First store in Shizuoka Prefecture! “Penguin Bakery” will open its 25th store nationwide on Friday, October 21st!

Penguin Co., Ltd.
First store in Shizuoka Prefecture! “Penguin Bakery” will open its 25th store nationwide on Friday, October 21st!
A bakery that delivers the deliciousness of Hokkaido has opened in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

“Penguin Bakery” operated by Penguin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Representative: Hideyuki Takayama) will open “Penguin Bakery Numazu Store” on October 21, 2022 (Friday). It will be the first store in Shizuoka Prefecture and the 25th store nationwide. [Image 1

Penguin Bakery Numazu store (exterior perspective)
Nationwide expansion from Hokkaido. For the first time in Shizuoka Prefecture! We will open a store in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture! Since opening the first store in Eniwa City, Hokkaido in May 2016, Penguin Bakery, which has nine stores in Hokkaido, will open the first Honshu store (FC) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in January 2021. We are opening new stores every month. Following Hyogo Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, and Akita
Prefecture, this is the first store to open in Shizuoka Prefecture. “Penguin Bakery Numazu Store” will open in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture on Friday, October 21, 2022 as the 16th Penguin Bakery FC store.
Penguin Bakery Numazu Store Overview
[Address] 1397 Tamae, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 401-0814 [Business hours] 10:00 – closes when the bread for the day runs out. [Parking] Available
Queue from the first day of opening! Many customers come to the store in search of freshly baked bread made from Hokkaido wheat.

[Image 2

Kashiwa-no-ha campus store (Chiba Prefecture) opened in May 2022 [Image 3

The inside of the store where bread is lined up
Penguin Bakery is a bakery in Hokkaido that operates nationwide based on the concept of “bread that can be eaten every day from children to the elderly, using wheat grown in the land of Hokkaido”. We are particular about not only delicious bread using Hokkaido wheat, but also reasonable prices.
There are about 80 types of bread at all times. Starting with Tobenai Shokupan, which has won the hearts of bread fans all over Japan with its soft and chewy texture, we offer a wide variety of breads, from standard sweet breads to unique side dish breads, all made with care from Hokkaido ingredients. Many customers come to the store in search of bread.
Penguin Bakery’s popular products made with wheat grown on the land of Hokkaido. ================================
[Image 4

Shrimp “curry bread fondue” that won the highest gold medal
Curry Bread Grand Prix 3 years in a row, Best Gold Award
“Japan’s No. 1 Curry Bread”
Penguin’s original Hokkaido curry bread with fondue cheese that melts from the crunchy batter. At the “Curry Bread Grand Prix 2022” sponsored by the Japan Curry Bread Association, it won the title of No. 1 in Japan for the third consecutive year. *1
The luxurious [Shrimp Curry Bread Fondue], which uses sweet shrimp oil and wraps the body of prawns, and the [Tomato-baked Curry Bread with Melty Cheese] both won the Grand Prize. In addition, “Hokkaido specialty! Surf Clam Curry Bread” won the Gold Award. Please enjoy the delicious and exquisite curry bread born in Hokkaido.

[Image 5

Delicious “Tobenai Shokupan” that can be toasted or used as a sandwich Made with 100% Hokkaido Wheat Yumechikara
Penguin Bakery’s signboard bread “Tobenai Shokupan”
Using 100% “Hokkaido wheat Yumechikara” grown in the harsh land of Hokkaido with large temperature differences, craftsmen carefully make each one. The dough prepared by the hot water method *2 has a soft and fluffy texture like fine and tenacious silk. No eggs, dairy products, honey, butter, or margarine are used, so even small children and people with allergies can eat it without worry.

[Image 6

Hokkaido’s soul food “Zangi Skewers” won the Gold Prize in the Karaage Grand Prix
With freshly baked bread,
You can also enjoy the local menu of Hokkaido!
Penguin Bakery is a bakery that won the Gold Award at the 13th Karaage Grand Prix *3.
Penguin’s “Sangi Skewer” from a bakery specialty store won the award among fried chicken specialty stores nationwide. In addition, there are plenty of side dishes such as the Hokkaido specialty “Toge no Ageimo”, which is a whole fried potato. You can enjoy Hokkaido local menu together with freshly baked bread.

About Penguin Bakery
[Image 7

[Location of head office] 6-30 Kitano 6-jo 5-chome, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Penguin Building 2F
[Representative] Hideyuki Takayama
[Phone number] 011⁻375⁻7774
Facebook: Instagram Twitter
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