresh cream from Hokkaido, and the swelling. The combination of red bean paste with less sweetness and less astringency, the fresh texture of fresh cream, and the texture of pie is a taste that pleases your mouth.
●●● Rebranding ●●●
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In this autumn’s rebranding, Norseman, as a brand that “expresses the strong power of the people living in the northern land”, will keep the spirit of the time as it is and update it to a modern design that will be loved by people of all ages and genders. New. It is a package that combines the strength and nostalgia that symbolizes the Norseman. We designed a package that expresses rich culture along with product variations, using woven and knitted fabrics that give a sense of northern culture.
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The logo, which has a strong presence and relaxed appearance, was designed by Kenichi Kuriyagawa, a painter/designer representing Hokkaido. This splendid logotype firmly expressed the “northern people” of the time, and at the same time, it still has a unique presence and personality. In order to further emphasize its merits, the design of the logotype was boldly placed on the package. Symbol mark/Orientation mark:
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The initial package had a design based on the ‘North’ azimuth mark as a symbol. The azimuth mark, which indicates the direction with the north as the axis, points to Hokkaido, Japan, and as an update to this symbol, we simply changed the form of a cross to make it visually stronger.
Spirit Mark / Seven Stars:
[Image 10

With the determination that Norseman will continue to be a brand that continues to express the people of the north/Hokkaido, we have added the “Seven Stars”, a symbol of the pioneering spirit of our
predecessors, as a new item.
[Table 2: ]
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*Photo is Norseman Daimaru Sapporo store (permanent store)
[About Senshuan Confectionery Co., Ltd.]
Founded in 1921, it is a confectionery specialty store that mainly manufactures Japanese confectionery, Western confectionery, chocolate, etc. Especially in Japanese sweets, as a food culture that occupies a field of traditional Japanese crafts, we have valued “handmade” since our founding, and continue to evolve every day while preserving the traditional manufacturing method.
Company Profile
■ Company name: Senshuan Confectionery Co., Ltd.
■Location: 3-13-2 Minami 3-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido ■Representative: Katsuhiko Nakanishi, President and Representative Director ■ Established: September 5, 1921
■Business description: Manufacture and sale of Japanese and Western sweets ■ URL:
★Hokkaido Confect Group
Hokkaido Confect Group consists of five companies: Kinotoya Co., Ltd., Senshuan Confectionery Co., Ltd., K Confect Co., Ltd., COC Co., Ltd., and Utopia Agriculture Co., Ltd. We will send out “delicious sweets” from Hokkaido

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