First store in Gifu Prefecture! “Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki Store” will open on the 1st floor of Ae on Mall Toki on Friday, October 7th!

Mega Sports Co., Ltd.
First store in Gifu Prefecture! “Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki Store” will open on the 1st floor of Aeon Mall Toki on Friday, October 7th!
-A wide variety of goods from full-scale camping goods to leisure goods for enjoying leisure time-

Mega Sports Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsukihito Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as our company), which operates the sports specialty store “Sports Authority”, will open on October 7 (Friday) on the 1st floor of Aeon Mall Toki (Gifu
Prefecture). Toki City), we will open our outdoor specialty store “Outdoor Stage” for the first time in Gifu Prefecture. For those who enjoy the outdoors in various styles, we will prepare a “simulated experience field” where you can experience and feel the products, and the “Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki Store” will be grandly opened.
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“Sports Authority Outdoor Stage” is a specialized outdoor business format handled by Sports Authority. At the “Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki Store”, which will open for the first time in Gifu Prefecture, we have a wide range of products, including authentic camping goods, leisure items for enjoying leisure time, and outdoor goods that can be enjoyed at home. We will develop a simulated experience field in the store and propose the enjoyment of the outdoors. In addition, we have introduced a shop-in-shop for the outdoor brand Snow Peak, which develops, manufactures, and sells high-end outdoor products centered on auto-camping products. In addition to developing a large number of outdoor goods, we also develop camping equipment and clothing that families can enjoy, and meet the various needs of our customers. “Sports Authority Outdoor Stay
The Toki Store” offers a wide range of products that will make local customers’ daily lives and leisure leisure activities more enjoyable. Aiming to be a store that proposes people and outdoor goods, the grand opening will be held on October 7th (Friday).
◆Introducing brands handled by “Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki” ※In no particular order
Coleman, Snow Peak, Logos, Uniframe, Taras Bulba, Alpine Design, Iwatani, Soto, Captain Stag, Mercury, Dalton, RGM, Nanga, Pendleton, Oregonian Camper, Bushcraft, Barebones, Lodge, Belmont, Trunk Cargo, Kameyama, Trangia , GSI, Helinox, Caravan, Gregory, Thule, Kure, Deuter, Hoka Oneone, The North Face, Columbia, Chums, Helly Hansen, Mammut, Millet, Keane, Teva, Merrell, Kiu, Salomon, Polar, Quiksilver, Roxy, Oakley
◆ Extensive outdoor brand corner
In recent years, the demand for lifestyle fashion that incorporates popular outdoor brand wear continues to expand, and outdoor lifestyles are becoming more popular. At the Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki store, TARAS BOULBA, which was born as an outdoor brand from Japan, has a tradition and history of over 40 years, including the popular outdoor brands “The North Face” and “Columbia”. We have set up a corner. We have a wide variety of items ranging from outdoor casual items that are active in everyday life to functional wear and goods that are active in the outdoor field.
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◆Suggest the fun of the outdoors in a spacious simulated experience field We have prepared a simulated experience field in the store so that customers who enjoy the outdoors in various styles will be more satisfied with their shopping in the store. In the exhibition space, tents, tarps, tables, chairs, etc. are displayed, and you can experience and feel the products while imagining the actual field. Furthermore, in this area, you can adjust the “brightness and color of light”, and you can experience a more realistic usage scene by adjusting the brightness to make it darker at dawn or in the evening. [Image 6

◆ Develop a corner supervised by “MAX CAMP” with the concept of “food and outdoor”
I want to be particular about not only camping gear but also food! In order to meet the needs of such users, we will develop a corner supervised by the specialty shop “MAX CAMP” that proposes discerning food and gear based on the concept of “food and outdoor”. We offer a variety of all-purpose spices that you can enjoy while camping, emergency food that you want to bring for trekking, and more. [Image 7

◆Mikikajiya village antenna shop is developed in the store
We will develop a large number of attractive “Mikikajiya Village” products, such as utility knives and hatchets that are ideal for outdoor use, as well as bud-cutting scissors that can be used for gardening and gardening. In Gifu Prefecture, you can purchase it only at Outdoor Stage Toki store.
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◆Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki store limited “Nalgene bottle” released Combining convenience and functionality, the “Nalgene Bottle” is loved by many people, from outdoor fields to everyday use. To commemorate the opening of the Outdoor Stage Toki store, we will release a limited edition version of the Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki store. It is a gem that can be used for various purposes including beverage bottles.
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◆ What is “Outdoor Stage”?
This is an outdoor specialty business format developed by the sports specialty store “Sports Authority”. For those who enjoy the outdoors in various styles, we will prepare items that can only be obtained here, and provide a space where you can actually experience and feel the products. In addition, our staff, who are familiar with the outdoors, will help you to expand the enjoyment of your outdoor life by making proposals that meet your needs and answering your questions. We aim to be a “stage” where we can enjoy, empathize with, and grow together with our customers.
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[Store overview]
Store name: Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki Store
Address: 1372-1 Tokiguchi, Tokitsu-cho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture Aeon Mall Toki 1st floor
Phone number: 0572-56-2205
Business hours: 10:00-21:00
Access: Take a bus from JR Tokishi Station or Tajimi Station and get off at Aeon Mall Toki
For details, please check the AEON MALL Toki website.
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-Sports Authority Outdoor Stage Toki Official Instagram-
Various information about Outdoor Stage Toki store will be released sequentially in the Instagram below.
[Mega Sports Co., Ltd. Company Overview]
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◆ Sports authority website:
◆CORNERS EC site: ◆ OUTSIDE THE BOX EC site: Mikisatowaki Mogitate Campsite, a “camp where you can enjoy a fresh “freshly picked” experience” proposed by our company

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