FISTBUMP Raises Funds Through Third-Party Allotment

FISTBUMP Raises Funds Through Third-Party Allotment
-Strengthening the financial aspects necessary to strengthen the operating system for further business expansion of CloudBalance-
FISTBUMP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Naohiko Kawamoto; hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has strengthened its operating system to further expand the business of the cloud-based case chart “CloudBalance” for law firms. Therefore, Chugin Capital Partners Co., Ltd. and Light Up Ventures Co., Ltd. have raised funds through a third-party allotment of shares.
Fundraising background and purpose
The legal industry is one of the foundations of local communities and indispensable to life and business. It is necessary to make a big change to the way of working that was based on paper culture. In the use of IT in civil litigation, the use of IT, such as the use of web conferencing in dispute resolution procedures, is accelerating, and there is a shift from paper to digital. At Cloud Balance, by supporting IT and digital transformation (reform) within law firms, we have created an environment that is speedy, efficient, fully considerate of security, and easy to use and work for everyone working in law firms. We will contribute to the realization of
Main use of proceeds
1. Strengthening the operating structure of Cloud Balance
2. Strengthen customer service system
3. Investment in human resources and advertising
are the three main uses of the funds raised. Using the funds raised this time, we will accelerate efforts to strengthen the organizational structure by strengthening advertising and recruiting human resources. By providing better services to law firms and getting them to use them more, we believe that Cloud Balance will create value and produce results for the first time. By increasing the number of customers, we will create a system that can provide even better services.
About “Cloud Balance”, a cloud case chart dedicated to law firms [Image 1

We provide a cloud service that supports the work that occurs within the law firm and manages cases. By using cloud services, we back up your daily work so that you can work more comfortably and more fulfillingly.
[Why choose Cloud Balance]
・ You can check TODO and incoming memos even when you are away from home. ・Visualize the current situation and share the next action within the facility ・Individual development tailored to the office is possible
[Image 2

[Solution with Cloud Balance]
The concept of “electronic medical records” for customer management at law firms!
[Image 3

With the introduction of Cloud Balance,
1. The work that used to input customer information twice or three times can be completed in one work.
2. Although it is difficult to know when and who was contacted within the office, you can check the progress by looking at the history, so you can easily grasp the situation even if the person in charge is absent, and you can respond to customers.
3. In situations where it is difficult to get work done when you go out, it is fully compatible with remote work, so you can give instructions to the office from your smartphone or PC even when you are away from home.
[Cloud Balance PV video]
[Video 2:]

[Cloud Balance]
[Latest seminar information] Comments from underwriters
■ Chugin Capital Partners Co., Ltd. Director Rei Ishimoto
[Image 4

In March 2022, I contacted Mr. Kawamoto for the first time in four years, confirmed the recent situation, and as I listened to the details of the business, the story gradually developed into an investment, and we arrived today safely. It’s up to you. “Cloud Blance” is steadily increasing its users and is making a significant contribution to solving communication issues that occur within law firms. Furthermore, with the cooperation of a law firm, we hold joint seminars, etc., and we can see the high level of customer loyalty, and we are confident that it has grown into a product that is truly required in the field. In the future, we will continue to support Mr. Kawamoto’s challenge, hoping that it will become an “indispensable” existence while adding and expanding functions in the future. ■ Mr. Tadatsugu Nakamura, Representative Director, Light Up Ventures Co., Ltd. [Image 5

FISTBUMP provides law firms with electronic case records and an internal communication tool, Cloud Blance. It has become an
indispensable tool. In addition, President Kawamoto’s thorough on-site approach, and the fact that he has earned a very high level of trust from the customers who have introduced the system, was also a deciding factor for the investment. In the future, we will do our best to support the realization of our mission to promote DX in law firms, such as expanding functions and developing tools to improve the efficiency of the entire office, such as marketing and management analysis. I will come.
Company Profile
Representative: Naohiko Kawamoto
[Main store] 969-4 Kamifukuokacho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture TOMITA Tenant 1F
[Tokyo] Toranomon 40MT Building 7F, 5-13-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Okayama] Takasho Building 202, 4-1-16 Sakurabashi, Naka Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
FISTBUMP Co., Ltd. Public Relations
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