Flamers Co., Ltd. Flamers Co., Ltd., which develops the romance metaverse “Memoria”, has raised 100 million yen as a seed round.

Flamers Co., Ltd.
Flamers Co., Ltd., which develops the love metaverse “Memoria”, raises 100 million yen as a seed round
The funds raised will be invested in expanding the engineering team
Flamers Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kochi Sato), which develops the metaverse service “Memoria” specializing in love, is ANRI, basepartners, Yasushi Funakoshi (HIKKY Co., Ltd. CEO / Founder), Kenji Kasahara. (Director/Founder of mixi, Inc.) has implemented a third-party allotment of new shares. [Image 1d53336-10-54ed4c42641ae3967717-9.png&s3=53336-10-ec13681fb6e8cda47d72965baa73530c-2048x1536.png
■ About “Flamers”
Flamers Co., Ltd. was established in November 2019 and is currently in its third year.
With the vision of “creating a world where the lives of people around the world are full of excitement”, long-term internships for existing businesses
In addition to the recruitment service “Voil”, we are developing a dating-specialized metaverse “Memoria” from 2022.
■ About “Memoria”
Memoria is a VR application that allows you to find a lover in the Metaverse space and go on a date with your lover.
While you are far away from each other, you can talk slowly in your room, or go on a “date” in a VR space such as an amusement park, driving, or swimming at the beach.
Until now, most of our phone calls and texts have basically talked about the past, making it difficult to “experience something together.”
However, VR technology has made it possible to “create memories together” like a real date.
Memoria is derived from the Latin word that became the etymology of the English word Memory. The hope is that the VR date will create “memories” for two people.
In the Metaverse space, by communicating through avatars, you can match on the Metaverse without knowing the other person’s appearance, and you can spend time together on multiple dates.
As a result, more people will spend time with others as they are, and create a culture in which “getting to know the inside before falling in love”.
■ About the future of “Memoria”
What Flamers is aiming for is a world where “humans will choose Metaverse as a dating option.”
To that end, Memoria will take three steps from now on.
STEP1 Meet your lover@Memoria
Those looking for a lover visit Memoria as a way to meet their lover. We have prepared an optimal matching algorithm and gimmicks for first dates unique to VR, creating a place where you can find a lover as you are, more fun than in real life.
STEP2 Date @Memoria before dating
You can date someone you met on Memoria in the app.
We will develop various worlds, such as a world where you can understand each other better, a world where you can have fun together, and a world where you can set a special effect when confessing. STEP3 @Memoria, a place where lovers usually spend time
Ultimately, we will build a metaverse as a place for couples to use on a daily basis, regardless of whether they met in Memoria or not. You can customize your room in the Metaverse space, decorate your memories with goods and photos, and more.
[Image 2d53336-10-ef16cc88a5283eb09abd-0.png&s3=53336-10-a186f38b67c3be60b6f24952c895360a-1280x720.png
In addition to the features of VR that allow you to easily date from home, we will provide a VR dating experience that cannot be realized in the real world, and propose the Metaverse as a new option for dating for humankind.

■ Background of this funding
This funding is mainly for the purpose of expanding the engineering team of Memoria.
Flamers is currently focusing on hiring engineers for full-time, outsourced, and intern positions.
If you are even slightly interested, we look forward to your application here. https://www.wantedly.com/companies/flamers/projects

■Representative comment
Kochi Sato, Representative Director, Flamers Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d53336-10-a48b201084afbc16bcb2-7.png&s3=53336-10-758f5ea81f23b34886b4983e79b11ea7-461x670.png
Last year, in 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and in 2023, several of the world’s biggest tech companies are planning to launch new VR headsets for C.
The VR market, which has been called “the first year of VR” since 2016, will spread at an accelerated pace in the past few years, and we may be living in a turning point in that era.
Now, games, live performances, events, work, etc. are all being developed on VR, and I think that the future of “looking for a lover in the VR space” and “going on a date in the VR space” will definitely come in the near future. We want to be the first to lead the industry. We, Flamers, will continue to be excited in order to meet the expectations of those who have decided to take a risk and invest in us, as well as those who have supported us until now.
And I would like to put my heart and soul into making the lives of more people full of excitement!

■ Shareholder comments
ANRI Shunsuke Nakaji
[Image 4d53336-10-a54c9766c7117ffea0ba-1.jpg&s3=53336-10-ae2fbd9bbce68557aea9bba4136a9d49-220x313.jpg
“When you put on a VR device and people meet and fall in love in a virtual environment,” I think most people would think, “Is that true?” at this moment.
That’s why I made an offer to invest in Flamers at this timing as a seed investor.
In the long term, we believe that people will spend more time on the Internet, and more people will spend more time in a space called the Metaverse.
At that time, I think that it will become more common to fall in love there. It was there that I met with the passionate Flamers team and envisioned the future, so this is it! I made an investment offer. I’m looking forward to creating an interesting future together! basepartners Takashi Ishikawa
[Image 5d53336-10-8711b0c905a9e7a63632-5.jpg&s3=53336-10-322b63e118a1969510234721bbf126fc-255x363.jpg
My first impression when I saw them talk in a powerful voice with sparkling eyes and excitement about the services they were creating and the future they were creating was “strong in many ways.” At this point, I already had the feeling that it would be nice if I could support Flamers, but as I talked more deeply, I realized that behind the intensity was a combination of solid logic and burning passion. Everyone also chose basepartners, which led to this investment. Thank you.
The world of after Flamers is full of communication, deepening the connections between people, and I think it will be a little happier and more exciting. We look forward to the future progress of Flamers. Mr. Yasushi Funakoshi, CEO/Founder of HIKKY Co., Ltd.
[Image 6d53336-10-1b5bb939a51e092e4a32-4.png&s3=53336-10-c9d2ad7d60f75b16fd392742348f321b-300x397.png
We are honored to be able to participate in this important investment in the seed round of Flamers.
The decision was made because the management team felt a similar amount of enthusiasm as when HIKKY, a virtual market management company, was founded.
Also, when I was consulted about the business itself, I was honest with the users.
I have high hopes for the future of the projects they create, and I would like to support them to the fullest in my own way!

mixi, Inc. Director/Founder Kenji Kasahara
[Image 7d53336-10-c8cd88b1240267f76670-6.png&s3=53336-10-06617e04b460c8fa5ae6d02e584aa649-288x402.png
As the real world is being replaced by the digital world, I believe that in the future all fields will be like that.
Based on the real-life experiences of CEO Mr. Sato and the young management team, matching, dating, and daily living spaces in the VR world.
I’m really looking forward to how this will fit in with human society and how the service side and the user side will evolve!

■Company profile
Company: Flamers Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kochi Sato
Established: November 14, 2019
Business description: Operation of dating-specialized metaverse “Memoria” and long-term intern recruitment site “Voil”
Location: Room 1001 Dorf Katsura, 2-34-3 Nozawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Company page: https://www.flamers.jp/

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