First lesson to become a witch! A collection of 17 spells and 50 magic recipes to grant wishes “Witch’s Handbook” released in November!!

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First lesson to become a witch! A collection of 17 spells and 50 magic recipes to grant wishes “Witch’s Handbook” released in November!! Special magic awakens the witch in you

Graphic-sha will release the book “French Magic Recipe Collection Witch’s Handbook” in November 2022.
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What do you want? “Love, beauty, success, health, or money?” A French witch authority teaches you basic spells and magic recipes to make your wishes come true.
Enchanting recipes, bewitching aesthetics, magical spells and cultural literacy – the secrets to getting what you want and becoming a confident woman! “Make, eat and have fun.” This is the birth of a magical book full of French esprit.
In this book, I want to move his heart! I don’t want to struggle with money! We introduce basic spells and magic recipes in 4 steps for each wish you want to fulfill.
Preparation and mindset for charms by purpose
Practicing spells
Explains the historical and cultural background of charms with nice illustrations
Enchanting recipes using herbs and fruits that fulfill your purpose Introducing 17 spells and 50 recipes that you’ll want to rely on when things aren’t going well or when you want to push your back to move forward. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with the charm of the witch every time you turn the page!
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table of contents
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Premonition of Magic / Enchanted Plant / Become a Witch
Chapter 1 Love as intense as hell!
Chapter 2 A dazzling beauty!
Chapter 3 Take advantage of your chances and succeed!
Chapter 4 Iron-clad health!
Chapter 5 Shine at work!
Chapter 6 Numbers predict
Chapter 7 Colors that bring happiness
Author profile
Author: Brigitte Bulard-Cordeau
Journalist, author. Lives in Paris with female cat Luna. He is a member of the Society of Journalists and Writers of Nature and Ecology (JNE), and editor-in-chief of Mantoo Sha, a magazine specializing in cats. He has written over 100 books on themes such as cats, trees, the moon, witches, and expressions. Four cookbooks, including “Le grimoire enchante: Mes secrets de sorciere”, which won the Antonin Careme Award for Cooking Literature, are also popular. He is also the author of books such as “Neko” and “Moon” in the “Small Palm Encyclopedia” series (Graphic-sha).
Plant supervision: Shinichiro Hayashi
Pharmacist and clinical laboratory technologist. Graduated from the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University. Representative of Green Flask Co., Ltd. Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University. Part-time lecturer at Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Graduate School. He has created a network with doctors, acupuncture and moxibustion massage therapists, midwives, pharmacists, etc., and while exchanging information, he is working to spread aromatherapy and herbal therapy as holistic medicine. Authored and supervised books: “Encyclopedia of Aroma & Herbs” (Shinsei Publishing), “Encyclopedia of Basic
Aromatherapy”, “Encyclopedia of Medical Herbs Revised New Edition Basic Data of 100 Major Species” (Tokyodo Publishing), “Useful in Clinical Practice” Aroma & Herb Therapy” (Nanzando), “Witch’s Garden Mysterious Herb Encyclopedia” (Graphic-sha), and many others. Book information
Book title: French-style magic recipe collection Witch’s handbook Author: Brigitte Burard Cordeau
Botanical supervision: Shinichiro Hayashi
Specifications: B5 variant, normal production, total 232 pages List price: 2,530 yen (10% tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-7661-3693-7 Popular related books
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Title: The Witch’s Garden Mysterious Herb Encyclopedia
Author: Sandra Lawrence
Supervision: Shinichiro Hayashi
Release date: September 2021
Specifications: B5 variant, normal production, total 208 pages List price: 2,970 yen (10% tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-7661-3527-5
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Title: Small Hand Encyclopedia Tsuki
Author: Brigitte Burard-Cordeau
Supervision: Kazuto Saeki
Release date: July 2021
Specifications: A6 variant, high-quality, total 176 pages
List price: 1,650 yen (10% tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-7661-3525-1
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